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Should i revel the past?

Page no : 2

Saurabh..V (Law Consultant)     13 March 2013



Now see how you are trying to cover one lie with other lies and getting entangled by yourself over this public forum...


You said...

I have seen this person several times with several female at the club


It means either you are following this guy or a "black sheep" in the herd. Do you realize what does it mean to have been at same place where the guy roams with other girls and what would be the probability to be at same place where the guy goes and that too several times? I never ran into any of my friend ever like this (even when they are my good friends and we have same taste to go around places).


You said...

I have also been a witness what happened at the wedding


It means you presume that if a guy is into intimate contact with a girl, it would only be because he is cheating on her? Couldn't that be that the girl is also just passing time? Couldn't that be that the girl is actually cheating on that guy? How foolish to presume that only the guy would have been fooling/cheating/misbehaving/ruining a girl and vice versa never exist!


You said...

so it is not just me alone there are several people who know what went on


Now how many of them are behind his life to make sure that this guy never marries? Now if this guy has been a jerk (as you state him to be), so according to you, he should not be allowed to marry anyone (as every girl has equal prestige as enshrined in the Constitution of India). So if you want to save one girl from the "so called" trap of this guy, other every alive girl on plant must be saved from him? Isnt it! Get a life @Author....


You said...

It seems like you just want to shoot the messenger but not look at what would happen in case this person has some sort of health issues because of his activities?


Are you a friend of this person or that girl? (you mentioned in earlier post that you a HI-BYE friend of this guy). If you are known to this guy and don't know that girl at all, then shouldn't you be worried if that girl has been into similar sort of relation with ther guys, and may be that, that girl has certain health issues from which you should save this "so called" friend of yours?


You also said...

An ethical case can be booked against him and would it not cause a marital disharmony if his partner got to know about it after marriage?


Are you serious? Marital disharmony of what? Do you know that girl in-person? Are you aware about her past? Do you know if this guy has already told that girl about his past relations? Do you know on what terms these two are getting married? And lastly, do you understand that there would not be any sort of harmony at all because you would not allow the very chance for it to happen? Zzzzzzzzzzzz............


In my very first post, I opined about the legal implications of your query and thereupon only continued to dig further into your words and intentions. More you speak, more you reveal. Same applies to your blabbering as well.


I'm only concerned about your intentions and the motive behind that. I'm strongly against any discrimination or illegal act by anyone and would be the first person to save the life of an unexpecting victim. However, I would again strongly oppose such behaviour which only leads to spoiling life of someone because of personal reaons (as it seems in your case).




ragz hyder (PM)     13 March 2013

If he had physical relationship with you and promised to marry you, you can put a rape case against him. If you ever stayed in a domestic household with him you can put a DV case against him.

In fact all the females that you know can all come together and put cases against him.

Most importantly you dont have anything to lose. Your identity will be protected by law. If he or his family members mention that you were the victim by name you can put cases against them. Even if he is innocent you can neelam him in the bazaar.

Worse comes to worst you can make money out of it. Even if the cases are proved false you have nothing to lose. read the recent false 498a extortion case from SC of india.

A woman does not need anything substantial today to get venegance. There are so many avneues to make money. Indian women today can be independent via a victim male. Good luck.

Vishaka (Photographer)     13 March 2013

This is in reply to Saurabhs post:

Firstly, you started accusing, saying I have had some a relationship with this person now you are calling me a liar.... God save you. If I am a liar then please save your time I don’t wish to hear anymore of your blabbering. Thanks for your comments and what ever you have commented in the statement YOU SAID is true and valid. Thanks once more.

Vishaka (Photographer)     13 March 2013

Thank you Raz Hyder,  I dont want to put some case or make some money the only question was should some one revel the past of the person which is not so good before one gets married? and since I know about this person what I asked was should I have to tell?

Mango (Consultant)     13 March 2013

As I man, I would say go and inform her about his past relationships... Just because of a guy like him, all the girls have stopped trusting the honest and innocent men... If I were at your place, I would not have given a second thought...

Please don't think what people will say.... what you will get out of it... Think, what is right and do what is right... I know, this thing going to come back and bite you as well but God will be with them who who dares to expose/face the truth...

Womenizer people like him should be punished in a big way... They have made this country a rapist's country... Just for s*x, people like him do anyhting... This guy haven't thought that if this 16 year old girl were his sister then how would he felt if the same thing would have been done to her...

Have some respect for women and go for it... No need to get the advice from people... Your soul knows what is right... and you know what's right... You should be listening to your heart....

Word of wisdom --- Do it in the way that your name never come into the limelight (do in the same way how he had done it to those girls)... Send an letter.... and let her know that what kind of animal he is going to marry!

Thanks in advance for taking a bold step... God Bless You!!!


Vishaka (Photographer)     13 March 2013

Thank you Mango man( aam aadmi) that was quite encouraging. But the only questions that haunts is: Will the girl and her parents believe what is being told? Hope they dont assume I am jealous or looking for some opportunity in spoiling a relationship.

Mango (Consultant)     13 March 2013

If girl is really from an intellectual family (brahman family), She must understand it. As I said in the earlier note, you should not be worried, how she/he/they will feel, what he/she/they will think, what he/she/they will do... If you've the right infromation then let them know what kind of animal he is....! Everyone has to pay for their bad deeds... It's a universal law... You are only going with universal law and the truth.... I know, how hard it's for you to go and explain these things... All it needs a little courage and a good heart to do that.. I would say write everything in a letter and post it...

One unique power which has given to all women by God is power to explain the right things! Use that power, explain in such a way that it gets into her mind and save herself from marrying this culprit person....

One more thing is, keep as much as secrecacy as possible.... Learn Chankaya rules as well...

All the best.... I hope you do this for your nation, for women and for their respect!

Harsh (Manager)     13 March 2013

I tried to resist writing, but ".....for women, their respect..." pulled me back into this thread.


-  If you feel you should let the girl know, then you should as I wrote before also. What do you really

expect from this forum?  Send that lady's address to me, I will write her ok?

-  You have a Hi/Bye kind of relationship with that 'animal' ..WHY? Why cant you ignore him and treat

him as an outcast?  Do you greet a dog or a pig on the street? OR Do you like this 'handsome' man? 

@ Mango

Dont get so emotional over a post on this thread, you still dont know if the @author has

noble intentions or some mixed emotions. That guy may be an animal, but the @author

herself doesnt come across as a saint/santa.

And for Goodness sake stop talking like a feminist on this portal atleast.

There are two genders God made.  Men's respect and Women's respect. Both are important.

And if you are so confident that God etc. is with @author, why ask her to be secretive?

Ask her to be bold and stand for truth.

Phir Dekho Tamasha.

Mango (Consultant)     13 March 2013

Harsh @ Thanks brother for your post...

Well, you are first person in this world to call me a "feminist"... Thanks and Sorry, but I don't have any specific allergy with this word brother... Your first concern was writing-out in emotions so for that I couldn't help much... As per my understanding, every human being should write with emotions and suggest someone from his/her heart... Don't pretend to live two different lifes (one by-mind and one by-heart)... We have this problem in India that people only think from their mind and not from heart (with emotions).. When you think from mind only (without emotions).... You do what all the general public does... "Do Nothing".... But when you do it from heart... you do what's "Right"... If she is not a saint her... OR let says (rare to rare) she is a victim of this case but you can't ignore the fact that this guy had laid-out with a 16-year girl and that's a heinous act! Would you have not freak-out if this 16-year old is one of your relative?

I respect both the genders but sametime, I can't deny the fact what have been gifted to women by God...

Third and not the last... Bhagwan Krishan has also asked Yudhishistir to lie once so that they shall NOT loose the battle... If you feel that was right then how much difficult it's for you to understand that a girl is trying to save someone's life without risking out her own life... It's very important to have a good heart along with the "senses" to defeat the cruelty... Why would you suggest a female to counter a criminal when you know that physically and socially he can disturb her well...  If it were between man-to-man, I would have asked her/him to go haywire and inform every child in this world that this guy is a s*x-maniac...

Thanks and let me know if you have any further suggestions... Thank for writing back and letting me know your thoughts…



Have you guys gone "nuts"?


why didnt you question the guy, did you try to talk to him on this topic and get his perpespective about the relations he is involved in.

Without knowing him completely, dont venture out and be a part of destruction. I appreciate your concern for the girl but be sure before you even dare to bite. what better way than question the "accused" man

Saurabh..V (Law Consultant)     14 March 2013



You are really a confused nerd. Your approach is something like this:


Suppose , if one vendor is selling spoiled candy, you want to tell "one" of his client that the candy is spoilt. Do you think it would be justice to "all" his clients who would one day or another buy this spoilt candy? To me it looks like, that atleast once you would like to burn this vendor's business!


In any case, your attempt would foil if the client doesnt believe your words. What would you gain after that? Doesn't that goes to show that you actually have a rivalry with this vendor and now you want to spoil his business, come what may? Isn't it?


If I have a neighbour, and he/she serves a bad drink to me, then what are the chances that I would warn the next visitor to not to taste that drink? And till how long can I keep an eye? It is impossible that I never drank that drink but yet I believe that this drink is bad and based on my assumptions or hearsay knowledge, I want to spread this news amongst others.


You are a very strange fellow, indeed!




Harsh (Manager)     14 March 2013

When i said i will write to that  lady, i was being sarcastic.


Dont ask me how, but I was 100% sure you would quote something from Mahabharat.

but if i am not wrong, Lord Krishna didnt ask Y to lie. First Bheem killed that  elephant.

then LK asked Y asked to say a sentence loud ( ashwathamo kunja hatha meaning the elephant named ashwathama died), and he blew his conch shell when it came to 'elephant' - so 'elephant' was not heard. effectively it was a deception not a direct lie.  but you must know this, Y got his punishment due ( a tour to Hell:).

you are right she should be secretive ( i was only challenging your post dont mind). aakhir
kalyug ka kalyug hai.

Feminists - I LOVEeeEEEEEE them not allergic to them.

16 year old  episode is criminal no doubt, but @author seems more worried about the  mature 

girl who wants to get married.

im sure this @author has vested interests in what she is trying to do.


Let me give an example, if you read on this  portal most of the 498a victims (or for that matter any innocent person that has been severly hurt or cheated) have had strong emotions, some may wanting to even kill and destroy those bas*ards...their heart says do it , their mind says dont. Or their sharp mind says counter their prosecution and get them jailed, but their soft heart says dont. what should they do? if it were the days of Arjuna and Karna there would be blood on the streets :)

better sense must prevail. anyways im not preaching nor am i in to philosophy,  just  gave a real life example.

**********Guess people are getting bored out now*********************

Mango (Consultant)     16 March 2013

Harsh Brother @ Don't want to counter your post but I felt you have missed some of its part; It's not a deception but it was a clear lie which Yudhishar confessed later-on. Watch this video (41:15 of 49:10) of Dhronavadh Vadh... Conversation of Bhagwan Krishan, Dharamraj Yudhisthar and Bheesm Pitamaah


My 498a case has nothing to do with this post.... If you'd read my profile well, it's very much given that my Madam has filed series of court cases.... Some of them are like bringing down the twinkling stars from the blue sky. If you're thinking that my 498a case has changed my mentality then let me tell you, it's just 498a, if someone would have accused me for 534 as well, I will not have changed my mentality against humanity. Life has its ups and down... Sometime we see the bad things soon or sometime we seee it later... It has nothing to do with a group of people....I am not a stereotypist... and I don't want to be like stereotypist.... If I were stereotypist, I would be saying in favor of this rapist not otherway around...


Harsh (Manager)     16 March 2013


no problem you may be right people have different temparaments, 

there is ethical, moral and legal aspects to a common man and their opposites do exist - how you handle is up to you.

"compassion is incomplete if it does not include the self"

good luck with your cases.


Today's Surprise: The @author has disappeared !!

Mango (Consultant)     16 March 2013

Harsh @ Thanks you very much Brother for your wishes...

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