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About me

  Member Since : 04 February 2012  (Delhi )

I was one happy guy who got married to Queen Ghazni when all his fortunate stars are in most unfortunate place in the solar-system of year 2010.... Got beaten-up badly, looted financially and finally destroyed by Queen Ghazni by the means of baised-laws....  History is indeed a great subject and soon, I will be one of the historical monument whom kids will see as a brave hero died in civil-case war!

As we all know that India is growing and wives are bringing more and more 498a gifts for their husbands. I gained my degree after my wife sued me/my family under 498a. I had to go through the rigorous CAW practical to prove that I am strong contender for this degree....  My biology practical seems easy to me when I compared this with my CAW cell practical... 

I wondered how a 10th failed inspector dare to counter MBA grad student from reputed college on his maturity. Sensibility is one aspect which died in the CAW cell... My degree started with Section # 12, 13,14,15,16,17,18 and this list went to section # 498a to 534... I don't know if this list is going to stop somewhere...  For me, Indian nationality is a burden and I am bearing it because of my parents...


Now, I am enjoying my life as sections are increasing day by day and I learnt how to swim in deep water...  I can see myself as expert in this family laws as my lawyer does not seems to have much clarity on sections, on proceedings, miss important dates and keep asking money on bi-weekly basis... :/ With all these stupidity seen, I believe India is great nation and world should know about this....

I'll write a book on this pathetic condition of India and will bring this to world sometime soon... I am not going to take it for the granted!

For judges and lawyers, who are fighting and listening to mediation/cases have some heart and listen to the guy’s as well…


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