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Should i revel the past?

Page no : 3

Prakash (Propritor)     17 March 2013

This is to inform all of you that the person who calls herself Vishaka has successfuly managed to get the boys wedding cancelled. The brides parents have called off the wedding.

Whether this woman has done a good thing or bad we don't know.


Mango (Consultant)     17 March 2013

Great news!!!! Great work Vishaka on teaching a lesson to this social evil and his family. It's not just this boy's mistake, it’s a mistake of his father, mother, brother, sisters and cousins who have never told this guy that how to live ethically in this society....

Vishaka @ people like you made this world a place to live without any fear; It was indeed a daring act and you've succeed in going along with the Truth.... hearty congrats!!!

I hope Prakash would not be lying here...


Reformist !!! (Other)     19 March 2013

How do Prakash know Vishakha ???

Prakash (Propritor)     19 March 2013

Her real name is KV and She hides under the name of Vishaka. She is probably mental patient.


Reformist !!! (Other)     19 March 2013

Prakash that means u know kavita and she was just passing her time over here on this open forum

Vishaka (Photographer)     20 March 2013

Wonderful, people are bringing in new names to add some masala to this entire drama. Seems like this post is getting hijacked to a new level.

Thanks for the info Prakash, looks like you have another case on hand.

Reformist !!! (Other)     20 March 2013

So she is back with a bang....lol

Vishaka (Photographer)     20 March 2013

Correct me if I am wrong folks,-each of us visit this forum to find solutions (legal and paralegal) to our existing problems and if the very content of the case is forgotten and new names and news allegations are churned against the person who has posted the problem. How can one find solutions?

Very funny, Mr Prakash and Saurabh.V – I posted a case to get a solution and I am given a new name and new allegation. It has moved from a liar to mental patient now, wonder what next?

Prakash (Propritor)     20 March 2013

There is no legal angle unless you have been married to the boy or he has had physical relations with you with the promise of marriage. Just because you have a bad opinion of him does not mean you can drag things to legal forums. If you are as straight forward as you say you should have walked up to the girl informed her about the boys past and the laid off leaving her to decide.  You just want to create trouble.   Prakash. 

Vishaka (Photographer)     20 March 2013

This is a reply to Mr Prakashs post: Of course my post does not contain a legal angle nor was it created to defame anyone.  I have not posted some story or time pass episode to brew some trouble. I have posted this issue after witnessing and observing what has been taking place past few years.

Few questions to you as well:

Do you think looking into history is bad or not essential in such cases?

Do you think if I walked up to someone on the street and shared some truth one would believe it? Even then, why should I act as a mouth piece if this person is brave to speak his past? Do you think the other person or the partner to be would appreciate what is being said?

Lastly, do you think a person like him stands a chance to change and become a devout husband? Maybe yes maybe no. 

Thought I might lend my two pence - like every saint has a past and every sinner has a future this person also needs to be given a chance BUT only when truth is unveiled. 

I appreciate your interest in this case.

Prakash (Propritor)     21 March 2013

Your wisdom is growing now, but it is too late isn't it?!  The marrriage has been cancelled and the boy has been given a bad name and the girl is disappointed.   YOu obviously got some pleasure from this.

Informing the girl about his past is not wrong but dragging the matter into the internet and not coming out clean about your actual identity is definitely wrong. It has done lots of harm to both parties.

Hope your obsession about him is now satisfied. Prakash


Mango (Consultant)     22 March 2013

Prakash @ Sometime, I feels that you should grow-up. Yes, truth is not a obsession but only for those who love their nation. I believe that what she did is a very daring, rightous and humanly act.


Would you allow your daughter/sister to marry a person like him?


What happened next......

The episode from vishaka was not less than a Masala movie,eagerly waiting for her next update.

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