she sings, she writes, she shoots - she is roopa, ips


Here is one woman IPS officer that the country's women may as well emulate.

One among India's TOP TEN lady IPS officers and among those ten, Karnataka's only LADY IPS Officer serving in Karnataka, she is a role model for women and men alike.

She comes across as differently as one comes across rains in a parched desert.


She introduces herself with pride, as WIFE OF, as BETTER HALF of, her husband who is an IAS officer.


Meet Roopa, IPS, the DIG of Prisons, currently serving in Karnataka ( Bangalore, to be precise ).

Her introduction itself is an eye-opener to many women, in that, to be successful, they need not be feminists and anti-male.


She introduces herself as " BETTER HALF of " with pride, as it exists in this Ancient, Sacred and Great Land, INDIA, from time immemorial where

wives take pride in introducing their husband better than themselves, in their introduction, proving inseparability of husband and wife.


In today's society, where many a couple land in court and many a men being subjected to worst humiliation, here is a dignified lady who

takes pride in herself and her better half.


The true Indian Shakti, Roopa, IPS might probably be the future home minister. who knows ? 


In a world where many men drown into alcohol, drugs,...etc addictions and lose the strength and stamina to be able to truly lead, many women are 

proving to be fit to rule ( and Lead ). They have been known to be good managers from time immemorial.


Good Management skills of women, are largely responsible for the successful Men in society today.


With two children, Roopa, IPS, a young and accomplished officer, has balanced both professional and personal life, excellently well.

A role model to all women and men, this officer is


1) Inspirational - Thinking and concerns are very refined and fine tuned

2) Possesses Expansive thinking

3) People Friendly and IN CONTROL of every moment

4) Demonstrates High degree of Tolerance combined with dignified Silence as appropriate

5) Possesses Experience and Awareness of both IPS and IAS services as in practical life as it is in reality which no book can teach


Which Man would not desire to have a better half who can sing, write and shoot ? A Great Wife who is also a Great Mother.  He is a lucky man.


Their children too would be proud to have such parents as role models.


@D_Roopa_IPS is her twitter handle. Worth following.


Women may as well draw inspiration from this officer and take pride in being a woman and also in introducing themselves with pride as the husband's better half / wife.


We are now, in India, witnessing the gems, emerging from every part of society.

No wonder, India is on it's way to being a super power. If not in the immediate future, yet, in the future, a certainty for sure.

Can women power of India, remain far behind ? No and hence it is that we see such inspirational people visible to society as a whole, with their balanced thoughts, speech ( inclusive of dignified silence ) and action.




The post is about India's TOP TEN lady IPS officers and among those ten, she is Karnataka's only LADY IPS Officer serving in Karnataka and is a role model for women and men alike.


Very inspiring. Brought tears in my eyes.




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