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About me

  Member Since : 20 April 2014  (Bangalore)

Mr.Natarajan V G Iyer provides I T Services, especially in the Education Sector ( Author cum Publisher ) in addition to I T Products and Services' Management, through his Sole-Proprietorship Concern, mainly for the established Non-I.T.Professionals. 


Having interacted effectively with more than Eight Thousand Advocates, Senior Bureaucrats and Dignitaries from various fields,  in his entrepreneurial journey spanning for more than seven years now, he owns the Intellectual Properties for the brands




He is the Author cum Compiler cum Publisher of the World’s First Technological Dictionary for Advocates,a formally copy-righted work in English. 

He has also authored the same in Kannada, which is yet again the First in the World, for Advocates, in Kannada.


Teckie Public ' is a similar work of his, in technology, in Kannada, for the General Public and is among the selected works by the Karnataka State Government, for the public libraries across the State.



Teckie Police ' is a similar work of his, in technology, in Kannada, for the Police Department in Karnataka and has already completed the pilot phase of it's release. Digitization of the Police Force is one of his cherished projects towards which he has sent his recommendations to the State and Union Governments and is in it's due course of consideration.


He has also been recognized as a GOOD CITIZEN by a Government Wing.


As an originator of many innovative concepts ( being transformed to tangibles ), Mr.Natarajan Iyer, currently with his sole proprietorship, has in the past, held Senior Managerial Positions in the I T Services Industry.

He is a Certified Project Management Professional in addition to his qualifications in Six Sigma Processes and ITIL.

He has Managed Huge Teams Pan-India and Projects spread across the Globe.

He is a CompTIA certified professional as well. 

He has trained 116 Advocates on General I T and Cyber Crime Awareness.

In addition to I T Infrastructure Management Services to the Advocates, he has provided them with primary level Technological Assistance on a couple of Cyber Crime Cases . 


TECKIE VIDHYAARTHI is his creation, as well. 


His vision is to TAKE Information Technology to the Judicial Segment and to the Common Man, as also Legal Awareness to the Common Man.

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