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Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     27 February 2011

Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF)

WHAT IS SIFF : Introduction to SIFF :source  SIFF website

SIFF is a must for all married men suffering fake 498a , cheap and practical legal Tips which u may never be told otherwise. basically a self help group.

siff has branches in almost all big cities in INDIA. those suffering false cases must attent siff weekly meetings to get help.

siff is not a legal solution,legal solution can only be provided by an honest lawyer. They have a list of honest lawyers in every city , u may get some good referrals.

but practical tips can be given by SIFF.


Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF), is a registered, non-funded, non-profit, Non-Government Organization (NGO) headquartered at Bangalore, which engages itself primarily in:

  • Creating awareness about the Legal Terrorism going on in the country under the barb and paradoxical veil of Women Empowerment through various methods like television shows on news channels, protests, road shows, press conferences, article publication, online blogging to name a few.
  • Help the distressed victims who are at the receiving end due to the misuse of
    • Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code (Alleged cruelty to married women)
    • Section 304B of the Indian Penal Code (Assumed Dowry Death of married women)
    • Section 406 of the Indian Penal Code (Criminal Breach of Trust)
    • Section 506 of the Indian Penal Code (Alleged Criminal Intimidation by wife and in-laws)
    • Many other similar section of the Indian Penal Code, 1860
    • Various sections of the Dowry Prohibition Act – 1961
    • Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act – 2005
    • Section 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), 1973
    • Section 18, 24 and 25 of the Hindu Marriage Act
    • Various provisions of the Special Marriage Act
    • Guardians and Wards Act, 1890.



By providing them mental and moral support and an environment conducive to air their grievances and also sharing each other’s experience and legal expertise in fighting the false cases effectively and with confidence of truth.

  • Spreading the message of Gender Equality and Family Harmony.
  • Constantly protesting against the illegitimate legislations and urging the government to review and amend the existing marital laws which are highly misused and bring some amount of rationality in them in order to restore sanity in the society and the civil and criminal justice system by:
    • Writing repeated memorandums to the Government, various ministries and designated signatories like the Chief ministers, Home Ministers and Governers of states, the Prime Minister, the President, the Vice President, etc.
    • Constantly studying various areas of improvement in Family Harmony and Gender Equality and urging the authorities to take action by bringing the same to their notice.
    • Conducting weekly meetings in its local chapters to meet new victims, provide them legal and moral assistance in addition to discussing strategies to improve and broaden the horizon of the movement.
    • Partnering with other independent researchers in this field and joining hands with them to create synergies.
    • Conducting studies related to various issues like:
      • Prevalence of Domestic Violence amongst men and their families.
      • Effects of the wide and rampant misuse of marital laws on the society.
      • The need and scope of the existence of Men’s Rights.



  • A society which will be free of bias against any gender, be it the masculine or the feminine gender.
  • A society where a crime is a crime, independent of gender and the criminals are punished irrespective of bias or undue favor.
  • A society where a daughter is not viewed as a liability and is not only given equal share in her parental property but also taught to be self – dependent.
  • A society where innocent people are not jailed under the pretext of Women Empowerment.
  • A government which does not swindle tax-payers hard earned money to attract lucrative foreign investments by fudging statistics and misrepresentation of facts.
  • A judicial, legislative and executive machinery which does not allow law and legal procedure to be used as a weapon or a fear psychosis tool and a recovery mechanism.
  • A media fraternity that does not conduct character assassinating media trials under vested interests and allows truth to be brought to the people rather than hiding it.

SIFF takes pride in stating that it has an effective force of over 30, 000 members on ground and over 3500 on the internet who are fighting this legal terrorism with vigor and passion like commandos. Not only does SIFF has the distinction to overcome unnecessary barriers like caste, creed, language and gender but also takes pride of its wide variety and bandwiddth of social strata including most educated, qualified and talented (intelligentsia) people in different fields like Engineers, Management Gurus, IT, Telecom, Banking, Service Industry, Bureaucrats, Media Personalities, Automobile and FMCG including NRI population as well as people from the other strata like auto–rickshaw drivers, daily laborers, etc.


Shocking Statistics

One Married Man Commits Suicide every 9 Mins!



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manjit kalra (system eng)     27 February 2011

thanks for such an informative thread.

What's in a name (Director )     27 February 2011


In spite of being a SIFF supporter( SIFF supports family harmony),  while I convey a sense of support  for  Prassanjit, and wish her well, I thought I bring this issue of non trust here in this thread which comes not only from some men but also from women as well. 

It is not just  men but also women who keep on distrusting IDs and  postings, giving unnecessary motives to them. I registered just recently, but like so many of you, I  have been a non registered occassional visitor to this forum( in relation to my cousin's marital problem which thankfully was resolved through marital couceling and the famly did not break)

A few days back I had posted something on some thread, a general reply to a general post, and I was told not by the querist but some other lady that my ID is fake. Without knowing about my s*x which my name does not convey, I was told very confidently not in one post but in another post also that I am a woman masquerading as a man. In the process some woman was attacked, her personal story which she would have shared on this forum was dragged including the reference to her daughter, her age was ridiculed and it was alleged that she is restless for gaining attention of LCI.  I  also considered it very unethical. In fact, I felt more sad for her than for the non trust with which I was looked upon. Why I appeared  suddenly was questioned. Anyone who makes first appearance would come for the first time someday.

In this thread I see Ravi Rocks registered only yesterday and he has every right to do it, and come and comment for the first time. Probably,  if he had not supported the case of prasanjit ji, probably his ID too would have been doubted, and rediculed.

I do not take these things to heart, and know in this type of  web forum worse and more deadly abuses are hurled, if someone has a mind to that.   So did not react the way one of the ladies had reacted to my ID. Later ofcourse she apologised through a PM.   Funnily, the very same day after her PM,  she again confused me with some other new ID who was a male, called Mayank, and without any foundation started saying I am Mayank, and Mayank is a woman. Not only me, in some other thread, the same lady had doubted some other retired person's ID and in yet another thread in another   section in which I ocassionally contribute, another ID was doubted. 

I think this tendency from anyone needs to be checked from both men and women. If the   someone is abusive or doing some harm to others,  the admin is the proper authority to get in touch with.  

@ Arup Ji

Life is not made of neat and exactly fititng pieces. So since this story is Prasanjit's life story, you may not find neat interlinks. I myself am a SIFF supporter, but that is entirely a different ball game, and not all members of SIFF are mean and selfish. In fact my causin's family life was restored because of the intervention of SIFF. An organisation's vision and mission may not be followed by all its members. In any organisation some members remain good and some not so.  But that does not make an organisation bad in itself . 

@ Prasanjit ji

I understand your bitterness towards the organisation as you seemed to have bad experience with its members. But do not generalise all MILs as bad women. All marriages would involve MILs and there is no point in labelling them all as bad. While bad treatment should not be tolerated wither by MIL or by DIL, you will do a right thing to talk about only your MIL and not sweep all MILs into the negative shadow.

My cousin's MIL is very good and she supported my cousin throughout her problems with her husband . In fact it is because of her MIL's support and insistence, that the couple went for good marital councelling for 6 months and realised how foolish they were to think of divorce as a solution. 

Finally, like Randomethics had said in her single post, I rest my case here and would not appear for answering any non trusting attacks on my ID or relevance or irrelvance of my post. 

What's in a name (Director )     27 February 2011

Sorry Avnish ji

this posting is for some other thread. I do not know how to delete it from this thread. 

Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     27 February 2011


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zimmerzapper (student)     27 February 2011

does this organisation have the same goals as all india men's welfare association?

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     27 February 2011

please put a little details for me about - all india men's welfare association

zimmerzapper (student)     28 February 2011

Originally posted by :Arup
please put a little details for me about - all india men's welfare association

arup here you go

Col Rajp(Retd) (Director)     03 November 2014

Can you please give the detail adders of  SIFF, in Gurgaon

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