removed in 6 months not getting another job

I joined a ltd auto mfrg company feb 2013 as Leadership Training - Manager in Pune my age was 41. Everything was going on well and I was quite happy with the job & people around.Suddenly my boss started getting paranoid about me and sending complaining emails to me scolding me evry now n then like a kid . As I was blank with this kind of behavior from her and also I wasnt familiar such treatment towards me.This shook me up and was speechless . Kept on doing my work . Suddenly at the end of my probation I was told by our super senior to putin papers . This gave me a shock again as I have been sincere towards my work and travelled to Chennai , Rajstan ,Himachal to conduct training .Never complained always njoied my work. I m hardworking single woman from small town with middleclass background .i have no other income source . Our super senior started calling me for resignation. I couldnt believe her words .After few days she came to Pune from Delhi HO asking my resignation which i had to do. I went back with compensatory pay in Aug 2013. After that till today i never got any job in Pune/Mumbai and have no income source .I took up teaching in MBA institute in my native place Ratnagiri for 1 year but there again I was harassed by a female director .She threw me out . I am not able to understand why similar pattern is everywhere .when my work is good and interpersonals are quite normal .I m transperent in my work and follow high standards and sort of workaholic . I wonder why i m in to such a mess when I am MBA in HR with 10+ yrs exp and skills .while I saw others with not so much capable n calibre holding hi position in that company. I have tried in pvt companies as well as MBA institutes in Pune Mumbai I never got any response even tried with references, my teachers ,corporators friends ....since Aug 2013 till today . This is beyond my understanding . My questions 1.can companies ban your cv in the job market ? 2.what could be the obvious reasons in this case ? 3.What is the wayout now since how long one can sit idle ? Pl advise .

No senior accepts more capable person working under them. Capable people are a threat to their position you are either highly capable or not fit for job

Can companies BAN someone in the job market as i m not getting any job And how do I explain my situation during interviews ?
Can the law not punish such culprits bosses in pvt sector ?

I feel sorry for you, But dont't you ever bother about the situation you are in. Just gather your confidence and try hard. As you said that you are from maharashtra and your age is 41, you still have the opportunity to apply for government jobs from your state. Why dont you take up such challenge, rather that dragging you carrier in pvt sector



If you have completed Master in Law you can make wonder ful career in lectureship all you need to do is to prepare for UGC NET Exam.

The NET Exam is conducted two times in a year you have to complete masters with around 55 % marks (50% marks for Reserved and Female Candidates)

After clearing the NET Exam you will easily get Assistant Professor and Lectureship Jobs at good salary in various Colleges and Universities of India

There is no age limit to appear in the exam. Butto get scholarship from JRF Exam the age limit is 30 years (5 year age relaxation for Women and Reservation walle)



Thank you for suggesting this option.I am an MBA in HR with experience in pvt sector .I m 46 . My intention is to find legal aspects to my situation posted here. Pl share similar experiences and wayout also.

I never heard that companies are banning people in pvt sector. Generally most companies peacefully relieve or terminate. How you came to conclusion that companies are banning you. Then companies should ban others also As you have no proof of banning by any company and bad references by previous company you can't file any legal case. As in private sector, companies don't take more experienced and your age range, that may be one of the the reason, as they are getting young people who will do more work at less salary. Now either contact your ex bosses for job or if possible relocate to some other city. If you still not getting good offers, change your resume, as you are in HR, well aware that most of the resumes are fake credentials. All the best

I m looking for legal advice from legal experts pl.

Can u pl share your email ID or mail me your case facts at basu_kunal@hotmail.com? i know its cumbersome; but maybe I can assist you with your problem

Please note that it is impossible to ban ones CV in the job market, especially when we do have an open economy.

Getting a Job do not only depend upon vacancy and eligibility sometimes luck is also a great factor. Keep on trying as I am a HR friend who was having the same situation and was sitting idle for 3 months at home; also he was newly married that time. But he kept trying and now he is a HR in a corporate giant.




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