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Real-life Courtroom Dramas: Share your Experience?

Courtroom dramas are one of my favourite genre of movies. "Ek ruka hua faisla (Basu Chatterjee)" and "The Paradyne case (Hitchcock)" are among my favorites.

Since this is a law forum, I wanted to ask people here about real life dramas that took place in the courtroom. Lying, manipulation, cheating, corrupt police officials/ judges, files that deliberately go missing, computer records that disappear....We hear it all the time in the news channels. But as a lawyer, student, or as someone who stood trial in any capacity...I am sure most of us have experiences worth sharing. There's no need to disclose any specific info. But if you like, please share your story. You are also welcome to share links, videos, photographs.
Thank you!


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N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     28 June 2011

I have seen and experience lots of Drama inside and outside the Court Room including false propganda. But I would better not exhibit it in the forum.

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pratik (self working)     28 June 2011

sharing the knowledge is good.


False Propaganda? Man, I have seen that personally! People try to gain sympathy no matter how wrong they are.

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     29 June 2011

"A metro wife reaching court room itself is start of all sorts of real-life courtroom dramas"

PS: Reel by reel storyline already published in LCI by me few weeks back, refer to it.........

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     29 June 2011

The Verdict
The Ballad of Jack and Rose
Drown Soda
To Kill a Mockingbird.
12 Angry Men
My Cousin Vinny
Anatomy of a Murder
Inherit the Wind
Witness for the Prosecution
Breaker Morant
Erin Brockovich
Presumed Innocent
Kramer vs. Kramer
The Paper Chase
Reversal of Fortune
And Justice for All
In the Name of the Father
A Civil Action
Young Mr. Lincoln
Miracle on 34th Street

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One court room drama is common in every place :

Here it is:

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Originally posted by : Zeeshan
Although I am  anti-uma , but still want to write a story of mine. Just to kick start.Uma bhi kya yaad rakhegi...

Once in courtroom I says BUDDHA to my FIL.
After listening to this, he (buddha) start jumping. dekha, dekha ye kis tarah mujhse baat kar raha hai. isko under kar do.
I asks to judge , " sir kisi ko buddha kahne par bhi 498a lagti hai kya ?
Everyone in courtroom start laughing on this.

your story is a hit one..but Uma kya yad rakhegi tumko...tum usko yad kar rahte ho ..otherwise this is a public forum..If u dont agree with uma in some thread that does not mean u will carry that difference to alllllll threads..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!U cud reply without mentioning her name..

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@TajobsIndia, great list! I have seen (and read) many of these but not all. Now I have something to look forward to!

@Utpala; thank you for the support! Zeeshan needed a punching bag, but he chose the wrong one...haha  ;-)

@Zeeshan: usually your jokes are quite lame, but this is a good one! ;-)

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KM Vyas: thank you for the video...that reminded me of another movie...Mohan Joshi Haazir Ho!

Parth Chandra (none)     30 June 2011

Recently in family court judge was busy in his chamber and given us time after lunch to hear argument on interim custody of my child who is with me now.


During that, me and my lawyer came after lunch where my wife (begger-1) and her monther (begger-2) were taking advice from other beggers about how to get child's custody along with maintenance (she only has deserted my child after leaving my house).......interestingly other beggers were advicing her that child is all yours, don't worry....father has no right till child becomes 18 years old........just cry jn-front of judge and tell him that I am her mother and not able to meet the child.......all these husbands's have only one interest - to satisfy their HAWAS.


Begger-2 interrupted and told to other beggers that he (me) has no SANSKAR ... how would he give SANSKAR to the child.............


My wife did the exact same thing in-front of judge but judge was next date and ordered us to again visit Lok Adalat and asked me to come with child.


In Lok-Adalat, she again cried but after hearing how she left the child crying on my father's house when I was also not present.....the mediator told her that IT WILL TAKE TIME FOR YOUR HUSBAND AND CHILD TO TRUST YOU AS YOU MADE A MISTAKE SO just chill and gave her visitation ON MY TERMS till further hearing.


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Parth Chandra (none)     30 June 2011

Forgot to tell you....when judge was on chamber....MY WIFE AND MIL also tried to provoke me by telling other beggars that he is drankyard............SO THE OTHER BEGGERS replied.........IS IT SO THEN TELL THE JUDGE THAT HE HAS COME HERE ALSO AFTER DRINKING......I was smilling all this while thinking it would great for me if they say so... to judge and then judge would start his orcastra and I would love to hear the tune.


Liars need the most emotional support, but truthful people are worth an entire army of liars even when they are alone.


I have often heard judges interrupting the parties to say "I am NOT asking for your opinion." People get so emotional that even when the judge himself states the facts according to the laws, people interrupt him to say they don't agree with him.

Originally posted by : Zeeshan
Once in courtroom I says BUDDHA to my FIL.
After listening to this, he (buddha) start jumping. dekha, dekha ye kis tarah mujhse baat kar raha hai. isko under kar do.
I asks to judge , " sir kisi ko buddha kahne par bhi 498a lagti hai kya ?
Everyone in courtroom start laughing on this.



If a person can DARE to use foul language against his FIL,that also in a court,we can very well imagine how abusive he would have been to his wife inside his house.

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