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naga raju   29 January 2019


my name nagaraju, na age 30 years,na wife chanipoyindi, naku 3years son vunnadu, na wife valla Amma vallu na son ni naku ivvakunda valla dhaggara pettukuni nannu property rasivvamani
bedhiristhunnaru, please solution cheppandi.


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kavksatyanarayana (subregistrar/supdt.(retired))     29 January 2019

If your son is willing to live with you, file case against them.  consult local lawyer. (mee son ki meetho undadam istam ithe court lo case veyandi. meeku thelisina anubhavam unna lawyer tho matladandi).

G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     30 January 2019

Tandri enka yukta vayassu lo ne vunnadu kaabatti, punarvivaham jarugute, tana manavadini , savati talli badhistudemo ani pilla talli tandrula avedana sahajam.  Nijam cheppali ante, mudella vayasunna mee abbayini meeru pemchadam chala kashtam.   Vaala vadana kuda sababe, kani tandriga meeku sarvadhikaralau vunnayi.  Baga alochimchukoni, pilla vaadni mee daggaraku pampamani vallaku legal notice pampandi.  Pillavadi talli ela maranimchindo meeru cheppaledu.  Vokavela aamenu meeru himsicharane aaropana vunte, vari korika ku artham vundi.  Mee pravartanapi eaami anumanalu vallaku vunnayo teleyadu, lekapote voka pillavadni saakadam ante enta kashtamo aa vayasulo andariki telesinade.  Mee aarrthika paristiti eemito teleyadu. Anta mee swarjitamite, voka vela meeeru kurrvadiki, utarotra eaami iyyaka povachhu, kaani swarjitam kakapote, pilla vadiki purvula aastilo vaatani meeru kadanaleru.


When the 3 years old lost his mother, it is natural for the parents of his mother to worry about the future of that boy, as their son in law is just 30 years old and can not rule out another marriage.  In case of such second marriage, grandparents suspect the possibility of ill-treatment by his stepmother  From their angle  one cannot find fault, and it is, in fact, more convenient to you if grandparents take the custody of the boy of 3 years, as 30 years may not be in a position to take adequate care.  But, no one can dispute the rights of his father on son. At the same time, consider their viewpoint and consult your family members as to whether you can bring up a child of 3 years like his grandparents..  It is natural for grandparents to worry about 3 years boys future.  Taking care of a child is different from protecting his future as much expenditure may be required for his education etc.  The financial security of grandson born to their daughter might be causing worries to them.  (You have not informed as to how your wife met with death.  If it is due to ill-treatment or harassment from your side, their suspicions may be out of facts learned and in this case every prudent individual has support child's custody with grandparents).  Unless the grand parents doubt the character of son in law, at their age, they do not take this step of taking a 3 year boy.  Members are not aware as to the property matters.  If it is self acquired, there may be a danger that you may not give single paisa to your mother less child either on your own or as per wishes of your second wife and her children.  But, if the property is not self acquired, you can not deny your son's equal rights with you.

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naga raju   30 January 2019

na wife dengue fever vachi natural ga chanipoyindi

kavksatyanarayana (subregistrar/supdt.(retired))     31 January 2019

As your wife died due to illness, convince your in-laws in an amicable way with all elders and well wishers of your families. 

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