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AMbi (None)     18 November 2013

Police not arresting my in laws because of anticpatory bail

Dear All,


I have filed a  dowry case against my Husband and parents-in-laws and sister-in-law about 6 months back. Police had previously sent the case back to court saying accused not found but now after it came back a 2nd time, police are saying my in-laws have taken an anticipatory bail and therefore cannot be arrested. They are saying they can do nothing except file some chargesheet and send the case back. My lawyer says the chargesheet will be the basis for the case and has to be thourough. I am confused and lost, can anyone please clarify the below:

1. Is not dowry a non-bailable offence? Can my parents-in-law have really taken a bail and is there no way for me to have them arrested?

2. My in-laws have multiple entry visas to various countries and have mostly been in hiding. Can I have their passports siezed? I do not have their passport numbers, only have their name and address.

3. What is the procedure to get the passport seized so that they do not run away?

4.  What is a chargesheet? How does it affect the case?

5. As I am unaware of the various terms and its consequences and am afraid that the police are fooling me but my lawyer says he will not be able to follow up with the police, whereas some people are telling me that its better if everything is routed through my lawyer. Generally do lawyers follow up with the police on these cases and should I look for an alternate lawyer or is my layer right in saying he cannot help me with the police?

6. My sis-in-law lives abroad, so is there nothing we can do to have her arrested?


Thanks in advance.





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stanley (Freedom)     18 November 2013

When you inlaws have taken anticipatory bail how can the police arrest them :/. What your lawyer has stated is correct you are unnecessary getting hyper sensitive and are seeking revenge . 

Let the charge sheet be filed and let the case kick off . By the way what are the evidences you have have can we know ??

Once anticipatory bail is issued, no arrest will happen.
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Deeply Hurt (PM)     18 November 2013

Another pathetic LOSER trying to get her husband & in-laws arrested!

Loser Lady, no arrests will be made - get this into your thick head. It's very clear from the way the police have behaved from your complaint that even they do not believe your version. Same is the case with me too -  my darling wife tried very hard to get me & my family arrested with no luck! You too will reap the consequences of your actions slowly but surely! If you really want arrest get your parents along with you & go sit behind bars in the PS - that's the only arrest you'll get!

Such pathetic losers should be named & shamed in public!

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K*I*L*L*E*R (tech)     18 November 2013

Why u want to do this, from ur query it seems like u want the revenge from those people and my personal advice is if donot trying to become bad god is there to punish whomso ever do wrong things so please be calm

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Northern Queen (Manager)     18 November 2013

@AMbi - oh dear - unless you give more details about your 'dowry case' etc then members must presume you are another wicked 498a troll wife.


Why are you so desperate to get your husband and in laws arrested.  Do you not understand that in order to imprison someone, it depends on the severity of the crime.  What has your sister in law got to do with this? you have stated the woman lives abroad - do you think INTERPOL are going to drop everything for you. And how can you justify or even prove she has harrassed you for dowry? - do you know that 'giving dowry' is just as serious as 'taking dowry!.  If you have admitted to giving it, then I think it is 'you and your family' who should be locked up.  You are part of the problem, not part of the solution to this issue.

As you stated, they have got anticipatory bail.  Darling, they are entitled to do this.  Just because a crime says 'non bailable' doesn't actually mean they will be locked up.  In non bailable cases, it is at the discretion of the Judge. They did it because they 'anticipated' you would throw false charges and such at them - all for a piece of the money pie and a quick divorce.  The Judge who agreed to bail based it on the charges or upcoming charges, and obviously they are not serious enough to warrant arrest or jail. What a nasty, greedy and shallow person you are.  What sort of morals do you have to try and get your husband's elderly parents sent to jail.  How would you like your parents sent to jail - it could happen too.  My god princess, don't you know that the Advocates, Police and Judges are really the only ones who benefit financially from these fake cases.  All you will get my dear is a few rupees, and a huge unshakeable label of 'FAKE 498A TROLL WIFE'.  No other man will touch you with a barge pole and you will end up a lonely, shrivelled up hag.  So if you plan to continue with this, then rejoice in the future - it will be a bleak one.  My advice is settle for Mutual Divorce - apply for maintenance if you are eligible and move on with your life.


Do not be surprised if you might get some 'negative' responces and remarks here!  Lots of the members on here have been real victims of 498a and are rising up to women like your kind.





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AMbi (None)     18 November 2013

Thankyou Stanley. Like I have stated, I am worried because my inlaws and H have multiple entry visas and am worried that they will escape to another country leaving me high and dry. I have evidence in the form of emails where my SIL has demanded money and car and also instigated my H to abuse me. My neighbors and owner are also well aware of the fact that my in-laws were abusive and exploited me and my parents and are willing to testify for the same. Unfortunately for any woman, since these demands happen within the 4 walls of a house, I have no other evidence. Now my H is neither willing to live with me nor leave me and threatens to simply keep the case dragging and inflict maximum damage on us because we have strong evidence in the form of emails that his sister has sent.

AMbi (None)     18 November 2013

Dear Deeply Hurt, you seem to be one of those typical patriarchial people who believe women should be named and shamed just because she is asking for justice against tyranny. You may have been implicated in a false case, but you are doing nothing different from your wife by falsely accusing another woman and with such foul langauge.

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K*I*L*L*E*R (tech)     18 November 2013

Ambi under sec 438crpc the anticipatory bail has condition and that was donot leave india without permission of court

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Reformist !!! (Other)     18 November 2013

Dear Ambi,

C no one can impound their passports. Neither police nor courts have power to do so. Moreover, they have already taken AB so ur plans of spoiling their life has actually spilled like beans.............and u have fallen into the pit which u had made for ur in-laws.

Anyways, presuming that u r not a Liar and u r the genuine one, let me clarify that even President of India cannot put them behind bars if they have already taken AB. Also, no one can impound or seize their passports and yes not even travel restriction can be put on their passports.

So just cool down ............ur husband is on the best track.................Dowry demand via emails ??? a new version ??? DO you have such proofs where she has written that give us car ...or bla bla.....??? Recently SC has quoted that mere dowry demand cannot lead to conviction.

Your hairs will change to Grey...............Keep Your Spirits high and fight ur case. 

AMbi (None)     18 November 2013

Thanks Raja. I really do not know if karma is true, I only hope that I atleast get freedom if not justice.

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AMbi (None)     18 November 2013

Dear Reformist, Yes I have proof where she has written my dad should give a car. As for SC saying mere demand cannot lead to conviction, maybe we should ask them if murder of the wife is enough for conviction or not? Pathetic laws!!! How shameful!! We are a country where a bride is burned every minute but the conviction rate is less than 4%. No wonder justice is something that we cannot expect our laws to deliver.

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Babajikathullu (Owner)     18 November 2013

:) not whom we should trust to whom we should not...

My madam just in 15 days of marriege filed the case and later on she accepted this thing she did this in woman commission since she wanted to get me seperate from my parents...B****
She said i demended dowry and my mother demanded dowry, whereas we never did that at all..She said i am habitual drinker, i use to hit her becasue of dowry demand etc..whereas i never touched to drink..

There is another story from mam....and she is really lying in such a way..which sometime force me to think is that actually i did or said in communication at the time of marriege....... Sweet lyes with good eyes....LOL

AMbi (None)     19 November 2013

Hi Northern Queen, I will answer one question that you have asked - What sort of morals do you have to try and get your husband's elderly parents sent to jail. Forget my morals, what kind of morals do u think my in-laws have when at 70 years they are abusing and exploiting and spoiling the life of an innocent 25 year old for greed when they are already living off her and her parents money. There might be some who falsely accuse others just like you have done here.

Babajikathullu (Owner)     19 November 2013

Ambi madam...Please have BABA JI KA THULLU and enjoy...Dont try to be abhla Naari...

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