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Northern Queen

About me

  Member Since : 21 October 2013  (Others)

Before you PM me, please be aware that I AM NOT a qualified Advocate, Lawyer or legal person.  DISCLAIMER: Any comment's i make in this forum should only be construed as my own personal opinion. I'm just an honest, happily married woman with morals and an interest in observing good practise of law. I believe in the sanctity of marriage and real justice and fair play for all. I'm from the UK, but i have many Indian friends, who are very dear to me and they have been affected by unjust Indian laws . I have witnessed first hand how the Indian law system is corrupt and biased against men - that is something completely unheard of in the UK. We have equality and every man and woman has a voice to speak out against injustice. I am all for woman's rights and protection and am neither a misogynist nor a misandrist, However, i DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES agree or promote the unfair and unjust pro women IPC 498a Act, when it is now being used as a tool for divorce and vengence by greedy Indian women. It is described by the Supreme Court of India as 'Legal Terrorism'. I call it 'Legal Theft' and it is killing the very foundation of Indian family life. I think the 'world spotlight' should be on this.  No law should be 'anti male' or 'anti female'.  That is just pure discrimination!

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