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RamyaPraneeth (n/a)     21 April 2012

Please help me

Sir, thank you very much for your kind reply for my topic, i have to share some more  details on this topic, Sir actually im a Christian guy, and she was a Hindu Girl belongs to  Kappu Caste  (Andhra Pradesh) actually we both of them said our matter to our  parents For their permission  to marry each other, Our parents are accept for our marriage without any objection but the girl parents are not accepting our marriage because of caste and religion problem, That girl parents are trying to marry the girl with another person but she was unlike to marry another person but they are harassing the girl to marry that another person  So kindly please help Us in this topic  for our marriage...


thanking you very much




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adv. rajeev ( rajoo ) (practicing advocate)     22 April 2012

If she is ready then take storng decision and marry her.  You can also take the help of the police.

Dr J C Vashista (Advocate)     22 April 2012

Get your marriage registered under Special Marriage Act.

N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     22 April 2012

Go for Court marriage under Special Marriage Act. Pyar karna kea darna hai.

Praveen Mittal (Owner)     22 April 2012

If the Girl is ready yo marry and take strong decision go to near Police station or Get your marriage registered under Special Marriage Act.


Dear Praneeth,

Love has no boundries,but marriage has.Though I am not supporting the religious differences,can you sustain all the hurdles you encounter in future.Not only you but the girl too withstand.If both of you are very stubborn,take the help of NGO's,go to a police station,inform them of your intentions and also the retaliation in the girl's household and get married.I have seen many youngsters like you,getting married and later succumbing to the pressures and getting separated,due to communal differrences.But that should not be repeated by both of you.Anyway my heartfelt and sincere wishes for a best of married life.

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K.K.Ganguly (Advocate)     22 April 2012

What help do you wanr from us? It is you two who shall have to help yourselves. If both of you are adult and have decided to marry each other, then contact a marriage registrar, give one months notice and get married under special marriage act. Once she is married to you, her parents can not get her married off to any body.  You both shall have to face the intial post marriage chaos/noise which will settle down with the passage of time. 

RamyaPraneeth (n/a)     22 April 2012

Thank you very much for your Kind reply to my topic, Please tell me what are the requirements for Special Marriage Act?  Shall i go for special marriage act without informing the policeman


Actually you need not even go to a police station.You should have two witnesses from each side,your date of birth certificates and residence proof.

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Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     23 April 2012

Mr. Praneeth,


Special marriage act is not the act to be done by you but the name of the legislation which covers inter-caste or inter-communal marriages.  The way marriage is performed is more or less same in registrar's office whether it is marriage under Special marriage Act or under Hindu marriage act.  Just go to Registrar of marriages and take assistance from the people (outside every govt. office some brokers would be there assisting people to get things done in office by accepting some money) there they will tell you what are the requirements for getting married. The minimum requirement that I can tell as of now is a girl :)  (who wilfully marries you) and two witnesses.


If you are financially independent then my suggestion is you both never show up your face to your parents or at least for 3-4 years after marriage.  If both of you are not financially independent then don't marry at all.

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Excellent suggestion Mr.Chandrasekhar.

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RamyaPraneeth (n/a)     23 April 2012

Good Evening, im so thankful to everyone for giving me a wonderful suggestions to me.. i have a small doubt about the "SPECIAL MARRIAGE ACT" shall i give any notice to the bride parents in this matter? or without any notice can i procced for the "SPECIAL MARRIGE ACT" KINDLY PLEASE HELP ME IN THIS MATTER URGENTLY 





Dear Praneeth,

By informing the girl's parents you will be digging your grave.After listening  to the entire RAMAYAN,the narrator asked the audience,who is Sita,one fellow got up and said,She is the wife of Ravana.So your doubts are further making fearsome.Once both of you are determined to get married,don't hesistate,proced with doubled confidence.

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Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     24 April 2012

If both of you are above 18 years of age you can proceed with marriage.  You need not give notice to her parents nor she needs to give notice to your parents.

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