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Patriotism is a Crime

On 15 August really or unreally people advocate patriotism (Desh Bhakti) but I denounce this concept and plead that it should be declared a CRIME.

In  the times of Globalisation, the concept of "Desh" has become outdated/obsolete/worthless.We do not need "Desh" or "Desh bhakti",We do not need National Govts. but a single Global Govt.,if we are really keen on saving our Globe,dying because of our follies, then the concept of Nations and Nationalism be thrown in the dustbin.With this border lines on our Globe and "Defence forces" (wonder if all these forces are for defence ,then who attacks,and that too without "Attack forces",and how everyday countries attacked by each other!!!) standing on these borders would be gone.With this the concept of "Deshbhakti" be replaced by the concept of "Prithvi Bhakti".And if this not done timely there would be no planet called Earth what to say of "countries"/Desh or Desh bhakti.

This reminds me an old saying--Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrels.

Plz. contribute.


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N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     15 August 2010

Article 21 (3) of UDHR proclaims that " The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of  Government..................." as such the concepts of World Government very much depends on the people of this planet in which we all are like World Citizen travelling together on a Ship called the Planet Earth.

There is no solution for civilization or even the human race, other than the creation of world government. Albert Einstein

There is no first step to world government; world government is the first step. Emery Reves, The Anatomy of Peace, 1945

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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     16 August 2010

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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     16 August 2010

but a single Global Govt

i support.

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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     16 August 2010

nationalism deep routed still now

therefore practically impossible.

we may say 'united nations' doing that act in a diffrent way.


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Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     16 August 2010

I agree with u, now there is a branding started with cities of the world, who offers best facilities to it's citizens, and charging for citizenship accordingly. Also Eurpean Union is a good example. We must cross boundaries of nations. Slowly with advancement with info tech. that may be true one day. At least expansion of teritories has stopped, like in medieval periods.

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Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     16 August 2010

on the other hand people of of neighbouring countries of our, do not like to be associated with our culture, hardly they believe that we were one and only, instead of serching their origin in ganges they themselves feel proud to be attached with arab, or changez khan or elsewhere.

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maneet pruthi (service industry)     17 August 2010

I agree with u brother, we all know the fact but whose gonna try this wonderful thought and apply the same everbody wants to full up the tank of their own houses ,who cares about the planet . are u ready to sacrifice ur things for the sake of planet...... are u please answer..

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Sameer Sharma (Advocate)     18 August 2010

From Department of Government, London School of Economics, by MARY KALDOR "I consider nationalism to be a political process, a ‘daily plebiscite’, a subjective affirmation and re-affirmation; nationalism will only persist to the extent that individuals, movements, and groups choose to be nationalists. On the other hand, I do not think that nationalism will necessarily go away in an era of globalisation. We are in the midst of a period of political experimentation, as earlier political ideas and institutions have been eroded by dramatic socioeconomic and cultural change. Various political ideologies are currently in competition, including market fundamentalism, global Islam, cosmopolitanism, Europeanism, and, of course, nationalism. Some of these ideologies are forward-looking or reformist, that is to say, they offer a policy prescripttion for coming to terms with underlying structural change, ways in which individuals are expected to be able to benefit from globalisation. Others are backwardlooking or regressive, appealing to an imagined past, and proposing to reverse at least some aspects of the current changes. Future developments will be determined by the outcome of this competition; unfortunately, there is no a priori reason to suggest that the more forward-looking ideologies will triumph over the backward-looking ideologies.

The choice between these two ideal type worlds depends on the actions of individuals, groups and movements. It depends on debates like this one. I do not agree with the critics of the modernist paradigm, which I believe does explain earlier nationalisms, but as a late or reflexive modernist, I am much more doubtful about the future than some of the earlier proponents of the modernist paradigm."

Bill Clinton said, "Hey -- forget all that. I have a better idea." Globalization is the antithesis of nationalism. Globalization suggests that there are no boundaries, just one globe. Globalization would put all ambassadors out of a job, because who are they? --Aren't they just people who shuttle back and forth between those nation-states, which are thought, under globalization, to be passe?

Global transportation was becoming easier and more routine. Communications technology was spreading globally, and led to a global information explosion. Spiritually, some people like to feel that we are all connected.

It is said that some terrorist and regional parties are opposed to globalization, seeing that as a threat to there religion.

It would mean this to those who are the betting types - put your money on nationalism, and forget the more recent globalization, no wonder what happen next, a Flu, Visa Restriction, or any other ban.

Nationalist parties captured power in the Balkans, for example, or in India. Islamic parties are ruling in Iran and Turkey and have done well in elections in Pakistan and Algeria, where electoral victory led to a military coup. In Western Europe, right-wing anti-immigrant parties have increased their share of the vote and in the USA Christian fundamentalist and Zionist groups are increasingly influential in the Republican Party.








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Kuljit Pal Singh (Legal Professional)     18 August 2010

I read long before that Patriotism is Negative concept as here Love stops on the Border...!!!

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P.K.Haridasan (Advocate)     18 August 2010


Dear Sir.

 Srimat Bhagawatham says once the world was  once ruled by one king. Later on he divided it among his seven sons.So seven islands (Dweeps in Sanskrit)  were ruled by brothers. Single nation, same law, that was it says Indian puranas.

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I posted the same topic on yahoo ANSWERS----SEE how badly people have reacted-------------;_ylt=AvMGsy6JKvC_NfKz02GixWCQHQx.;_ylv=3?qid=20100815030438AAOnObT

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