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Bindu (admn)     31 December 2009

Office Harassment

Iam working in a Central Government Office. My superior is making me work on all saturdays and sundays and all holidays without giving me a break. I am an uniformed officer and hence I am supposed to be on 24 hours duty. But my colleague is let out on all holidays. My superior had denied me permission from meeting my superior since he assumes that I would complain against him. I am a divorcee. I presume that it is the reason why he is overloading me with all the work. He threatened to write adverse remarks in the confidential report is I make any complaint against him to anybody. I am in a very pitiable state. Last saturday, when I was taken to hospital suffering from chest pain, he demanded that I attend my colleague's work. Since, I told that I was taking ECG he let me off. But on the next monday, my colleague shouted at me and abused me verbally. Both are working hands in glove in harassing me thus. I do not know whom to turn to in such circumstances and me and my family are going through hell of a time. Kindly help


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Kiran Kumar (Lawyer)     31 December 2009

you should make a written complaint agains the erring senior as soon as possible.


while making complaint u need not to exaggerate the allegations but you memtion the valid one only.


you do this first if nothing happens then we can discuss the further legal action to be taken.



N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     31 December 2009

There are certain guidelines and Norms Declared by the Supreme Court to Govern the employer and all others at the workplaces to curb social menace against women.Gender equality includes right to work with dignity a universally recognized basic human rights which has received Global aceptance.Every woman has a right to work with dignity and not to be discriminated. At this point of time I would suggest that you followd the instructions of my learned friend Mr. Kiran.

Bindu ji, You are a Central Government employee. As per stipulated work hours you have to work. As Government servant you have protection. Work allotted your section you have to work. How can you work others sections work? Your superior is not maintaining diginty of Government servant.You have to write your office head narrating all facts, you need not submit personally you can send your complaint by registered post.


You should make all your "workings" in a daily diary with noting of time.

It should contain the "nature of work" allotted to you and its "importance" to complete in a given schedule.

Also make a note when your fellow leave office.

From today itself or from very next day; you can start this. In future it will prove as evidence against the officer you is harassing you.

Then your complaint will have weightage.

Better hire the services of an advocate.  Take leaves right now and find out ways by disucssion with your peers and well-wishers.

I know, just suggesting will not work for you immediately. But circumstances are such that you have to raise your "voice" with some sort of unity.

You can also contact one womens' union working in your city.

Meet another higher post officers informally if you find it suitable.



Rajan Salvi (Lawyer)     31 December 2009

File an application under the right to information act as to

[1] what are the working hours of employees?

[2] What action will be taken against employees who do not work on holidays?

[3] What are the government norms for women who are alone [ divorcee/widow etc] doing the job as well as looking after the family ... more so when they have small children?

[4] In view of Justice Shrikrishna's 6th pay commission report - where flexible working hours are to be fixed for women, what is the policy adopted by the governemnt and department?

[5] Why is it that only certain employees are made to work overtime.?

There are innumerable questions. All women staff in your office get together and put ur foot down collectively against any type of foolish behavior/ harrasment.  Lastly no adverse remark can be made in the ACR unless u are given an opportunity to answer to the charges/ allegations. Further 'average' is not an adverse remark.  As far as i know the use of ACR report is mostly that if in 3 consecutive years good remark is there , u will get incriminate of 60/80 ruppees. As it is there are OTHER  reasons for a person to be promoted which are not based on merit. Good Luck. You have spoken out. Good. Be more outspoken and put yuour foot down.

Raj Kumar Makkad (Adv P & H High Court Chandigarh)     31 December 2009

Do not be confused. I am not going to tell new things than already told by all my senior experts friends. Follow common points as suggested above and move forward.

Bindu (admn)     03 January 2010

Thanks to all the seniors and friends who have replied to this post.

I am looking forward to speak in a rightful manner and then fight for my rights.




Feroz M Shafeeque (Police Officer)     07 January 2010

As you are in uniformed service, it is difficult to find a practical solution easily. You can never complain about over work.


If union or association of employees is allowed in your organisation, inform them about this matter.


You should inform the senior officer of your boss immediately regarding this. If you continue to keep mum, he will take advantage of your weakness as your colleague is also hands in hand with him.

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harish_1982 (Asst Manager)     03 March 2010


I have an ancestor property in Bangalore, the right full owners are myself, my younger brother and elder brother, 

My younger brother died long back but now his son has sent us a Legal notice stating that  he is going to file a petition if we are not selling/partititon this property, he is forcing to that by sending notice with the help of Advocate & he is also claiming the expense of the Legal fee as well as charges incurred for issuing a Legal notice.Through the Advocate he is  threatening us if we are not responding to this notice within 15 days he will be going to the court of law for the selling / partition of the property without our acceptance.

Actually we are not interested to sale or partititon of this property, Kindly suggest us how to send a reply to the notice which we have recd.



mahendrakumar (marketing)     04 March 2010

dear harish,


why are you posting your query in this thread which is not at all connected.

hope the moderator take note of this

Mohit tiwari (ralway grrp-d employee)     10 June 2013

i am group-D employee in of my senoir officer is forcing me to drive his car...and on refusing it he is thratning me to suspend from duty....he is marking me absent since last two months and  not allwoing me to join my regular duty.....

even while driving his car he keep insulting me and harasses me....make me to work for more than 12 hours and no overtime is provoded....and also this isnt my duty.....

i had complaint aganist him to my other seniors and also to divsinal head(GM and others) but nobody is helping me they had not taken any action aganst that officer and didnt helped me to jaoin my duty.....i have not get my salary since last three months.....

please help....

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