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Dr.Chandran Peechulli (Chief Consultants)     20 May 2012

Neglection to serious reporting by senior citizen.


To                                                                                            MOST URGENT please.

 The Honourable Chief Minister of Tamilnadu,

Fort Saint George, CHENNAI-600009.


Kind  Attention: Smt. Divya, Special Officer on Duty, C.M.Cell.

Re- Cheating by youngsters (youth purposefully employed to cheat, on attractive- incentives by the Delhi based company(UNICON SECURITIES).


My Most Respected and honoured Chief Minister,

 Sorry to encroach upon your valuable time of your good high office. Having not got justice during my previous regime despite my hue and cry for the money lost, by cheating from youngsters, (youth purposefully employed to cheat, on attractive incentives by the Delhi based company (UNICON SECURITIES). I have therefore placed before your Honourable CM Cell for the redressal of my grievances, which was acknowledged vide Ref: P/51128/2012 dated the 20th February 2012.

 Unfortunately again the matter cooled with negligence and had called upon the office of the Commissioner of Police, to further make stages of follow-up request from where I understand that the papers were forwarded vide Letter CrimeIII(3)/820/21212 dated 1st March 2012 and requested them to send a reminder, as such serious crime reported is taken up in a lighter vein, with negligence and moving at a snails rate. Lower rungs of the Police are only interested to help the accused and derive benefits for their selfish gain adding further wound to the aggrieved.

 Please install a fair and just practice for the administrative officers to be committed, accountable  and responsible to the grave crimes going unnoticed, for recovery of my hard-earned lifetime savings. With respectful regards,

 Respectfully yours,

 Dr. Chandran Peechulli, (Retired Chief Engineer-Marine and Senior Citizen aged 65 years.)

 Address: Dr. Chandran Peechulli, Ph.D; MBA; F.I.E.(India),L.L.B.(U.K.),   M107-5,  “Prefabs”  29th Cross Street, Besant Nagar, CHENNAI-600090.      chandranpeechulli@gmail.com, pkc484@yahoo.com,



 2 Replies

dr g balakrishnan (advocate/counsel supreme court)     21 May 2012

dear chandra mouli P, i really liked your mail to Ms Jayalalitha. true thses days, as you said accused only get lime light just because police get their share, even media chases accused like Arushi mother ad father, raja, as every one wants sun shine.

you are advised to file a writ under article 226 at Madras high court that will give relief . governments keep on batting till their term are over no natural justice.

i am a laswyer of Bombay high court a counsel at supreme court as also in USA.

I often travel to USA for some indians arbitration matter. There people are law abiding . in india it is otherwise unfortunately i see in my 45 yers practice of law. some client to be asked me if i can influence judges what a wrong approach.

Judges in india are indeed good if you have a real sensible case they proptly give proper orders.

so ensre to write a short seet brief without much of frills and embelishments that work after all indian judges have very less time.

when you approach high courts or supreme courts you need to file your plaints in english with exhibits of documents you rely on see they are properly translated into english, after all high courts have judges from all parts of india.

Today english is not that of good olen days so if you write a little sophisticatedly naturally people misread your submissions, after all high court judges depend upon their associates who are invariably new breed in laws, if you have good luck you can get a good judge associate to read your brief, so it is better to write very simple active voice based short sentences which shd be written by a proper brief writer who is good in drafting , else adjournments after adjournments will sap you as respondents are state governments naturally they love their mother tongue more than judicial english in courts that way you will face problems.

Even if you write good tamil, still younger breed would like modern tamil. so better approach proper legal draftsman, good luck.  thanks n regds  Dr.G.Balakrishnan, PhD ML. advocate (OS) Bombay high court, e mail balki1940@gmail.com

Deep Narayan (learning)     21 May 2012

so sad:(

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