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My wife left the house and does not want to come back

Page no : 2

Kumar Doab (FIN)     03 July 2017

You have visited the marriage councilor, doctor and probably a psychiatrist.

Have you visited a Psychiatrist also!

What is their diagnosis and treatment suggested?

Unlike your father in law Minor adjustments may help you.

You may not necessarily have same fate as father in law.

You are not same person and personality like father in law.

The point being forwarded by him is NO logic.

He could have appraised you, your family before marriage.

Siddharth Srivastava (Advocate)     03 July 2017

What is your problem? From the facts as narrated by you does not indicate any problem rather shows you own interpretation. What step you have taken to make her understand the situation? Why you expect her to behave in the manner as you desire? She is also and individual let her live her own life. Give her some space to breath. By passage of time she will understand her responsibility. Give her some time and shower her all love and affection to her.

sumi   03 July 2017

My sidharth i suppose ur not reading the reality.

Even after i try my level best to keep her expectations she just wants things as per her choice...then what about my choice??

should that be ignored???And secondly if a lady expects her husband to be understanding at her home when i visit why wont i expect her to also reach my expectations...

I can see even if she gets affection she does what she wants...a dn if women r given too much freedom what about husbands expectations?

as far as i know i do not interpret anything ..i get to see her behaviour towards me and family is very tricky...

Yes we had visited a Psychiatrist also! she played a double game of crying in front of her and psyiatrist had suggested me and her to take a different home n stay for a year so that she settles down...But she only said NO straight in front of my parents as she didnt want to leave the easy living at home as we alrdy have maids..and she hardly has to do anything...Cooking n all is managed by my mother who doesnt even force her to it....


So why wont i expect her to equally take initiative at home rather than just doing these dramas....


Kumar Doab (FIN)     03 July 2017

Did psychiatrist write any diagnosis?

sumi   03 July 2017

She had simply suggest my wife to take initiative in life. My wife told her that if i dont talk to her she wont take a step ahead to talk to me thats how she prefers.... Even doctors adviced her to control her ego and anger. But she sticked to her attitude n atlast did this drama of not returning home.

sumi   03 July 2017

She had simply suggest my wife to take initiative in life. My wife told her that if i dont talk to her she wont take a step ahead to talk to me thats how she prefers.... Even doctors adviced her to control her ego and anger. But she sticked to her attitude n atlast did this drama of not returning home.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     03 July 2017

Did she write any diagnosis, Rx?

You must be having acknowledgment of fee paid.

sumi   03 July 2017

You wont believe my wife is so rigid that she didnt bother.. She just kept taking stupid pills name perfect tablet to gain weight as she is just 41 kg She use to say i m fit n fine. Even when doctors adviced her to change diet she did not. Very stubborn nature

Born Fighter (xxx)     03 July 2017

Sumi, pls read my earlier post.......ur wife seems to be Bipolar ( BPD - Bipolar Personality disorder) Sumptoms - extreme behaviour traits OR frequent mood swings. At one stage u will find them very happy while on the next minute they will be very sad and may even talk about their life being ruined/hopeless.


There was a need to go to Psychiatrist and hence u took her there but to a wrong Psychiatrist ,who seems to have chatted or counselled ur wife and then suggested some TIPS. There are expert Psychiatrist who do not treat a patient unless they administer a Personality TEST like say MCMI Test (Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory) .Its used for diagnostic screening or clinical assessment of adults who evidence problematic emotional and interpersonal symptoms or who are undergoing professional psychotherapy or a psychodiagnostic evaluation. This test will tell you where the problem lies in behaviour of person on parameters like say Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Narcisstic , jealousy, initiative, focus, etc etc


Ur wife seems to have high apetite for s*x than normal people do and thats cause of her irritation when her needs are not fulfilled. She likes to be pampered like a princess and would not like to hear the word "NO" for her needs and desires ( correct me if im wrong)

Im not asking you to go for divorce and im sorry im saying few things about a lady who happens to be ur wife but please try to address the real issues and take steps . All the Best !!

sumi   03 July 2017

U r 100% right born fighter...... Can we communicate on phone?? U made me feel comfortable brother.

Born Fighter (xxx)     03 July 2017

i would only ask you to sympathize with ur wife as she is born with these traits. She will always feel like a victim while you would hate her as a liar and manipulator. She may need help and she is seeking the same from you, whether u can or not is ur take. She gets that comfort from her parents and thats why she runs back to them everytime there is a disconnect with you.

Its a difficult situation as you will not be able to rise to her expectations & she will not be able to lower her expectations/ desires. Proper diagonosis and your patience can help better the equation between you both .

Be cool and try to deal with the matter peacefully, if i can say so !! 

we can connect .... drop me a Personal Message with ur number

sumi   03 July 2017

Buddy strange is that her mother also knows her attitude ... My wife has been also saying that her mom doesnt listen to her ever.. Even in this situation Thats y she is back to the city but not coming back to my home. Nor going to her home Or i wonder if they r just showing that they dont care.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     03 July 2017

If both can manage nothing like it.

sumi   03 July 2017

Always in Life one of the person either can adjust learn forget or forgive.... Those who dont have the ability or maturity to forgive and accept life they can never grow up in relations. Born fighter buddy i tried to message u in PM I do not know why it cant be delivered. Pls ping me your number pls.

Siddharth Srivastava (Advocate)     03 July 2017

Yes, you can call me at 9811776422. Sidharth

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