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My wife left the house and does not want to come back

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sumi   20 November 2017

Hi guys,


Finally i met my wife and her family yesterday 19/11/2017 at one of our relatives house.

Me and my family had decided to compromise even after reading her useless NOTICE against me.

I told her father to take back the notice or either give in writing whether whatever she wrote in notice through lawyer is true or not.


It was shocking her dad said its not TRUE. then i told you guys pls give us in writing that notice sent was fake.

Later her dad suddenly said if you people are here for compromise then why u want a written letter from us?

So me and my family understood they wont give in writing. So i had the only option to record all this drama.

Finally my wife was being asked by the mediater whether she wants to continue or not.


She simply said NO she does not want to continue the marriage.







Kumar Doab (FIN)     20 November 2017

IN the presence of elders and mediator did you wife demand any monies from you!

If not, take help of all and preferably agree to MCD on terms that are acceptable to both.

sumi   21 November 2017

Hi kumar,


In front of the mediater she did not talk about any MONEY she just said she does not want to continue. I am sure she was just saying whatever the lawyer had guided her to say.

As my father again told her and her family that he will call her again next week to confirm her decision and we will act accordingly.


Born Fighter (xxx)     21 November 2017

stop chasing her....

It seems to be a decision taken by her to exit the relation ( dont pester her to give reasons which ur doing till now....she just either does not have a reason or does not want u to know)

Plan for MCD.... I repeat do not go for teaching her a lesson by filing contested divorce.

Pls settle the matter mutually and move on.  

Kunuthur Srinivasa Reddy   21 November 2017

Tha marital relationship is not the only life. Start living in your own way hardening your heart with a clear mind. Give no maintenance to her nor divorce. Come what may. Never be afraid of any thing in life. If possible, leave India on employment abroad. There is no future for India so long it is ridden with pancharogas caste,religion,region,corruption and politics of division of people. God bless you.

sumi   22 November 2017


If i go for MCD will i have to pay her anything???? As i dont wanna pay her a single penny as she doesnt deserve it.

I have all the recordings where she is blackmailing me for creating issues if i do anything. will it be helpful to show cruelty against husband and that would help for NO ALIMONY?

Born Fighter (xxx)     23 November 2017

Dear , yes u seem to have good evidences. But at same time ur wife has yet not asked for money...

Everything depends upon the greed of ur wife. If she has Dignity or plans to remarry she may settle with plain MCD with zero alimony  or decent one time settlement. If she plans to harass you then be ready for a min 4-7yrs battle in court with false cases.

Just back off and ask her what she wants to leave you now.....if she asks for money....check ur pocket and take a call. STOP getting emotional and egoistic at this juncture......its time to take a decision to quit !!

If you have the patience and nerve to fight then continue with ur stand to not pay her anything and roam around the courts ( may be with ur parents)

Kumar Doab (FIN)     23 November 2017

If your spouse agrees to MCD at terms acceptable to both spouses then don't waste the opportunity....and get liberated from wedlck that as per your post is irrepairable.

Other Prespectives;  your spouse initiate divorce proceddings....

You may pary the court to summon the appointment/employment/payouts record of the spouse...

Or pursue RI route thru; EPFO, Income Tax Authorities, Shops and Estbs Act Inspectorate

Or be prepared for contested divorce and courts shall decide on merits and evidence...


sumi   25 November 2017

Yes guys i have discussed with family. Thinking of MCD. Just praying to God that evidences and recordings done by me helps us to pay her no alimony... as her father has confessed in the recording that the notice sent is FAKE.

sumi   22 December 2017

This Article is actually true and on current situations faced by men all over. There r so many womens who r just blindly claiming Impotence against their husbands. Either they dont wanna stay with husband or they just have some problem in them which they cant accept. I have faced a similar case since June 2017. I got married in Jan 2016. I was surprised when my wife suddenly preferred not to return back to my home. After communicating with her she totally ignored to come back or compromise. In Oct 2017 she sent me a notice of claiming me as impotent as well as fake stories of me hitting her private parts...Which was so horrible to read and that she stayed with me only 6 months which was FAKE. Good that i had so many photos clicked throughout the year.2016 to may 2017. After which we people met and discussed and thankfully her father spoke about notice being false. Good that i recorded the communication. my wife straight away discussed of not coming back. we again gave her time to think and suddenly she started making emotional games with my father. Then finally when i collected her call record with me where she had been extremely rude on calls and no sympathy even after i met with my accident. Finally when i spoke to her again she was totally quite on call when i asked her did i ever hurt her? and she said NO on the call ,that was the best ever could happen.


Finally a good recorded call where i could feel she is guilty of the stunt done by her.


But i am so hurted that i dont wanna get her back now. She has already spoiled my image in society without any knowledge of how a legal notice affects anyones career too. I just would request all mens to be careful and keep enough records. call record..Video records of wife's cruelty. Whatsapp screen shots. Whatsapp rude status...whatever possible.

There more your wife behaves cruel the more u keep records. Keep a proper watch on how a women can make issues unnecessarily in your life.

I just hope my efforts would help me and family to get out of this drama soon.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     22 December 2017

The irrefutable evidences of deeds of perpetor with sufferrer always help.

Kunuthur Srinivasa Reddy   23 December 2017

Be prepared to take radical steps in life in view of fast changing perceptions of people in India about the institution of marriage which lost its sanctity and sacredness. Get another person get into your life. If possible, get the child to your care,company,comfort and communication. This will provide you a great relief.

Rishi kumar   23 December 2017

Yes Kunnathur Reddy, Born fighter and the current victim Sumi, 

even I was thinking  since I have solid evidence of her problems, I would say impotency, and that IS a solid reason for nullity or dissolution.I thought things would be different. 6 years of medical report in no joke.  We loved her so much that we did not want to tarnish her image no one knew about her problems except hers and my immediate family. We also said that we will not give any reasons to anybody if things are not going to move forward. But instead, they chose to assault us. Then followed my divorce notice. So DV and 498 came. But thankfully interim maintenance was not high. My wife will not get married again. If she does they will be booked for fraud. So she has time to fight. And you thought they will ask for a reasonable sum? It will always be a kings ransom. My case it was 1 crore. So fighting it out. In full force. My house resembles a law school. We are leaving nothing to fate. We have a small video clip of their assaulting us. We wished  we had installed cctv in our home earlier. But now we know things take their own time. I am not disappointed. 

So here what I wish to say is forget being emotional. It should be cut and dried. First think whether you NEED a wife like this? If no is the answer, it has to be real. Then try if an out of court settlement can be made. NO will be the answer. Lawyer and others will tell her you can become a millionaire by just filing a couple of cases. Not that your wife and family are not greedy. Anyway they won't gain anything. But the point is to see that YOU lose the minimum. Fight it out, there may not be any other alternative. Forget being a cry baby and read points from all the posts and prepare. Let there be a lawyer but YOU be the advisor.

sumi   23 December 2017

Well I dont wanna comment of anyone who replies to the Thread.

But people going through the similar situation should be aware of dramatic turns and twist done by wife.


Make sure guys before she makes DV against u...U can even do it to the police.  but with proper evidences.




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