Man alleges gay partner cheated him, moves court


NEW DELHI: In perhaps the first such instance in this city after the historic Delhi high court judgment that gave legal sanctity to same-s*x relationships, a man has approached a local city court claiming that his live-in partner had "cheated'' on him after promising to live with him as "husband and wife.'' The man said he had spent a lot of money on his partner with whom he shared a physical relationship. The petitioner pleaded with the court to lodge an FIR against his partner for cheating and threatening him. The Rohini court is likely to hear the application on September 20.

The applicant's lawyer, Amit Kumar, told the media that the two men had been preparing for the civil services. They were staying in a rented apartment at Mukherjee Nagar in northwest Delhi for the past four years. "It was during this period that the two became close and decided to live together as husband and wife for the rest of their lives. Accordingly, my client spent a lot of money on his partner,'' claimed Kumar.

The applicant claimed that things went awry when his partner said his family was pressuring him to end the relation. "He left for his home in UP in June and did not return. When the applicant called him up, he found out that his partner had married on June 28 and had decided not to pursue further studies. Instead, he took up a teaching job at a Ghaziabad school and was commuting from Meerut to his school every day,'' the petition stated.

On July 2, 2009, the high court had decriminalised homos*xual intercourse between consenting adults. Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) was adjudged to violate the fundamental right to life and liberty and even the right to equality guaranteed by the constitution.



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So what were you expecting once State comes into picture to grant licence for "marriage" let us hear the verdict on 'compensation part" the first honey asks the other honey here........this is 'compensation glorified in all fields of social institution" drama and glad it came within months post D HC Judgment.

It will be a bigger NEWS when two lesbians "couple" claim "cheating" wait for just that........we call these news here whereas in Mr Ashutosh Jaiswal uncle's hometown i.e. USA - they went through all these "transition" times long time ago before exporting it to great India for taste change:-?



@ “D for ………………….”,

Your posting shows about you and yourself. Your character, culture and thinking pattern. Naughty “Besharm ……………………”.

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Originally posted by :Ashutosh Jayaswal
" @ “D for ………………….”,

Your posting shows about you and yourself. Your character, culture and thinking pattern. Naughty “Besharm ……………………”.

 @ Ashutosh,

And you reading my reply and then posting suggests that you like "TITILATING POSTS" that is the only reason you without knowing a single point of Family Law just side women members here whenever there is a single post (I don't have any issues with that) and it further reflects from your profile page having 47 pages of Forum messages that you attended till date, where there is not even 1 single post where you have talked a single word about Law all 47 pages are "general takes".

Any person who knows Family Law will laugh at your above take on me. Simple reason being D HC has legalised same s*x marriage and when "marriage" word is there with same s*x or opposite s*x persons, then it is obvious that a weaker same s*x marriage partner in "days to come" will definitely ask for "compensation" and my above reply shows "application of mind" in context to future development which may come into news between same s*x married couples whereas your comment shows your sadistic attitude and how much knowledge you have about even Family Law leave aside other Codes and Acts.

That is the reason I once again say you are "biggest danger to women memebrs here." Keep thinking......... 




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