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love marraige issue

Hello Sir,

I am a Muslim and loved with Hindu girl. She accepted to convert to islam and then we married 2 years before. After Marriage within in 3 months she started complaining about my mother and sisters and she want to live separately with me. Around after 8 months she went to police station and said my mother is torchering her by talking bad words. We both separated 2 months, then I decided to take a separate home for us and we lived there 6 months. Recently she started saying she want to follow hindu religion back and the furture childrens also should be in hindu (We dont have childerens now). She removed the Karimani (Muslim used put in marraige for the girl) and started using bindi. She is very arrogant and not even cooking for me, she keep telling go away from home to your mom house and give me divorce. Now we both seprated and living in our mothers house. Her family want her salary hence they are not pushing her to live with me. She is also very arrogant in everything.

I dont want to push her to follow muslim religion, but i want my childrens to be in Muslim. Because if they follow both, that may create issue for their life. I dont want to leave her because of this issue. Still I love her, but she expecting the husband like in cinema. Like always should be with her and do as per wife everything. I like pets very much, atleast I will have any one pet in my house (Pigeons, parrot, love birds), she dont like pets due to that she will live only if I throw all of them to road.  Please advice me how to deal this.


She is a hindu, you can not force her to follow islam. It is her wish. you both will have equal rights on your children, you cannot say that kids should follow islam. if you are so strong about islam then why you married non muslim girl. 

If you really love her, try to convince her or you convince yourself. if you love your religion take divorce, marry a muslim girl.

dont expect that everything should be in your favor.



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Pyar kia toh darna kya? Salman bhai khud bolte he...

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You both should have thought it before marriage.  The political atmosphere outside is also like tht for the last 4 years.  Peoople stopped to think secular way and everyone thinks about his/her own religion.  As the differences are very acute and irreconceivable, better go for mutual consent divorce.  It appears you both do not have children.  Then don't go for children.  It will save the children from harassment.




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