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V Kumar Singh (consultant)     16 September 2009

Looking For Lawyer (Family Law)

Looking for  an honest and non corrupt individual Lawyer in Bangalore.


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Swami Sadashiva Brahmendra Sar (Nil)     16 September 2009

Mr Singh ! Your question is insulting to lawyers community and even it does'nt serves your purpose. Is there any categorisation or notified list of honest and dishonest or corrupt and non corrupt ?

Anjali (IT)     17 September 2009

I am not going to comment anything  but I felt since Vikas is from Bangalore -

No wonder why V.K. Singh said like that when considering the real situation in Karnataka High Court. I meant the charges levelled against the CJ of Karnataka High court...

Please don't take it personal..

Anjali (IT)     17 September 2009

Sorry Typo in my previous message . It should be "V.K.Singh from Bangalore" , not Vikas

V Kumar Singh (consultant)     17 September 2009

Sorry Mr. Tripathi ! ,, my intention was not to insult anybody, I like the profession of law as well as lawyers and rerspects them all, and I am practising and learning IPR and company related legal issues.

I was just looking for a good lawyer.

Thanks Anjali for your recommendation.

Mrs. Hetal Sunil Shah (Advocate)     17 September 2009

all lawyers are honest and loyal to their clients. there may be some cases where one can doubt honesty of lawyer, but it is always a doubt. As I have experienced even a fellow bar member sitting with us always and sharing a tea during recess time, but he stands for clients against me/my clients I have never seen him/them favoring me even after being fast friend and having good terms and relations. That way I can say Advocate-Lawyer term itself is name of honesty and a dishonest in this profession cannot give you name and fame so public in general or any individual should not write like "we are in need of honest lawyers" in such cases one can say "we are in need of honest clients". These days in most of cases when his/her purpose is over they do not show their face. Actually we are in need of honest clients. 

postdivorce (none)     17 September 2009

since we are talking about honesty here-

my daughters case is of divorce in family court and her husband is suffering froma mental problem and under medication right from before mariage yet is difficult to prove. we finally settled for mutual consent and didnt take a penny from him. he for some reason is delaying in the divorce process everytime coming out with different reason to ask the next date.

Now its 1yr post the sigining of mutual consent still he comes in the court everyday and asks for excuse. Now we are approaching highcourt to expedite this case. One year delay in mutual consent divorce is mainly because our lawyer also isnt very keen on persuading the court to finish it fast or ask him what exactly is his problem? neither is our lawyer giving us any satisfactory answer. well interim maintainance also is not paid as my lawyer says now the matter is of mutual divorce so wait untill it finishes. How can the court be so lenient???

How can the lawyer not finish a matter of simple mutual consent. we have come to know that the opposite party( my daughters husband) is bribing everybody possible to delay the divorce in order to harrase the girl so that she loses interest in settling down again, as he wont be remarrying because of his mental handicap. our relative has seen him talking to our lawyer but our lawyer denies meeting him.

one fine day he decided to withdraw his mutual consent and the judge refused it as the grounds were not strong, and yet our lawyer didnt ask the court to pass the decree as per consent terms as we have complied with it completely. Instead he started forcing us to contest the matter and withdraw our consent. well infact the judge shouted at him saying that if  we (the applicant) wants to end the battle let them do so rather than keeping the fruitless litigation on.

My lawyer does not take my calls neither does he call us no matter how urgent the matter is.

The lawyer previous to this was also bought by him and he had wasted one yr prior to this year in just filing a maintainance etc.. And the opposite party the defendant (the mental guy) ha clearly told us before we filed the case that he'll never give divorce and he can buy the law because he has lot of money.

tell us are we wrong in judging our lawyer, please suggest a good lawyer who is honest and fights for justice and does not dance to the tunes of money.


Swami Sadashiva Brahmendra Sar (Nil)     17 September 2009

Dear V.K. singh Ji and and other system sufferers !

I am not accusing or defending any particular profession. Distrust is decreasing in all fields.  But,  a general opinion can not be formed on the basis of few examples and when we are discussing through an open forum, we should be careful about etiquette and protocol.


V Kumar Singh (consultant)     18 September 2009

Respected Dr V. N Tripathi,

I just asked for Lawyer. I dont wanted to say that every Lawyer is corrupt.  I just mentioned honest and non-corrupt words.  :),,, Corruption I never mentioned,,, actually it is everywhere,, it can go only with the awareness of Common Indian People about their rights and Lawyers have very big responsibility to show the right path and educate the peoples about the law. 

Swami Sadashiva Brahmendra Sar (Nil)     18 September 2009

Its all right. let us not enlarge the discussion beyond your main query.

I also request on your behalf that if any of my friends on this forum is aware of a suitable lawer for you, he may kindly sugest .

Shyam Ji Srivastava (Practising Lawyer)     19 September 2009

Dear All Learned Members,

I agree with the opinion of Dr. V. N. Tripathi and also pay my respects. However this Forum is only to give legal answer. No one has right to use unparliamentary languages against the Advocates.

Shyam Ji Srivastava
Senior Lawyer - KANPUR


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Kamal Grover (Advocate High Court Chandigarh M:09814110005 email:adv.kamal.grover@gmail.com)     20 September 2009

Tell us about ur case then i will tell u the expert name in that field in Banglore.

Better to use word expert and not the efficient lawyer.



Ashima Puri (Advocate)     21 September 2009

 If u want I can refer your case to one of the best lawyers in High Court of Karnatka......

Vijay Shah (merchant)     25 September 2009


It looks like this is your question ?

"all lawyers are honest and loyal to their clients" adv is so right in pointing out - only problem is that sometimes there is confusion who is the client really is . Many people have this habit of looking at you and talking to him/her. I hope you get this wind ....

also understand that the guilty conscience speaks first ....

and finally .......

we all know the real intentions of DV Act , 498a etc . Everyone knows them and how they are used.Some people agree ,  and some people have  "a greed" . So read the forums carefully .....my friend...and you will find buzz words ...like "maam.... NCW" ..."move ....NCW" ..."File 498a" ...."can file DV act" ,....

or to that effect........there go the black crows sitting on innocent cows and wetting their beak.

I wish this country was not a democrarcy ...I would love to do some lovey things..but ..since it happens to be a democracy.....as much as many people , may disagree with what I just said .....its a "quick  test" that helps to seive off the "atta" added to the " dudh " to make it look white.

I have respect for the honest & hardworking legal community here much as I earn my money the same way and therefore you may not take my statements offsenively.  I have rightfully expressed my opinion.!


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Swami Sadashiva Brahmendra Sar (Nil)     25 September 2009

I agree with Mr Vijay shah.

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