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ilovemyself (Associate)     26 March 2012

Legal secret court marriage

Hi I am 25yrs old girl my love and me are planning to go for secret and legal court marriage he is 26 years old. I belong to chhattisgarh and he belongs to Jaipur I have a job in Pune. So I am staying in Pune for almost a year. I know that we need to fill up a form with legal documents 1 months prior to get the approval from the court for marriage. Now I want to ask if he and I will give our permanet address will the court send any letter to our hometown to our parents and will they paste it on notice board to the regional court of our respective places. We dont want to disclose our marriage to our parents before getting married.The boy and I both are hindu still our parents will not agree for now. Now I have a few questions-

1)Can we get married at Pune's court ?

2) Is there any way where the court would not subscribe about our marriage to our parents or to the regional court of our hometown?

3) Is there any way where we could get married secretly after all legal procedure and witness?

Please help it is a big decision of our life.Will appreciate your valuble advise.Thank you!


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Adv. Chandrasekhar (Advocate)     26 March 2012

The problem you are facing is the simplest of simple one and so accept my advance marriage best wishes.

To avoid any problem, you and your love go to Arya Samaj Mandir in Pune and both being Hindus, your marriage will be solemnized there as per hindu rites and customs.  They will not inform to any one.  They guide you the entire procedure and your marriage will be registered and a certificate will be issued.  This is a valid marriage for all the legal and practical purposes.  This is enough.  If you want to be double sure, you take sufficient photographs of solemnization of marriage and on the next date meet the marriage officer under Hindu Marriage Act and fill up the application and supporting documents.  This can be done in Pune itself.  Your marriage will be registered instantly and one day after, you will get marriage certificate under Hindu Marriage Act.  

The marriage you are talking about is "special marriage Act" and there one month advance notice will be sent to the permanent address of the parties and also notice board pasting will be there.  Delhi High court in 2009/2010 (Justice Ravindra Bhat) passed a judgment that if any one of the parties object for such kind of notice to the parents of the parties, the notice shall not be sent.  But it is very difficult to get approval of marriage officer under Special Marriage Act to follow the law laid down in the judgment.  So, my suggestion is to go for Arya Samaj marriage and immediate registration under Hindu Marriage Act.

Again advance best wishes.

K. M. Khokhar (Advocate)     29 March 2012


Its your right given to by Constitution of India to solemnize marriage according to your free but the society didnot recognise some times and we becme victim of honour killing. I agree with my brother Adv Chandu's comments but its rignt in a situation when we feel that our parents will accept this marriage easily. In other circumstances if you feel that there may be problem as like honour killing its must that you should aquire police protection from the Bombay High Court by filling a petition under section 482 Cr.p.c. To know more and more about procedure of police protection log on the link attached with this comment.https://court-marriage.com/court-marriage-and-police-protection.html



Best option is:-

Do marriage in any Arya Samaj Mandir- Find marriage Certificate- Just go to Registrar Office - Fill the forms & enclosed formal documents and Registered your Marriage within a day. its easy.



don't need to worry

If you think that your parents may be your enamy after get marriage- than don;t need to go High Court- submit a complaint application in Judiciary Court. He will passed order to your safety.

But First follow the first step- I am sure your parents will accept your marriage.

If needs further help-contact


K. M. Khokhar (Advocate)     01 April 2012

No doubt The powers has been conferred noe to Session Courts to provide Police Protection but lower Courts didn't act boldly. They give adjournments for reply of prosecution but in these circumstances the agreeved party need immidiate help. I have dealt with hundered of such like cases where the High Court announced the Protection order same next day.https://www.court-marriage.com

Vishwa (translator)     01 April 2012

I think Prajapathi offers the right solution.

Prince (Student and businessman)     25 January 2013

Hi sir! Please help us....

I am Prince. I am 21 years old. My girlfriend is 20 years old. We both live in Karnataka, INDIA.


We both are in love since years. But our parents are just toooooo strict and narrow minded! If they get to know that we want to marry then they will kill us for sure. Already when they gotta know little about our relationship, big problems happened!

Now we are planning to elope to Hyderabad in andhra pradesh. But we want to go and settle there and have a very secret wedding which will never be revealed to our parents or any relatives.

Is that possible?

Any suggestions?

Thank You.........

K. M. Khokhar (Advocate)     26 January 2013

Dear Brother,

Call us at 09988253186, 09988253186, or email us info@court-marriage.com. We have legal solution for you.

OLS Mumbai   24 December 2015


Tarun Bajaj (Service)     24 December 2015


Best way out is get married in any Arya Samaj Mandir; collect the Marriage  Certificate same day - And later get your Arya Samaj Marriage Registered.  

Arya Samaj Marriage is Legal and the Marriage Certificate is accpeted.

Shubha   02 April 2018

hi sir I'm shubha 23 year old and my boyfriend 29 I'm from karnataka he from uttar pradesh we both got secret marriage last year i don't know whether it's arya samaj or not we got married infront of pandithji sapthapadi and few marriage photos we show in register office and we got our certificate in one day but now tomorrow my mom she's going to transfer her property to m

Shubha   02 April 2018

hi sir i got secret arya samaj marriage and got certificate in one day in UP my husband hometown UP and mine karnataka but now tomorrow my mom registering her home on my name so we are going register office tomorrow in karnataka is it possible for them to get my marriage status and does this property registration requires my marital status I'm scarring please help

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