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legal profession... where are we going?


How many of you agree that the standards of the profession is degenerating.  if so what do you think the reasons are.

Legal Consultant/Lawyer


Progressive degeneration in the quality and integrity of Lawyers due to:

* * Incompetent Lawyers Swamp the Legal Profession;

** The Bar is more commercial Now than ever before; because the law is looked upon not as a learned profession, but a lurcative one;

** Lawyers contribution to the mess in which the justice system finds itself is no less than that of corrupt Judges/Magistrates and their Court staff;

** The integrity and higher standads are lacking among many lawyers;

** The Standards and the values of the legal profession (Bar) have had a steep decline in recent decades.

The former Chief Justice of India M.N. Venkatachaliah has lamented the degeneration of the legal system in the country as :

    " individuals who passed out of prestigious institutions were taken aback by the stuffy atmosphere, crammed conditions and the manner in which courts functioned."


The legal profession has lost its soul. It may have maintained the form but lost the substance of what it should be as a profession. Many in the profession may still profess to serve justice as officers of the court but that declaration has little moral content in contemporary practice as worldly and material interests predominates the psyche of the modern day lawyer. The profession needs some serious soul searching but it is quite obvious that many in the profession are still in complete denial. Public confidence and respect for the legal profession is now rock bottom. Lawyers are now widely perceived as dishonest, corrupt, profit–driven and greedy. Given the rock bottom confidence, disdain or even utter contempt towards the profession, it would not take a lot for a simple dispute or a simple misunderstanding to turn into a violent one. Anyone of us in the legal profession could be a victim. Even women lawyers are not spared. 

We should identify the underlying causes of the rot in the  legal profession. We should be sure to treat the causes, not the symptoms. It is puzzling even to the layman that a profession can suffer such a rapid and steep decline as it has for the legal profession. What is happening to the legal profession – lawyers moonlighting, lawyers absconding with clients money, lawyers leaving the profession and lawyers punished for lying, cheating and stealing,  are all signs that the profession is deteriorating into a lemons market.



Not only in legal peofession,in every filed there are black sheeps who exploit the situation to take advantage of the position they enjoy . It is for the law abiding citizens and professionals to identify such individuals and bring them to books. Lamentations about these things will serve no purpose.

civil engineer


YOU ARE RIGHTLY ELOBORATED. But, same time some GOOD people must be there ! In my case, i am afried of approching an ADVOCATE to solve my personal problem ; Not able to find a RESONABLE and GENIUNE , HONEST ,SERIOUS ADVOCATE.




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