Ladies threatening to file complaint

I have agriculture property. I am not staying there regularly, but visit once a month or so. Because of this, neighbor enjoys some returns getting from my property. So they are troubling me so that I do not visit the land frequently. They start quarrel even for no reasons. When I walk in my side, they simply say that it is their property. Main issue is that neighbor has two unmarried daughters. He brings them to the front and scolds me with foul languages. Girls threaten me saying that if they give police complaint, I have to go to jail. I am not worried of anything else other than false molestation case or something similar by girls. I recorded their scolding etc several times, but now they say that I take girls picture using my camera. So even in recordings, their statements like this will come and in such case I am not sure if it is going to back fire me if I give complaint with these recordings. So I want to know how I can handle this situation. What protection we have against girls exploiting us?

With the help of local revenue official e.g; Patwaari obtain Nishandehi ( boundaries marked) and cover with boundary.

Leave someone as caretaker to take care.

Next time keep some witnesses.

Lodge police complaint.

Or dispose the property.



Thank you for your reply. Option1: Marking Boundary is underway. Recently got the sketch plotted and RTCs are yet to be updated. Then boundary work will be completed. But 100% guarantee that he will trouble while marking boundaries and I will be going with police protection. Even after marking boundary and putting strong fence, my only worry is that his girls will not keep quite. They are taking the advantage of being girls. Option 4 of selling the property is always there. But my question is don't we have protection from such people who misuse the law?


Record audio/visual.

Keep unshakable witnesses.

Visit police officials, your own community leaders, and build support and irrefutable evidence.

When you know that you are likely to face an issue then prepare your defence.




lodge a police complaint against neighbour and his sisters/daughters

Dy Director

you have not even met the SHO


Your neighbor is MUFATKHORA (FREEMONGER) and on the top of that it is corrupt to the extent that it does not feel any shame in pushing her daughters in the front and hiding behind her daughters.

The family is such that neither daughters nor anyone is putting the sense into the head of neighbor to not to indulge in such dirty/illegal/anti social activities that can ONLY be expected from lowliest in the lowly.

For few nickels/hundereds/thousands of rupees they have sold their conscience and you can certainly expect further lowering from such enteties that are;  lowliest in the lowly.


It is fact that you come across such MUFATKHORA’S (FREEMONGER’S) and lowliest in the lowly.

You should be aware and you are aware that how things move.

Police follows its own systems, practices, rules.

Hope you are aware of it.

Submit everything to anyone under proper acknowledgment.




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