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raj (fire protection designer)     03 April 2012

Kul kayda


Please can any one tell me that how many years cultivation requred to make kul on the land.


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bhagwat patil (Property due diligence 9422773303)     06 April 2012

One year is sufficient with can start litigation with revenue dept .The tenants name should appear in form no 12 of 7/12

kaushal (ma)     14 May 2012

dear expert,

                      we have property where there is no kul on 7/12. This property is  cultivated by my uncle since last 25 years who is not the owner in this property as in good faith there is no agreement for this setup.

                       can a farmer who working for him on my land claim to be a kul on this property now stating he has been cultivating on the land  for so many years ?




bhagwat patil (Property due diligence 9422773303)     15 May 2012

Former working for your uncle if he is mere an land labourer he can't be a Kul.if his name appears in form no 12 in 7/12 extract,he can claim.Take the extracts of 7/12 and check column no 12 of every year.

kaushal (ma)     15 May 2012

thankyou sir for your expert advice.

current form 12 in 7/12 dont highlight any kul name, so can i say  that now any 1 cannot add there name as kul under any circumstances ?


bhagwat patil (Property due diligence 9422773303)     16 May 2012

In August every year talathi enters PIKPERE on form no 12 after PIKPAHANI along with circle officer of village.just check in the month of August.

kaushal (ma)     16 May 2012

sir in  previous 7/12 its bhat and gavat mix with written as swata for alll years,

if my uncle dont cultivate from this year so i guess it will come ooss with no pikpahani, will this help me resolve the kul issue ?? would that affect the land , bcoz any ways the bhat cultivated on the land has not earned any revenue for us . ? 

bhagwat patil (Property due diligence 9422773303)     16 May 2012

whatever you pro

kaushal (ma)     16 May 2012

thank you sir

bhagwat patil (Property due diligence 9422773303)     16 May 2012

Whatever you cultivate bhat or grass the form 12should contain swath.

Ajay Itakikar (self employed)     27 May 2012

by my knowledge, three successive year are necessary for land tenancy. secondly, the name of 'kul' to be included in the 12th column of 7/12 extract. thirdly, kulkayda for  vidharbha region and rest of maharashtra are different. etc etc

rafiq (proprietor)     02 December 2012

Sir, we lost lots of land to kul kayda.

What is the logic behind this kayda. You are snatching away a landowners land to gift it to a squatter.The law is encouraging encroachement.

When will this law be scrapped, shouldnt somebody pettition the courts.

There is a SC order on eviction of squatter from landowner property, does it apply to agri lands.


bhagwat patil (Property due diligence 9422773303)     02 December 2012

In pre-independent era, most of the arable land was owned by a few rich landlord families. Several "Kul"s (families of labors), used to take care of the agricultural activities for their landlords for generations. Landlords weren't directly involved in day-to-day work, but used to take big part of the income generated from the farms.As a result, social status and economical conditions of the labor families couldn't improve, and there was no chance of it getting better in near future.Kul-Kayda forced landlords to distribute the said land to hardworking land laborers fro social justice,which is the heart of our constitution.

rafiq (proprietor)     02 December 2012


Thanyou for replying.

Social justice can also be served by distributin govt surplus land.Why privately owned purchased lands?

Lot of agri lands are lying vacant due to this kul kayda thing, isnt that loss of productivity.

People hav stopped doing farming and converted agri land to horti land.

Apart from landless people, now its greedy relatives and neighbours who are usurping lands of peolpe who hav migrated  to cities

Is there any legal recourse to this (uncool) kul kayda.


Rahul (trainee)     22 December 2012

if a kul is there on the land can a land lord take farmers certificate  if yes how

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