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Irritated with frequent power cuts,wife seeks divorce

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Dipangkar (Business)     22 July 2011

I am afraid that  Zeeshan is RIGHT in his above post.

There HAS TO BE an EXISTENCE OF some kinds of LIMITATION for the Husband, to buy a Generator / Inverter.

For,.......... owning a such, will NOT ONLY bring comfort to his wife, BUT ALSO to himself & his entire Family.

Dipangkar (Business)     22 July 2011

Viewing toward the Financial stautus, it's the Higher class, the Upper Middle Class, the Lower Middle Class, and the Proverty Level Class, are the peoples found in India. 

The Higher Class (mostly, are Rich with Corrupted moneys) provides their wives & families with every materialistic demands, while the poor Proverty Class doesn't even Dreams of any such Demands

The UPPER Middle CLass peoples somehow seems to maintain somehow, by adjusting, most of their materialistic demands in life.

India consists of peoples mostly of the LOWER middle class. It's NOT possible for this class of people to setisfy every materialistic demands in life due to monetary issues.

The Husband in discussion, may NOT be able to Buy an Inverter or a Generator due to monetary issue.

If he somehow manage to buy an Invertor, Invertor won't work in this case, for, neither an Invertor will run a water pump... nor the Battery will get charged due to such power problems.

As for the Generator, A Kerosine based Generator or a Deisel based generator is VERY EXPENSIVE. One can buy a secondhand CAR with that price. 

A cheap Generator is the Petrol based one. But you will have to spend @ around RS.70/- for every 45 minutes.

So, I pity that poor Husband's situation & also view his wife as STUPID.... using my assumptions. 

Ms Liberal (others)     22 July 2011

The point has the logic as majority of the houses located in the suburbs of the city too don't get electricity. its diificult for any spouse(Whether husband/wife) to live in condition who has been used to these luxuries

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Hari (pp)     22 July 2011


Boss well said...i agree with you and you have answered to the questions to the most of the people who support the baised daughter-in-law systems/LAWS....

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