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Ms Liberal

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Recently I have gone through the queries of many husbands and I myself felt much pity overthem. Now I have realised the pros and cons of every act. I appeal every woman to mainatain good relationship with husband and in very extreme cases they should make use of their rights. MEN ARE NOT ALWYS WRONG INFACT THEY ARE MAINTAINING THE BALANCE BETWEEN THEIR OWN FAMILY AND HIS WIFE WHICH SURELY IS VERY DIFFFICULT TASK


I am totally against the unwanted criticism of 498A and DV Act. It is true that laws at some stages are misused but it is nothing but the male chaunesim attitude. When woman has been harassing by their in laws and no law was made to eradicate this evil. Then no mens forum was made for curbing this menace. Now when something is going against them they make hue and cry for this. I strongly crticised about not giving the maintanace of women.Women never wants that he rhome should be shattered like leaves and takes steps only on finding no solution. Men still are doing barabaric and atrocities against the women That's why Govt had passed the DV Act. Again this had not been intolerable to few sections of men living in society

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