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humanist (none )     15 September 2014

I'm from karnataka. i want to marry my cousin. help me

I'm from karnataka. I want to marry my mother's sister's daughter. We are both Hindu belonging to same caste. Can we get married and successfully register our marriage? We cannot live without each other. Please help us with correct information. I read in some forums that it is not possible where as I have come across people who are cousins and are married. And some say that it is legal. We want a trouble free future. How do we get married without any problems?


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Dr J C Vashista (Advocate)     15 September 2014

@ Humanist,

1. As it is your adopted name and you are an anonymoous querist.

2. It is illegal and prohibted in Hindus.

Rama chary Rachakonda (Secunderabad/Highcourt practice watsapp no.9989324294 )     15 September 2014

the most pervasive, and unmerited, argument regarding cousin marriages is that the children born to such couples will have mental or physical disabilities, which become a burden on society.Take doctors advise in this regard.

Shravan Kumar Shukla (Advocate)     15 September 2014

It is not only biologically unjustice to the future for both you but also a crime in Hindu Law. You are gently advice to control your emotions right now & being u man it is your entire moral duty to convince the girl not to fight againt GOD, even though you are unable to do so You have only option to convert yourselves in MUSLIM LAW where it is permitted  & belives in such relations. 

praveen kumar (LEGAL MANAGER)     15 September 2014

Control Your Passions Or They Will Control You.

As A General Advise : Think before you act , try and think from 3rd persons perspective and think long term.

Legal advise: As per  Hindu law it can be legal only if CUSTOM for such marriages prevail in your community.

So U have to find out if marriage in such relations previously solemnized in your community.

Converting to Islam is another legaly avlbl option.

BUT i think u should talk to your parents and elders if they agree no law can prohibit you from getting married.

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humanist (none )     15 September 2014

We are both Hindu but we are not religious at all. And as for possibility of our marriage leading to birth of defective children, we are open about it and if we could not make children we will go for other means. Now how do we marry legally? Please don't preach us religious values and other genetic sh*t, none of that matters to us by the least. We don't believe in god. We are just unlucky to be born in this superficial sh*t of a society And we are NOT going to sacrifice our future just because some sh*twad objects it. We love each other and we don't care if the world goes to sh*t. I only want a defense from our parents. We are capable of looking after our future. How do we marry in terms of law? Don't say anything if it is not related to law. We have same surname because our fathers are distant cousins. I need CORRECT advice.

Dr J C Vashista (Advocate)     16 September 2014

You have already decided as per your PM to me, who can stop?

 Why did you seek experts advise? Do you feel the experts are fools?

Were you invited by either of the experts to post this query, if you have already made up your mind ?


humanist (none )     16 September 2014

HELL US I HAVE ALREADY DECIDED. you are expert on law which doesn't automatically make you expert in RELATIONSHIPS so save it. I'm here for legal help, not lecture in Hindu culture. Why is it so hard for you to understand? We don't give a sh*t about society or our families. We will live and die together. Should I have to explain all that to you? All that I asked was a way for me and my cousin to get married. A CORRECT WAY which will not give rice to problems .

humanist (none )     16 September 2014

*HELL YES we have made our choice.

dineshp83 - Legal Fighter. (manager)     16 September 2014

Dear AUthor,


If you have already decided everything and you are Master of Relationship why are you still writing here .

Please have a grand marriage in Jodhpur Palace or In Taj and save us a trouble DELETE THIS TOPIC.


Dinesh P

Biswanath Roy (Advocate)     17 September 2014

Such marriage is not permissible and illegal in Hindu Law but such marriage is legal in SHARIAH  VIZ.,MUSLIM LAW.

humanist (none )     19 September 2014

Thank you very much for your reply. We have no problem converting to any religion. But my concern is my cousin's parents are overly protective of her. They will not let her go out without a specific reason. Doesn't converting to Christianity involve lot of hard-to-obtain paperwork and numerous visits to court? Will it be possible easily within a single day? If so we will marry in that way. I came across a not-for-profit organisation that helps couples like us. They will help us get marriage certificate without need of converting and also they will get us the document in a single day in registrar office in new delhi. We live in south India. They said that once we get the marriage certificate no one can make us separate. Is it true? They said it is not illegal for us to marry unless we are born of same parents. But we are born of different parents . She is my mother's sister's daughter. We have same surname too because our fathers are distant cousins. Will the marriage certificate protect us from our parents? Please help. We can't live without each other.

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     21 September 2014

If you know everything better than anyone here, you should not have posted your query here, you were rightly advised that this relationship comes under prohibitive relationship hence voidable marriage as per Hindu Marriage Act,  Despite that you use  insulting and derogatory language on the experts, whether is it to test the skills of the experts or that you don't have respect to the law of the land or even human values? Better mind your language and be in your limits while posting issues in public portals like this.  As a matter of fact you do not deserve any advise from expert  since you know everything better than everyone here hence the advocates and other experts should not have addressed your query at all.  By doing a wrong thing and arguing over its justification will never solve the issue, instead it will develop hazardous  in some other manner.

Shravan Kumar Shukla (Advocate)     22 September 2014

A Funny Man!!!!! Go to hell!!! You are bogus & mad, why are coming to this forum & asking for help? You must know the relationship & the Law is similar to good governess of Human beings specialized for Hindus...

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