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HANU (Engineer)     23 September 2014

I am harassed and my wife complained about me in women cell


My Marriage was a result of 10years affair which started from college.
My Rokna ceremony was done one year before my marriage.after rokna i lost my job.So marriage got delayed and wife's father started pressurizing us to marry her without having a job.
Like every Intellectual father my father did not went ahead for my marriage without a job.
Her Father then started harassing my father by calling several times a day to my father and Threatening to break the marriage
.After few months i got in job and marriage were planned.

But it got postponed since my "Dadi" passed away.
Then her father again started harassing us,Her father do not have a good background kind of a defaulter.This i did not knew as she always said to me that when my father do not ask about your profession why do you want to know about his profession.

They did not behaved sympathetically and pressurized us to do the marriage on the planned date.But we did not succumbed to their unfair demand.

Then i got married to her.My wife lived with me for 15 days since marriage
We have not consummated the marriage on the wedding night.
We went on honeymoon but she felt pain in having intercourse and hence i cooperated with her.
She left my home with her brother.

She is now with her parents.Her parents wants their supremacy in my relation and they want to have control over their daughter's life however i believe that as now she is my wife we both have to decide our relation.
My Wife also talks what her father feeds her or ask her to say.
They are are really crazy people.My inlaws and wife as well.
If i miss their call or not in a mood to talk to them they call me thousand times a day.
They also came up to my office to threaten me.And my also called me on my office phone she abused my security guard.So my office mates know my story.That how they trouble me.

I am not so financially strong.I am a software engineer though.But all funds i had were spent in marriage as her parents did not contributed to the marriage and on honeymoon.
Before marriage i was not in job for six months.SO what i earned i saved for marriage and spent the money on it.

My Wife's is M-tech and i am B-tech.She is not working though.

If i go for a divorce how could it be like i do not have to pay any money.They have harassed me very much.I think of suicide many times.I am mentally very disturbed.
We do not had intercourse she is virgin.
Her father abused me?Her mother does not respect me?My wife abuses me and is influenced by her parents.
When her father abused me in front of her she said he is older than you he can abuse you?
My(father in law) does not talk politely with my parents as well !
She on a mail asked me to move on in life as she said that she is happy with me.Then she asked for divorce on phone call and now her father is pressurizing me to take her back to my place and also they have filed a complaint in women cell. I do not know the allegations made on me
I am feeling helpless?People say that Indian laws are biased towards women?
I asked my relative in frustration that i did crime by marrying her as he said that you have to pay her money to get rid of her and Indian laws are weak for men.
My father is not a wealthy man.It was a dowry less marriage.

Please help me.

If i go for a divorce how could it be like i do not have to pay any money?
Can i also file a Harassment case against them?
Who can help me?


 5 Replies

rising up again (FFF)     23 September 2014

this forum can advice when you write the true story. write what all wrong you have done. we anyways would not know you.. 

your story seems incomplete as "after 10 years of affair" you say... your wife is insane and crazy.... you could not find that in 10 years of your affair strange ? 

there must be certain things you would have done wrong...for them to act like this... else, if they did not like you why would someone spend 10 years with you...... 


and as for the caw and other cases, dont worry.....all is sorted out with time.. ! its fought on merits and evidences... 




G. ARAVINTHAN (Legal Consultant / Solicitor)     23 September 2014

Try to concilliate the matter with In-laws.

If it fail, Approach a local lawyer

Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     24 September 2014

We have not consummated the marriage on the wedding night. 

We went on honeymoon but she felt pain in having intercourse and hence i cooperated with her.

It is funny. What kind of co-operation did you give? Of course she co-operated with you by allowing you to make an attempt in spite of  her having to suffer pain. But what was your co-operation, you stopped and did not try again? Do you call it co-operation?

We do not had intercourse she is virgin. 

If she is a virgin you are also a virgin. I would have been surprised only if you had a successful marriage.

You could not consummate the marriage on the first night and you had an unsuccessful honey moon because you have no previous experience of s*x and you have absolutely no knowledge of female anatomy. You may know that the penis is perpendicular to the body. But do you know that the v**gina is parallel to the axis of the body. Hence with both bodies parallel you cannot have s*x. You cannot have s*x with both of you standing either.

Other people in the family namely her father, your father and others may not be knowing that you have a s*x problem.

Both of you should have quietly consulted a s*x-pert. Even if you had consulted some of your senior married colleagues, they would have given you proper advice.

Your problem is simple. You must puncture and penetrate her as early as possible.

Where in India are you? You give me your name, name of your wife, name of the lady in the Women's organisation and the name,address and telephone number of the Women's organisation.

I shall solve your problem for you in no time. I have successfully helped others. What is life without a wife? And what is wife without s*x?

great india (manager)     24 September 2014

Very well said..... Reconciliation might solve ur issues. Take her for 2 nd honeymoon at affordable price and nearby place. It helps

Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     01 October 2014

If you have still not solved your problem send me a PM. My advice by PM would be enough.

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