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Husband shall take 498A wife back?

Page no : 3

Jamai Of Law (propra)     01 October 2010

Most of the 498a cases have absence of elaborate proof.


Most of the 498a cases don't end in conviction but doesn't it mean that they would be false or true.


Absence of right doesn't necessary mean presence of wrong ............................and other way round also.



498A is Non Compoundable. So even if a 498A wife is taken back after her phony deposition in the witness box ,she can re open 498A and send husband back to jail while she can have fun with her boyfriends.


while she can have fun with her boyfriends.


kya uske paas samay hoga dating ka,jab wo court and police me busy hai?

Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     01 October 2010

Girl,  please do not think that the entire India understand Hindi. Your English is quiet good, so why not write in English..Ok you can be bilingual sometime. Imagine the southern part of India going through the Hindi messages!

Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     01 October 2010

Read quite instead of quiet in "your English is quiet good"





while she can have fun with her boyfriends.


Will the girl have time to date & have fun with her BFs,when she's busy in courts,police and related procedures???

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Why not? Can't cops [males] and judges[males-not all] be her "friends in Arms". A judge was caught red handed in a compromising position with a 498A woman. Most 498A girls love cops and vice versa.


@ bond gal


oh really!can u cite the link where this news appeared.


also provide the link where it's given that affairs b/w 498A women and judges/police are common in india..




 I think a false 498 a case can create distance between husband and wife and relatives and the opposite side condemn you as you ask for and fight for your matrimonial rights and for that you go to court but they will count as enemy, they will never accept you as you file false case against husband and family and they think that this girl would disrupt their reputation. I know that you go to court for getting your matrimonial right (if you have a true case) and settle your issues but what about their mindset after you files case. I pray that god will change their mindset and your husband will take you and you live happily but sadly this thing would happen rarely. Another reason is husband can take wife back because of financial problems if wife can file 125.so he tries to evading the situation.


Google is full of such links. Dogpile returns better results. Since these issues are highly private and this site doesn't allow profanity or even the use of the word s*x , i think, you drop this sensitive matter here.


@ bondgal!

this site doesn't allow profanity or even the use of the word s*x


lol !!!  joke of the day......................

am i dreaming?

this site is full of such words by some "dignified" people ...with no action taken upon them...



FYI,news is something that is meant for the public to read and know....rather it's their right...

if it was a highly sensitive matter,it wud not have become "news"...and i am only asking you to post links;not the entire news..


or is it that there are no such incidents and u r only lying


come one post these "news articles" if you are truthful....


LCI will surely allow these news,as it has allowed the continuation of threads that use bad names for women...


so don't worry...post them.


i am waiting..

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Foreign Marriage (Mgr)     30 October 2010


Hi, I think the debate in this topic is very good.

If you go to the US with brown skin or have a turban or have a beard or smell of curry you will be racially profiled no matter what - Period. People around you will behave liberal and modern but inside they are cheap racists, fearful and vile towards South Asians. 

I think the same kind of fear grips us when we see a 498a woman. True or false such a case will unquestionably create resentment and hatred towards person delivering grievous agony to a family.

Therefore if the woman is sensible, why would she even want to return to a home full of adversaries? Wouldn’t she be better off finding a new partner by herself? 498a is like selling your soul to the devil - absolute power but no control over the outcome.



dream (individual)     30 October 2010

@Jamai of Law,

good fence sitting !!! trust me this fence sitting attitude doesnt take you anywhere even after 50 years. you remind me of a popular telugu phrase "ghar jamai" meaning "husband who has moved to the maternal home of wife after marriage." and we all know the interests and attitudes of such ghar jamai's.

since you call yourself jamai of law, its apparent what your interests are.

fence sitting, u r crazy

Dr Ajay Kumar (Unemployed)     22 February 2011

...the low police officers should refer the wife and the husband to Mediation Centre before accepting FIR; may be more husbands would take wife back.

P.S.- But, once the police, lawyers and judges along with the ulterior motive people of the society rob the RESPECT of the husband and his relatives, one of those police, lawyers, judges and ulterior motive people should take the wife to their home! What a gain it would be for them! Dowry act is being misused by these people.

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