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Husband shall take 498A wife back?

Page no : 4

Lekha (working)     23 February 2011

Mr charanpreet hora

I must say you are divorced and you are thinking so much about woman , that you will look for such kind of lady who previously didn't file any such case on her husband etc stuff, can i ask you one thing ?? WHY DO YOU THINK THAT ANY UNMARRIED GIRL OR ANY DIVORCEE , OR WIDOW WILL BE INTERESTED IN MARRYING YOU, AFTERALL EVEN YOU HAVE BEEN FRAMED INTO  A CASE ,AND GOT DIVORCED, THEN WHY WILL A LADY INVITE TROUBLE AND MARRY YOU.

You have passed a comment, that such woman who file such cases etc, have no choice left and they become hoars. iam sorry to say this clearly depicts the reason you are divorced. 

@ Cool

Even you have raised lot of questions, and shown SC judgements etc, but the question is how much you know about the cases, with lot of confidence you have written that its just few cases which are true, thats your assumption and may be some more husbands, but law is not about your assumptions na. Women are suffering , and the cases are verymuch genuine, the point is why will a girl step out of her marriage, and will file cases etc. There has to be some reason. Without a reason nothing happens.

Moreover you & mr hora thinks women are for granted, and you people are discussing about there futures.

It will be better if you think about your own future. Because as you are pin pointing a finger on divorcee wives the other fingers are pointing you.

Even divorcee wives can think in the same way, that why to marry such a man. So what will mr Hora do then, will go to a brothel i guess, because if he can think divorcee wives of becoming hoars, he himself can go to such hoars, because the situation applies on all such divorcee husbands.

rajiv_lodha (zz)     24 February 2011


I think COOL is harping very much on data & figures & not on his personal assumptions. Divorces do happen on various grounds & in many of them 498A issue is not involveved at all. So the prospective brides/grooms must check their own risk appetite b4 remarriage.

There are very many issues involved in a disrupted matrimonial life. When girl choses to use 498a to settle scores or to teach the boy's side a lesson, she should be aware of aftermath if the weapon does not hit him. Such girls with criminal bent of mind lose TRUST of husband. So peaceful married life is not possible with him.

No doubt, the next man in line to remarry her may analyze the story from his own angle & if he is convinced enough, he may take her as wife. Its purely personal preferrence.

Lekha (working)     25 February 2011

Yes Mr rajiv i agree with you and your answer is apt, but my point is that it is just not about wives.

Whenever there is a court case or divorce from either of sides, lot of questions come in our mind, whether it is about the divorced man or divorced lady, but we cannot tag this na, we cannot tag this that 498 wives shall not be accepted by anyone etc and they will become hoars once they get the allimony, as if husbands give crores or property the truth is bitter.  And even if a divorcee man was respodent or not , the question is still there that what could have happened.  So we cannot tag or we cannot label as these are 498 wives , i mean the wives who had filed 498 cases, or Dv cases whether false or true.   A divorce is a divorce, as simple as that.

And trust etc things matter but that doesn't mean that you have to stoop always considering your future prospects. I don't support false cases but atleast i am against of labelling or giving tags. Specially on this question that such a wife should be accepted back or not ????

It is about an individual and his/her thought process, if they feel okay they can accept else they won't, but atleast you cannot put a label.  Because such same kinda labels work for men aswell. They are not gods, and nobody is dying to accept them, a big questionmark is on them also.

rajiv_lodha (zz)     25 February 2011


Its correct, one cannot label a man/woman from his/her conduct in a particular situation. So many co-incidences are attached. But the risk factor increases.

At the most, one may dig deep into the case, & try to satisfy himself in this way or that! Its not generlized, its specific & varies from case to case

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