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Ramesh (Assistant Professor)     16 April 2023

How to produce evidences for invisible mental torture

I have been severe mental tortured from my senior colleagues ( I don't want to mention their name here) and subordinates from other Department staffs and my neighbour of my residence as follows:

Rumour spreading to bring bad opinion upon me in the society. They sense my thoughts and feelings in advance and feed bad things about me particularly to the female shop keepers, assistants, doctors, workers of the places of my every day to day visits even to my newly admitted students. For this they used their office clerks, attenders research scholars etc.

Often I suffered from unknown and unexplained health consequences at particular time... running nose without any infection continuously at regular intervals at particular time... severe skin hitching..... unexplained confusion... memory loss... s*xual stimulation particularly when I engaged in the class... during that I used to feel a kind of tendency started at the middle portion of the stomach and it propagate all along the body and it happens only when I enter the class to teach... some particular students are instigated to behave unusually when I engage the class.. and my body weight raised from 72kgs to 95kgs just in a span of 15days, my food habits forcinly and unknowingly  changed. 

Then I myself became confused that something unusual is happened to my mind.

No privacy at all... my mobiles and email ids hacked and they track each and every mails, incoming and outgoing calls continuously and they never allowed me to write single letter... thereby I totally isolated from outside World. My relatives, my friends, my parents, brothers sisters all are started to look at me in a different way as if I became unusual person.

If the students become obedient to me, immediately they were targeted by my senior colleagues and hampered their academic progress.

Where ever I go, I am under surveillance of network of people... I noticed many times in the bus, train and even riksha drivers often behaved unusually for no reasons.

They provoked me continuously by creating unhealthy situations till I loose the temper, and they used to repeat the same for many days, month's and even years, when I loose the temper, if I scold them immediately they file the complaint to the university. 

Another worst thing is they plant the bad feelings to my mind as if I am sitting in the toilet when I was in my chamber, seminar halls and while sitting for the lunch... and they allowed others to sense my bad thoughts... often they plant emotional feelings... they made me to laugh by remembering past things.... 

Interestingly With all these developments what they expected was that to made me to mentally disturbed and to made me to become mad. Of course in the beginning I disturbed a lot but I recalled the situation and mind status of my lady colleague and her guide the way how they suffered, how both were disturbed mentally before she committed suicide and how other senior colleagues enjoyed the situations. Its my fortunate that these things helped me a lot to analyse the frequency of thinking of my fellow colleagues and I became more and more resistant and robust.

As I managed to become cool and calm to all their provocative criminal plans, they themselves became more and more aggressive and violent. Now this time they started to plant severe suicidal tendencies to my mind repeatedly and I suffered horribly even I went very close to commit suicide but somehow by the grace of God I myself managed to overcome the situation. Then they tried many times to kill me by inactivating my brain, again I escaped from it. Article damage, by diverting my mind they destroyed my cooking in three instances, they instigated the doctors to remove my teeth and right leg thumb nail without administering anesthesia, they tried to burn my skin, but I missed it by a narrow margin. And even they went to block my mobile sim when I started to write the complaint.

After experiencing these worst developments, then I started to wright the complaint to governor, lokayukta, human right commission, DGP of Karnataka in seek of justice.


But till today police department completely failed to discharge their responsibility to protect our social system as a whole and my working university value and dignity. 

Still I am trying for social justice.

Now my question is how can I provide evidences for all these developments that I experienced from my colleagues?


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P. Venu (Advocate)     16 April 2023

More than law, what you require at present is good counselling. Perhaps, exercises in meditation, such as Vipasana could be helpful.

Pursuing any legal remedy is equally stressful when the litigant is not confident of himself. All the more, your posting suggests hardly any actionable facts.

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T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     16 April 2023

You cannot gather any evidence withtou any event having taken place.

Your imagunary concept do not have any legal solutions.

The need of the hour is that you consult an experienced  psychologist, cooperate with them and follow the instructions avises rendered by them scrupulously wihtout any lapse or ignorance.

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Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     16 April 2023

be clear.                 

Dr J C Vashista (Advocate)     17 April 2023

I endorse the opinion and advise of experts.

N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     17 April 2023

There are tangible and intangible matters, and law recognize both as an evidence. but It all depends on how you can pursude the court to believe all those that you narrated. It appears that there is a conspiracy to ruin your life including the police machinery, and it all depends on how you handle the situations either to make those incidents as a wisdom or become docile and allow those incidents to ruin your life. 

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Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     17 April 2023

already being discussed at



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