genetically modified food


hi all....pls check the following link and post your opinion.


i am really angry with the way India Government is responding and is trying to force GM food on Indians.


and if possible pls mention the relevant legal position also.



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Kiran Ji,  I stroanly oppose the GEAC's approval of Bt, Brinjal.  It is true that we are having unworhty people at key posts in India. Giving pernission to such GM seeds before clearly knowing its effects on mankind and soil constitution may porve to be a  disaster to the people of India.  It is time that they think about the welfare of the common man rather than only of their own families.

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u r right suchitra sometimes the decisions at the higher level in govt are taken just for their own selfish motives and have nothing to do with the people of india. what we are eating present is artificial vegetables which grown in few hours, how r they goign to give to us nourishment.

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Practicing lawyer(B.Com LL.M in Business law )

Thnks Kiran Sir

It is indeed ridiculous. Our generation will be completely defected and chemical minded. To prevent this “ GEAC “ food we need public awareness to adopt our traditional system of cultivation and it automatically create very good circle or green revolution ,employment, safe environment, development and self reliant, healthy , sensitive and intelligent society. By implementing this we definitely are going to throw this “unworthy people at key posts in India” as mentioned by Smt. Suchitra ma’am, out of our governance of Nation. It also need deep study and education that how ‘GEAC ‘is having wide spread, continuous as well as permanent negative and destructive consequences to human being and our whole environment. This is one type of indirect WAR for Our Mother land. Note this V as a nation having very good natural resources n man power to adopt our traditional system of cultivation.

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the concept originated in anticipation of food scarcity. Fertile agricultural lands are being acquired for industrialization by the government, and how can we expect the farmers to grow more at lesser land ? Safety and efficacy of GM crops should be established before we listen to any MNC paid scientists who support them. 

We deserve only poison. because we never protest when poor farmer's firtile land is aquired for industrial usage, and thousands of them commit suicide. facilities given to them hardly reaches them. Central government declared loan waiver to farmers to the extent of pending loan instalment. those farmers who defaulted in payment for years got the benefit.

My dad, who was promptly repaying the loans could get only 750 Rs as waiver, though he had a loan of over 2.5 lakhs. this is the price for being honest in this country.

moreover, in india, Law of demand applies only to middlemen, not to the farmers. When the price of Tor Dal was 100+ in karnataka, farmers were getting less than 30 rupees a K.G.

 Sorry for diversion from topic, as i felt that people who discuss here do really bother about these issues.




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