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Found the Happiness (Enjoying)     15 January 2013

Finally i win it?...please read how...its interesting


Finally I win!!!!! Must Read!!!!




It may look long, but worth reading….Please


Dear LCI members,


Before reading this article I would like to request you to please go thru my all earlier posts, otherwise you will not be able to understand the story, but I guarantee you this story is mindblowing.


Very shortly I am summarising this story as follows:


1)     I got married in Apr2010, everything was okey & fantastic.

2)     Then in Oct2010 she went to her paternal home as she was pregnant & for delivery and all.

3)     On 24th Dec2010 I got blessed by daughter, and since Jan2011 disaster begins

4)     She put a condition that be separate from parent or be ready for DV

5)     Then lots of harassment, threatening, bla, bla, blaaa from her parents and brothers happened.

6)     And in Feb2011 they filed a DV against me in her native

7)     For every court date I was traveling from my home to her native i.e. 500 KM.

8)     But then too I never lost my hopes of positivity, if you doubt then please read my earlier post (the posts which I uploaded in last 2 years)

9)     I were knowing only 1 thing i.e. this court is just the illusionary false weapon for the people who feel that they are taking the revenge thru it but ultimately & unknowing these people are nothing but just a bread & butter for the advocates. Which advocates are likely to be appears at first sight that they are giving the emotional support against their frustration but if quantum physics reality is concerned then everything is MAYAJAL. (MAYAJAL means the a real world which appears at first sight in different way but ends in a shocking style.)

10)According to me this court gaming is just a MAYAJAL, Simply with the help of spiritual knowledge you can easily develop your own laws and can play tactfully with a simple logic & common sense then surely you can win. I know it is very hard to digest but some senior advocates & old victims will definitely agree with me.

11)There is one and only director of your story, who directs your climax i.e. you, yes only you……Neither your partner, nor court judge.

12)Simple suggestion I would like to give that please stay away from all the emotions i.e. fear, anger & resentment be calm and think what exactly you want. If you believe in magic definitely it will happen with you, if you don’t then that magic is not for you.

13)I believed on above things and things started changing. During my lonely & tragic period of 2 years by having a fear of maintenance I started my own business simultaneously with job.

14)That business has got a great success. Also whenever the interactions happened with my wife I behaved in a very matured, sincere, natural & polite manner bcoz of I was knowing/believing the climax of my story.

15)During in court also there was a first class superb confident SMILE was there on my face which was irritating my in-laws.

16)I was just entertaining court just to defend myself not to attack.

17)Finally at one point where I was stable but my wife started feeling guilty and with having all the tears in her eyes literally she ran towards me like a1970s ki Bollywood heroin. She just touched my feet & said “ SO SORRY, AAG LAGAO IS COURT-KACHERI KO AUR MAIN TUMHARE BINA NAHI JEE SAKTI – MUZE MAAF KAR DO AUR GHAR LE CHALO, MAIN AUR MERI BETI AAP KE BINA ADHURE HAI”

18)This miracle happened on 10-01-2013. I got my old love in fresh packaging ….. Now happily we 3 are living together in a joint family. This is our new beginning.


I was been able to do this because I believe in magic, Einstein says, “There are only 2 ways to believe in your life i.e. either everything is miracle or nothing is miracle.” Guys please, please, please don’t think that it was so simple, you cant even imagine how much pain she had given to me, everyone was saying once the sun can rise in west but she cant change. Here if in my case my imagination/belief can change her mind then it can happen in your case too.


Now I have huge business, nice job, nice house, nice daughter, nice family & offcourse nice wife. Before it was not like that but I stole it from this universe. The purpose is not to prove that how great I am, but I mean to show one hidden dimension towards this domestic issues is “Changing the relations will not lead you to the destination of happiness but changing of attitude is”


Again I would like to explain that changing the wife will not lead you to the happiness but compromising attitude can do it…… Bludy hell with the ego, I am damn sure that definitely you will have to make compromise either with your first wife or second or third or bla, bla, bla……. But only & only & only compromise can lead you to the happiness, not ego… now if compromise has to happen then why not with first one? Hellow, Here I am talking about to compromise, not to surrender, please don’t be confuse and don’t let your self-respect down.


You might be thinking that in this domestic legal forum why this person is talking all about the emotions & attitude, why I am not talking about legal technicalities like others. But my dear frnds you will get all the answers of all those domestic issues questions only at behavioural science, quantum physics, psychology, philosophy, spiritual science, etc. not in law books.


Now let me wrap up this story bcoz just now my wife has made “HALWAA” for me and she is asking me for a breakfast & my daughter is playing with me and she is disturbing me from this and so its became very difficult to type on this forum for now.


Thanks you guys,

I wish the same story with you all too.


(Sad Victim –Prior Extn)

(Happy Man – Nowadays Extn-+91 9920374232-Feel free to call me if you need any help)


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rajiv_lodha (zz)     15 January 2013

Congratulation from my heart that u r rehabilitated. But some real issues are to be addressed..........she used all available weapons to terrorise u all these yrs. Her family supported her & her advocates were unleashed against u. When all her weaponary was exhausted, her hair started gyeying, she felt the heat of humiliation from her family n society, her father found it difficult to remarry her, her child grew difficult 2 handle, power of time drained her energy.........SIMPLY SHE WAS ABLE TO SEE A DARK HOLE IN HER LIFE AHEAD..........SHE CAME BACK TO YOU TO BE ACCEPTED BACK

Sorry to say, but it was a MIRACLE to her rather than u that she got this treatment!

Few days have passed since u reunited, Its too premature to tell that ur life is HAPPY GO LUCKY ONCE AGAIN! Though my sincere wishes are for ur harmonious life ahead, but it requires a lion's heart to take such terrorist back into ur life especially the way she was.

My heart cries for those who took back these terrorists out of emotional outbursts, child-sympathy etce etc......BUT HAD TO PAY WITH THEIR LIVES as things took the other way down the lane.

Gud Luk

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radhika (housewife)     15 January 2013

WOW........ i have been reading your post... its good to know tht you got your family back.... I am so happey for you... God bless you and your family... may u get all happiness in your life... GOOD.... but see u are genuine and ur love is true... tht why god has helped you... and u got it back.... good ... :) keep smiling.... 



I was been able to do this because I believe in magic, Einstein says, “There are only 2 ways to believe in your life i.e. either everything is miracle or nothing is miracle.”


but compromising attitude can do it…… Bludy hell with the ego,

Till her guilty when she said sorry......you were proceeding with ego.....but dont aspect u will surely eat halwa tomorrow. i am happy that u did well, but what about to be sure when a woman files 498a after 3-4 childs born, it is not completed 3 days,be aware it may turn in revenge......

u believe in magic then what magic u aspected in 2 years and seen u cannot explain in words, the magic of DV but what happened when your parents be jailed in 498a inspite of DV.  will all your ego and emotions will burn and there will be no taste in- HALWA.

u did for your daughter, but when she filled DV, did she thought its effect. was it a true love.....what the role of her parents,, has she thought why her mummy is living with her father.......? these all are the ways to make a husband under control bcause law is inspiring them. will u like to go back her native home with feelings as usual....?

I am sure that my story also will end like this but her mother is more agressive and did all. Her delivery is due in feb2013. i forgiven more than 12-20 times but she couldnt understand it. she beaten me and her brothers too. her mother called neighbours and they abused and threaten me.  

My wife didnot talked me since 7-8 months but i am sending sad and jocks SMS daily and calls once in a week but no response till now....she is doing all for her b/f. i know him well and met. she said me not to live with me and divorce....?   enjoy your happyness in your bound limits.   



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victim (master)     15 January 2013


Msk-need -nuetral- laws (self)     15 January 2013

sure, now your life will be better , from your reading what i understood is your wife realised the true face of some people and importance of "husband first, rest everyone else".

Whatever, wish, happy life with you forever.

And all women reading, who think of 498a, DV should realise at 45 they will beleft alone, by chance kids come to know the state of life, they will ditch or they use it to their advantge of "no father" situation.

I suggested many in thsi forum the same, but few women went ahead, sure one day either to seek husband help or live in society alone and crying inside, continuing with 498a, DV

jayakumar.R (ADVOCATE & LEGAL CONSULTANT)     15 January 2013


Samuel (CEO)     15 January 2013

Enjoy the HALWA bro!

Nina Rakheja (unhappily married)     15 January 2013

Congrats...ultimately everything is governed by sentiments-emotions

Never Give Up (Fighter)     15 January 2013

Please wait for 4-5 years and then post your opinion about this compromised life. I would be more interested in that.

In plain sense, you said after filing cases you got in to business and business took off well..hence lot of money which she dont have access due to litigations. Now she jumped and came back to enjoy luxury lifestyle..whats new..every b*tch (read litigating wife) wants it..


My apologies if my wording/post hurts.

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Samuel (CEO)     15 January 2013

Yes Hurts!

Why this could not be in other way of emotional involved and broke out of saved love?

It is not necessarily required all erred Wife shd be punished, Situation and circumstances can be considered based on the true sentiments.

I feel little unsecure that our Author is over excited and need to be cautious! I appreciate his courage.

RAMESH (MANAGER)     15 January 2013

Same thing happened me on 3 months back but I showed middle finger? For me now you are looking as real “sad victim”.

radhakrishna (employee)     15 January 2013

Once a Snake will always be a snake------------keep a watch. A snakes poison will not affect the snake but--------

harsh asthana (advocate)     15 January 2013

all is well that ends well

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