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Jonathan Ross (Engineer)     02 April 2015

False robbery case.

So..I work for a 5star Hotel in IT department which is outsourced and i sent a resignation letter today as i was tired of working here for long hours most of the times and also wanted to pursue further studies. The company area head told me that they wont release my documents but i was fine with it...but my manager  got very angry and told me that he would file a robbery case of documents and stuff being stolen against me in court and make sure he ruins my career prospects etc etc... if i don't give 1 month notice period . So with that fear in mind i have started working till notice period ends, and also my work is in shifts..

Please guide me as to my future course of action ...and if that suit will hold up in court.


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Jayashree Hariharan (Advocate)     02 April 2015

please submit your resignation mentioning the notice period so that you will have a proof in future. dont forget to take a xerox of it before submitting.

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cyberlawyer (barrister)     02 April 2015

This one month notice period is a general clause which most of the companies mandate. Your offer letter itself would have stated the terms and conditions for resignation i suppose. Just be patient and quit the job but i wonder why they retain your documents. Are you bound by any time contract ?

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Jonathan Ross (Engineer)     02 April 2015

 Documents meaning Provident fund ESI and clearance certificate which i am least bothered about as this is my first job and not that big either. Contract requires me to give one month notice which i did not give. But what scares me most is that he might do something silly as i mentioned  earlier which could spoil my image.My manager works for one of the top IT companies. Not taking any name. I am afraid he might get their support in proving his fake case. He said he would send police to my house  ..spoil my career..I can be very bad person etc etc...But the company i work for is different than his, as "I.T" is all outsourced but still he is the IT manager for hotel.


basically, you are looking to abscond with no releiving formatliies and he is trying to buildup your absconding as a theft case. both of you are at fault. just  try to get releieved off in a smooth manner as i see it just as a  matter of one month but try to record any conversation that you might have with him going forward.

once you have relieved completely, and got a smooth exit, write a an email to his higher boss and include your entire team about his threatening attitude  as to file a false case of theft for not doing a proper release procedure..this will atleast  give him a second thought before he tries to threaten this way with anyone or atleast shows his cheap way of gimmics  and harrassing employees to others.

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Adv k . mahesh (advocate)     03 April 2015

what ever the formalities you do make on a paper because infuture if they intend to frame any false case you can show those documents and make sure when you submit them take acknowledgement with stamp and to whom you submit mention his name, date

already you said that you are in notice period and submitted resignation one month back so before last date of working once again submit a notice mentioning the last date of working in the office as you have are in notice period and relive with proper formalities to your head of the department and manager concerned and take acknowledgement which will give them that you are leaving the job in proper way and about pf other documents will be useful in your new job as those are very much proof that you worked in that organisation and experience will count 

advharminderdhankhar   03 April 2015


mahendra limaye (Cyber Legal Consultant)     05 April 2015

Only on apprehension no complaint will be entertained by police unless you have some substantial proofs with you.

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