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kishore Naidu   02 March 2016

Respected Lawyers,

                                This is Kishore, from Hyderabad. I request you all to provide me ,your valuable time in providing me a good suggestion regarding my case.

Mine is a love marriage on JULY 2012 in ARYA SAMAJ, until my elder sister marriage I want o keep her in ladies hostel. I want to stay in my friend’s room. I ve explained about this to their parents in police station. They are not agreed they said until ur sister marriage she stays in my home only, after your sister marriage we ll arrange a small function. I send my wife with her parents to her home. I went to my home, even my parents also knows about that became a big issue. Daily we are meeting in office; we both work in one organization. In my office everyone knows we both are marriage.

Still now my sister dint get marriage, in March 2, 2014 she applied for divorce due to no response from me, I’m waiting for my sister marriage. She left the organization before 4 months. Still we both are in contact. But one day suddenly she has changed the contact number, I went to her office and I met my wife. At that time she said I applied for divorce, I don’t want you.

I got the notice from the court means summons, when I attend the court I got the notice (in notice cheating case, blackmailing that marry me otherwise ill die, while coming from home she brought 2.5 lakhs cash & gold, after marriage she is giving total salary to me, my parents demanding for dowry around 15 lakhs). I took suggestion from one advocate that he said give her a divorce and marry other girl and be happy. I dint show notice to my parents also, I attend the suicide my parents stopped, I said to my parents that she applied for a divorce.

My parents, me & my cousins went to their home, her mother said we will not talk anything. We will talk in court only, every month I’m attending the court, she is not attending regularly to court, In counseling I explained everything to mediator mam, I don’t want to give divorce to her, I married her she is my wife. We dint stay together after marriage, no s*x after marriage also. But she dint come for counseling for 3 times. They send back to court.

Before marriage I met her physically 2 times for that reason I married her. Even she also loves me a lot, On March 1, 2016 yesterday we both attend the court, judge said you ve to FILE COUNTER. On March 26, 2016.

What is the process to filing the COUNTER, actually what is meant by COUNTER, and what is the suggestions you will give to me.

Still my wife is in contact with me, I don’t want to give divorce to her and she is working in small organization.


Please help me

Kamlesh   08 May 2016

I having home at Jalgaon District in my father name. Both father and monther are expired. NO will has been left by the,. How to transfer the property in my name. What documents are required. We are 3 brothers and one broteher is also expired.

Can anybody help me and send reply to

Thanx in anticipation

krishna   01 June 2016

Dear Respected lawyers,

We need your answers on my sictualtion from my previous oraganziation related to non-solicitation.

I Worked for company XXX ( at client place AAA) for 12 months, Due to my health conditions (which i have stated in my regisgnation lettor is on 19th April 2016) i have Regisigned from my organization XXX on 19th April 2016. I have Requested to step down my duties immediatly (because i was not well). But HR manager came back and told me on 24th April 16 that i have to submit Form 16 of my previous organization due to my back ground check was RED, if i failed to do in next 24 hrs willl effect termination of employment as per the company Records. My Previous company not ready to provide that document and they are not reachable (they are in remote location). I went to XXX org for continuesly for a week till 4th of May 16 to do the needful. HR manager is not ready to talk to me and provide info. Finally on 4th May 16 he told me that my service stands terminated as per the Email he sent on 24th April 16 and i am not going to provide any termination lettor or Releiving lettor from XXX Org as its their company policy.

After one week i got an opertunity to join other company YYY and joined on 13th May 16. Thet deployed me in same client location where i used to work before (i.e AAA). I have started reporting from 16t May 2016 to client location (AAA) from YYY org and working here. 

From my previous org XXX i got a Regd post on 29th May 16 its a termination lettor. Lettor as follows:

Dear ####,

Further to correspondce about submition of your doucments pertaining to your previous org as on 26th April 16, You are unable to produce the documents within the specificed time duration.

Further Your employment With XXX Org stands terminated effective from 27th April 16.

You will be covered under the exit policy which taks about non-solicitation, wherein for the period of 6 monts from the date of separation of employment with XXX org the exited employee should directly or indirectly not seek or accept any form of engagement or employment from immediate customer that you had served during your employment wit XXX org.

Failed to adhere to above policy shall be reported to customer organization.

HR Manager.

Stamp and signed by him.

Note: We have not informed this policy to any of the employeee in XXX org by email or any other form of document (We are not aware of exit policy). 

This termination letter came after he came to know that i have joined to same client that i have served before in employement  from other company YYY.

I spoke to my Client Org manager (AAA manager) and he told there is no such agreement in between my previous org XXX and client AAA. 

I have not signed any non solicitation document writen from my previous organization.

In our offer no where the clause non solicitation included. 

I am a female employe and little worried about this lettor. What should i do now. I spoke already about this with my client AAA and he said my previous org XXX doesn't want to join any employe from them to client place AAA other Orgs that is the reason this clause included in termination lettor.

Please suggest

Kumar Doab (FIN)     01 June 2016

Form16 is to be supplied by the employer and failure can attarct penalty by IT authorities. Did you ask to supply in writing under proper acknowledgment?

Did you write correct salary drawn from previous employer while applying to XXX? What is the problem in Form16 issuance and why they are unable to supply it to you? Do you have all salary slips from previous employer?

Did the HR personnel supply copy of report showing ' back ground check was RED' and 'their company policy' and 'exit policy which taks about non-solicitation'?

Did you get email dated; '24th April 16 '?

Did you meet HR personnel on  '24th April 16 ' or '26th April 16'?

What is the date on termination letter? Do you have envelope in which termination letter was sent? Did you download tracking report from courier/India Post website?

Did you minute your meetings with HR personnel?

What was your designation and nature of duties in previous and XXX employer?

After termination has XXX supplied FnF statement, FnF dues, service certificate, relieving letter,form16, salary slip of last months and all months,PF a/c slips, ESIC card, NOC/NDC etc?

You should act to call back the termination order?


jay (Director)     25 June 2016

Recently Britain made a referendum about to leave a EU or not publically in India constitution allows referendum for Kashmir issue would it be Independent nation joint India or pak. ? Can Govt. set referendum about Uniform Civil Code ??

Thomas   28 August 2016

What is the present , year 2016, rate of satamp duty in the state of Kerala  for the issue of New Share Certificate

Srinivas Golakoti   27 September 2016

In ipc section 498a case. If husband dies before judgment. What will happens. In the case accused 1 is husband and accused 2 is his mother.

Srinivas Golakoti   27 September 2016

In ipc section 498a case. If husband dies before judgment. What will happens. In the case accused 1 is husband and accused 2 is his mother.

Dr. Lalit Kumar   25 November 2016

Hello, I am Dr. Lalit kumar, I bought a property through a receiver appointed by court for sale of property. Receiver was appointed by court to sale the property through the decree of court. The owner of the property had failed to pay back the loan amount to the bank therefore the bank filed a case against him and that person didn't appear himself for the further court proceedings. Therefore the court ordered to seize the property and appointed a receiver for auctioning the property on behalf of bank. I was the winning bidder and paid the amount through cash to the reciever. I paid 1/4 amount in hand to receiver and he gave me a hand written receipt and rest 3/4 amount was to be deposited in court. I deposited the rest amount in court. After that I asked for registry of property in court but I was told that I can't register the property in my name presently as the person may appear himself for the property again. I was asked to wait for 3-4 months before applying for registry. Since then I got no intimation from court for registering the property neither did I got any notice or letter from bank or court. 6 years have passed due to my negligency even. Kindly guide me how to register my property now. plz mention the procedure for registering the property bought from court. I fear if it is time barred.

Afroz hassan   23 January 2019

Sirr I want to ask you that my father left his first wife & he married my mom who is second wife and in service book my mother's name is mentioned in wife and nominee and in son my name & my brothers name is mentioned now what is the legal procedure of police department to avail the departmental benefits for the smooth living of family ...what benefits will be stopped because of first wife and their son ..we wanted to settle the matter by doing agreement but the first wife's son is asking for the anukampa job & 30 % money ..first wife's both son are married & settled ..plzz reply me as soon as possible sirr ....!!!! YOURS FAITHFULLY

Maryjoan George   04 July 2019

Respected members. is there a provision in law where a petitioner and his lawyer can cross examine the defendant.
thank you.

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