evil minded wife ..

Dear Experts,


the lady whom i am ashamed  to call wife , had a sweet fling with one indian living in oman and now she has verbally abused him and said that she will try to harm herself.

Meanwhile we had sent her notice 3 weeks back to await her response and initiate the divorce process, She is so smart that she has not taken it which was sent to her official address and one sent to home address is accepted and for that there is no reply from her. Parallely these things are happening , i am confused if she commits unwanted stuffs and puts our family in soup.

I have asked my lawyer to send the summons via court for formally initiating the divorce process.


I do have the following queries:

1. How can i prove that the mails and FB chats are hers as i have got a printout and also i do have screenshots of the same.

2. She had given me the password when we were in good terms and now she can backtrack and say that she had not given it.

3. She was also using a proxy ID to Lure that boy and she has mentioned in the chat logs.

4. She has continued to lure him by sending her n*****d video and continuos sorry mails and he has not replied for them.

5. She is using her Mobile to chat with him via Whatsapp. Incidentally we can't obtain Whatsapp logs.


any help is really appreciated.


Tanny, you do not have to wait for her reply beyond the time stipulated in your legal notice to her.  You can go ahead with the divorce petition on whatever grounds you have issued her the legal notice.  I do not know that how far the fb chats and other electronic media activities of hers will be considered as substantial evidences before the court, because there will stand a lawyer on her side to defend her saying that the same have been either morphed or fabricated/created for the purpose of the case because in the present technology advancement everything is possible, whatever worth it is, hold it in your possession and please include the same in your pleadings so that you can utilise it during trial.


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Every thing you have mentioned your own and collected the answer your own......where is the query and your Lawyers Honest work??


I say what's your lawyer doing in your case do he don't know that How to get authenticated those Electronic evidences read with U/s 65 B of Indian evidence Act.


A sincere advice to you First take help of your laywer if he is not capable then without any second though change him and hire an efficient lawyer who is well verged with upgradation of recent techonlgy and science.


Here,I will say A google is better than these half Learnt and Baked Lawyers.


There are number of case clue on internet regarding electronic evidences and their admissibility ,please do read and get acquainted with it.

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electronic evidences are admissible but should be prove !




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