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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     27 August 2011

Dv act 2005 a sure recipe for indian family destruction.

Note: I am placing before public domain family destruction Treaty that India signed and resulted into giving us Bharat Ratna Dream Violence Act, 2005 (DV Act, 2005)

CEDAW-Promoting Feminism and destruction of families through United Nations and a Treaty


CEDAW is a treaty promoted by the United Nations. CEDAW stands for the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women was adopted in 1979 by the United Nations General Assembly. Described as an international bill of rights for women, it came into force on 3 September 1981. The United States is the only developed nation that has not ratified the CEDAW.

Treaties are intended to be agreements between countries. In fact, the United Nations’ Charter prohibits the U.N. from intervening “in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any” nation. However, CEDAW is focused on domestic issues, intruding into every aspect of life.

CEDAW a tool for mischief as it promotes feminism and destroy cultures and families and undermines sovereignty of nations.

The treaty intends to hand over Family law, parental rights, religious exercise, education, abortion regulation, employment pay scales, quotas in educational institutions, workplaces and elected offices,  homos*xuality etc to a  committee of 23 U.N. “gender experts” (all are Feminist).

CEDAW considers militant feminist view to be superior to Hindu, Islamic, Christian, Jewish view on these issues and seek to overcome injustices towards women by mandating sweeping social changes which embody the narrow ideological opinions and social analysis of militant feminism.

CEDAW undermines the dignity of women by devaluing their irreplaceable role within the family and in society as mothers and in other distinctively feminine roles in caring for others.

CEDAW forbids us to recognize – or celebrate – that men and women are fundamentally different. The treaty defines “discrimination” as:

"Any distinction, exclusion or restriction made on the basis of s*x … in the political, economic, social, cultural, civil or any other field."

The foundation of a healthy society is strong families, individual morality and freedom. CEDAW and its Committee view all these as hindrances to women achieving equality.
The CEDAW preamble demands that “a change in the traditional role of men as well as the role of women in society and in the family is needed to achieve full equality between men and women.”

Article 5(a) of CEDAW requires that states parties to the treaty will “take all appropriate action” necessary “to modify the social and cultural patterns of conduct of men and women, with a view to achieving the elimination of prejudices and customary and all other practices which are based on the idea of the inferiority or the superiority of either of the s*xes or on stereotyped roles for men and women.” (Emphasis added.)

The United Nations charter does not mandate to make changes in customs or religious beliefs. It is not the province of the United Nations either to define roles for men and women in society.

Legitimate rights of sovereign nations to self-determination of cultural and religious beliefs and practices must be protected.

CEDAW not only intrudes further into individual and family rights, but usurps the sovereignty of nations.

Radical feminist platforms embedded in the provisions of CEDAW. Of special note is the call for gender re-education in Article 10(c):

“The elimination of any stereotyped concept of the roles of men and women at all levels and in all forms of education by encouraging co-education and other types of education which will help to achieve this aim and, in particular, by the revision of textbooks and school programs and the adaptation of teaching methods”. (Emphasis added.)

The CEDAW Committee’s demand that Belarus rescind its adoption of Mother’s Day because it was a “stereotype” demonstrates the coercive and manipulative nature in interpreting “any stereotypical concept.”

Many women in India choose to put their family first, staying home to raise their children, care for elderly relatives, and contribute to religious organizations, charities and communities. CEDAW and its Committee consider their work as subservient, not worthy of commendation, and, frankly, deserving to be outlawed.

The feminist demand for abortion to be made universally available is thinly disguised in Article 12:

“States Parties shall take all appropriate measures to eliminate discrimination against women in the field of health care in order to ensure, on a basis of equality of men and women, access to health care services, including those related to family planning”.

Children and teachers are prohibited from recognizing there are fundamental differences between boys and girls and that some roles based purely on s*x, such as motherhood, are noble.

Countries that ratify CEDAW agree to revise their textbooks, schools and teaching methods to abide by the treaty. Single-s*x schools, in which some children thrive best, could be frowned upon. The CEDAW Committee would determine if textbooks are appropriate or must be changed to fit its interpretation of the treaty.

General Recommendation No. 19 of CEDAW addresses Violence against Women. But research shows women commit domestic violence as often as men.

CEDAW wants to pretend that violent women and abused men simply don’t exist. That does a disservice to men and women alike. Sweeping definitions open the door to heavy-handed state intrusion into private family matters. Hind sight shows that domestic violence programs escalate partner conflict, thwart reconciliation, and openly promote divorce.

The committee of 23 U.N. “gender experts” that enforce compliance with the treaty have made taken the following ridiculous enforcement actions in recent years:-

§                     Told China to de-criminalize prostitution.

§                     Criticized Ireland for the role of religion in society.

§                     Censured Belarus for observing Mother’s Day.

§                     Criticized Mexico for a “lack of access … to easy and swift abortion.

§                     Criticized Ireland for the Catholic Church’s influence of attitudes and
      state policy.

§                     Told Libya to re-interpret the Koran in the light of CEDAW.

§                     Derided Slovenia for having only 30 percent of children under age three
      in formal day-care (revealing the belief that children are better off being
      raised by strangers than mothers, and that women should not choose to
      stay at home with their kids).

§                     Told Romania and Austria to integrate gender studies in schools.

§                     Reprimanded Belarus for celebrating Mother’s Day.

§                     Told Armenia to “combat the traditional stereotype of women in the
      noble role of mother.

§                     Reprimanded Hong Kong for exempting “‘the affairs of religious
      denominations or orders’ from the scope of the Convention.

§                     Criticized Croatia for “the refusal, by some hospitals, to provide abortions
      on the basis of conscientious objection of doctors. The Committee
      considers this to be an infringement of women’s reproductive rights.

§                     Told numerous countries to mandate s*x education and provide access to

§                     Told Vietnam to “take urgent and wide-ranging measures, including
      targeted educational programmes, the revision of curricula and textbooks,
      and mass media campaigns, to overcome traditional stereotypes regarding
      the role of women and men in the society.

§                     Told Kyrgyzstan “that lesbianism be reconceptualised as a s*xual

In the name of “rights” for women, CEDAW is destructive of rights basic to every human being and the rights of cultural self-determination of nations. It is designed to destroy families and sureptiously introduce feminism throughout the globe.

Unfortunately India has signed and ratified the treaty and gifted to we the PEOPLE Bharat Ratna Dream Violence Act on 26-10-2006.


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Saurabh..V (Law Consultant)     27 August 2011

US is a self-centered country aimed for personal development which might be brought either by exellence or by pushing competitors into mud.


This "feminisn" funda was a way to make genders fight amongst each other while ALL women would vote for those who are making biased laws in their favor.


This is very simple understanding that women can never be equal to men. This inequality does not make her inferior but it's actually about being different. For example, a women bears the pain of child birth but if a small pin pokes in the flesh she starts crying. So it's all about being two trains with different speed standing on two different platforms.


It's useless to fight on this issue because this only lead to divide amongst the two genders. The two genders have been made and groomed by the nature in a manner so as to compliment each other. If one as -1 and other has +1 then only there would be a balance.




Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     27 August 2011



India did a blunder by introducing DV Act.

Otherwise wife abusers and daughter-in-law burners were truly enjoying their life slapping,punching and kicking married women...


True .It is against the rights given by the inborn licence of Indian males to abuse women/wives.

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     27 August 2011

i feel sad for the indian saasu maas....


now how will they take revenge with their bahus,because their own mum-inlaws had tortured them?

where will they find a punch bag to vent out the frustraions of their youth?


we need an urgent solution to this,if we want to protect bharat matas(mother-inlaws) from madness...


..............kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi.....

See this is India...this serial has won so many awards...Yet  the Act is called DV Act....;(


To maintain family harmony in India,serials like Kyki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi,Kahaani Ghar Ghar ki,etc need to be shown on TV.


For example-In KSBKBT,Tulsi's husband Mihir has a live in relation for many yrs. post marriage and begets a child out of it.Yet Tulsi accepts that child and treats him lovingly.His keep is also welcomed quite well in that family by Tulsi's saasu maa,since she gave birth to her "grandchild".This grandchild goes up to have 2 wives,who live together in the same house lovingly.


These are our real Indian family values.


Our present day feminists do not understand what sharing is all about.Thy hate sharing their husbands.It is utterly wrong.Husband is God.Every woman has the right to this God.


Such feminists must be deported to Andaman Islands who dare to revolt against such beautiful relationships,and give them dirty names like extramarital relations.


I hope every woman now becomes like Tulsi and allows her husband to have more women in his life.


I also wish that every mum-inlaw whose daughter-inlaw is baanjh still gets another grandchild when her son sleeps with fertile women and bears them.


I wish every baanjh wife accepts her fault that she cannot reproduce,and therefore supports and respects her saasu maa and husband in their decisions instead of alleging them of cruelty....


Then DV Act,498A etc will be scrapped off in no time,as no woman will be using them




Very  interesting facts that I know today.


That’s tajobs.You appear after a long time period and you liked lci soo much especially Family forum. Me too.


CEDAW a tool for mischief as it promotes feminism and destroy cultures and families and undermines sovereignty of nations.


And you said,” Unfortunately India has signed and ratified the treaty and gifted to we the PEOPLE Bharat Ratna Dream Violence Act on 26-10-2006.”


Now people of India know the real intention of Dv and being misused by women so it’s a high (emergency) time to pass a bill for men or atleast amend these section that exit in Dv act or 498a laws.IIse kutch Atm machine me raahat milege !


Right now all parties will agree to consider to pass Anna ‘s bill and he will end his fast soon.


It’s a high time to pass a bill for men also so I think you are the best person. You become anna and I will support you, (Misuse of law 498a and Dv by women there is an urgent need to amend the laws as of now Indian people will loose faith on matrimonial institution and urge for other things like prostitution etc,,you can observe this fast in india. Men ke liye kaun aayega jo koi bill govt ke pass ja kar usko implement karaega) other members like zeshan ,zimmer  support even I think roshni and utpala also support you.Aftrer some time in lci portal a thread will come as a Law Pol ,Did you support tajobs suggesting bills? I said yes.



In Indian constitution Under Part IV-A, Article 51 A (E) said, To renounce practices derogatory to the dignity of women;

But it’s a high time to put one more duty that women should respect men and don’t file wrong cases and preserve the Indian heritage.Since time immemorial the emphasis in Indian society in accordance with the dictates of the ancient scripttures has been on the individual’s “Kartavya” ,performance of one’s duties towards society, the country and especially towards one parents. The Gita and the Ramayana enjoin people to perform their duties without caring for their rights or fruits. If one takes care to see, you will discover in the constitution not only his rights but also his duties. Women should also perform his duties . 


So, be ready for fast .Tajobs aap aage bado hum aapke saath he! I will ask roshni and utpala to bring u food when your fast breaks.Doctor ke jarurat to nahi padegi.":P

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ha ha ha ...

Taj ji...Menue bata dena...what u wud like to have after fast..

I wud like u to offer assamese thali...:P

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Itne dino tak fast rakhne par ek thaali se kaam nahi chalega.


Inhe zaada khilana parega.


Kushan aap inhe kya khilaoge?




You have got something sir...the moment you enter this hit increases several folds....eventually its gonna increase popularity of LCI :-)



Please don’t talk logically here.... ;-)

Otherwise a new law will be passed....."All men's testosterone level should be made equal to women's bcz this is the main culprit...makes men offensive and muscular ..."


@Rocky ...

all male shud be given estrogen dose so that gender equality is maintained.


Nature has designed males to be stronger than females,so that they can protect her when she is in danger.But males act as cowards when their abusive mums are around.Why don't their mums also play the role of home managers and nurturers?Why do feel envious when the son marries?Why do they become aggressive and dominant?Is this what nature asks a woman to do?


Nature has defined roles of man and woman as earner and nurturer respectively.


But men themselves do not respect this.


They themselves yearn to have working wives(earners) and mention the same in their matrimonial ads.(Read classified section to clarify).


They look down upon housewives and disregard her contribution.They feel housewives are always idle(As if food gets cooked itself & house cleans itself)

They expect her to play the role of a man+woman both,ie,of an earner and home manager both.


Result-It harms her health,destroys family life,makes her irritable as she is overworked..


Man himself is wanting to change the roles defined by nature.So why does he crib now when he faces its aftermaths?



@Utpala Ji,


Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     28 August 2011

Kushan tum bhi fasting karna..

Bas apni health ka dhyaan rakhna.agar zaada lamba fast kar gaye to nazar aana hee band ho jaoge.vaise bhi kaafi duble patle ho.

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