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Dv act 2005 a sure recipe for indian family destruction.

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Saurabh..V (Law Consultant)     30 August 2011

None of the TV serial show the way to curb any menace. These are weapons to show to the world how much a girl is suppressed which might not be true at all in the distant of places.


These are only hatred machines brought amongst our society just for TRP.


Only a "mirchi" broadcast sells! It's not a news if a married man suicides within 7yr of marriage and that is why there is no serial about this neither is there any law about this. But if a married woman suicides then the society is ruined etc,


Grow up feminists !!



Thanks for your advice :)




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Saurabh..V (Law Consultant)     30 August 2011

Can anyone claim that the society in US or UK is better than cultural values in India?


It is in India where girls are praised like godesses and come with me I'll show you how 95% of gentlemen treat them like a godesses!!


US & UK culture is ruined only because of feminists. They first cried for their rights and them slowly forgot about their duties.


You know which is the most confusing day in US? - Father's Day!


If you wish to lead to such turmoil in India too....go ahead feminists.. No one can stop you.


What happens to a 498A wife? Can anyone successfully answer to this? And what happen to the 498A suffering husband?




I dare to give a better and peaceful society and that is why I'm against feminism......biased leads to imbalanced!




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gaury..fight to win (Education)     30 August 2011

Originally posted by :Tajobsindia
@ Saurabh

Surprises me to know you are fathoming 'logics' that also in feminist personalities and anrs. here, who have time and again innocently exhibited their "legal bankruptcies" by attempting to engage legal knowledgeable persons here by way of social networking / time passing by metro wife; that also in legal public forums


Grow-up or rightly give –up fishing them one by one or colly. ………….

PS: Awaiting ‘feminism’ article that you were polishing for peer review here !

Aap ek baar in deviyoko yaad karke thread post kiya tha...ab kya ho gaya jee??NRI ban gaye ho kya?? India wives par interest na raha??

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