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gaury..fight to win

About me

  Member Since : 08 June 2011  (Gadchiroli )

I am a College teacher.Got married against my family's.My in-laws family accepted me as their daughter got married to person who someday worked in their home as helper, uneducated and does not fit for their daughter socially.I was educated so they emraced me socially.In the very first my drunkard FIL told me that they are accepting me just to manage the reputation that his daughter spoiled.

I was always ill treated by in laws (except husband) for coming empty hand!!

I did not took it seriously as my husband's support was with me.

I got the job after 1month of the marriage, helped my unemployed husband to be establish in business(we were classmate in college)

Slowly we started  doing well in business and blessed with two sons.

After 8 years of marriage (after birth of second son)I came to know that he has a Mistress since last 6 yrs.I was totally shocked!Asked him about it.He admitted he loves her.I met the girl.Younger than him by 10 years..college girl..she knows everything  that he is married and father of two sons..yet....

I cried a lot and told him to forget her for the sake of our 18 years old relationship...he first lied me that he has no more relation with her ..but gradually i came to know he is keeping his relation with her as before..quarrel started between us..he started abusing me physically ..started to talk to her openly over phon before me....one day he left us that he doent need wife and son..he just can't live without her.

His family supporetd her.In the mean time we shifted to a rented house before birth of my younger son as our old house was under reconstruction for bro in laws marriage.He came back to his parents leaving us in old small house.Till bro-in laws marriage they kept relation with me and next day of the marriage reception party they misbehaved me and told to not to cometo  their house.

Husband used to come to my rented home to meet kids.He used to beat me for silly reasons..One day after a serious quarrel i filed an case of 498A.

He was arrested and in the police station our case was tried to solve trough compromise..I agreed as i wanted him to come to live with us and not to keep relation with that girl.He refused an d kept talking with his girlfriend before corrupted police .He stayed there and for 14 days and I came back crying.

Then I tried to come to the reality that he is no more mine.He left me mentally before long ago.But what to do with kids??How could I deny the truth that he is their father?

In the mean time my home was ready to live in.So I came to my home back to shift from my rented place which we took 1 year only.

But my mother in law, FIL husband and bro-in law(for whose marriage I shifted to rented home in 8 th month of pragnancy did not allow me and my kids to enter the campus.

The i decided to file DV seeking residence and protection order maintenance for kids.

I got residence and protection order .Now fighting to get my kids right for their father company and love.

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