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Dv act 2005 a sure recipe for indian family destruction.

Page no : 2




Let me take your first para

"Nature has designed males to be stronger than females,so that they can protect her when she is in danger.But males act as cowards when their abusive mums are around"


let me ask few question based on above.


1. How do you know that men has been designed stronger to protect woman? Did you talk to god? Or are you playing god? Or have you started thinking that what you say should be taken as god saying?.


2. You have said that man should protect woman ...  even though I do not agree .. lets accept  that for sake of argument..... then ....he just protect wife who is a woman.. .. or shall he also protect mother who is also a woman?


3. You have said that ... "..... protect from abusive mother"...  mother is a female ... so has nature designed woman to be abusive?.



4. Why wifes are abused and  mohter as abusive ...most wife becomes mother and gets a wife for his  son.. as  per your definition she also becomes abusive.........So  when does this transition happens from abused to abusive? 


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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     28 August 2011

I specialise in Mughlai and North Indian food.


Tell me what will you have once you break the fast.


Bas bhaav mat khana.Agar wo khaya to bhool jao ki hum kuch serve bhi karenge


Fasting shuru hui nahi,or menus pahle se hee bataye jaa rahe hai.:)

Arre agar aap log khaane ka naam leke tajobs ko lalchaate rahoge to tajobs fasting ka khayaal hee man se nikaal denge.


He will forget fasting and start demanding food.


Or Indian men bechare suffer karte rah jayenge.


Unhe bhooka pyaasa hee rahne do....Aap log ensure karo ki wo bhooke pyaase hee rahe.:P


Vaise bhi Roshni ki baato se nahi lagta ki wo tajobs ko serve karna chahti hai.Islie wo apne terms bata rahi hai unhe serve karne ke lie...

Saurabh..V (Law Consultant)     29 August 2011

The laws were set in place with a view to stop harrassment, however law makers forgot about the misuse. But ain't we missing something?


Law makers are highly qualified professionals like solicitor general of India & attorney general of India etc. Can they commit a mistake of giving super powers to the complainant? Yes. This is what is wrong in these laws.


Many feminists went on to say loose words in above thread but forgot the gist of this dicsussion. I do not oppose a law preventing abuse against weaker but I was trying to explain the needless implementation of sueper-power laws.


Why is S.498A IPC need to be non-bailable? Can any women or say feminist clarify with their super=power brain? Why cruelity was left open to the courts to decide to keep on including mental torture etc.?


Awaiting answers...




Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     29 August 2011

@ Saurabh

Oo you know what humour means?


If we go on talking seriously in a thread,it becomes boring.Even the author tends to add sarcasm and humour in many threads started by females like me.But we never take it to heart like you do.




If not,no one can help you..


Saurabh..V (Law Consultant)     29 August 2011



Your words are full of ego and high headedness.....


It's better I move away from ANY question/answer with you.... Thanks for telling it on LIVE forum that how greatly humurous and matured you are and I do not understand anything.... Thanks again!


Just rethink......boasting doesnt help anyone. And my questions were apt to be answered and were inherently dangerous and no feminist could ever give a satisfactory anwser to them.




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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     29 August 2011

@ Saurabh

Surprises me to know you are fathoming 'logics' that also in feminist personalities and anrs. here, who have time and again innocently exhibited their "legal bankruptcies" by attempting to engage legal knowledgeable persons here by way of social networking / time passing by metro wife; that also in legal public forums ;)


Grow-up or rightly give –up fishing them one by one or colly. ………….

Awaiting ‘feminism’ article that you were polishing for peer review here !

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upasna (coordinator)     29 August 2011

u r such a genius...i can u think in such a fabulous manner..bravo

Originally posted by :upasna
u r such a genius...i can u think in such a fabulous manner..bravo



Yes you are right Upasna.


Kushan Vyas is a real genius.He suggested such a wonderful solution to Tajobs that he should go on a hunger strike for change in these draconial laws.

Let's see when Tajobs begins his hunger strike.

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upasna (coordinator)     29 August 2011

i m short of words..the pain is unbearable when you see your brothers and famliy go in to this trouble..just saw the news of Pradeep Singhal of tonk, Rajasthan, who committed suicide and killed his in-laws as they torturedhim by filing fake 498 a. He got divorce but was mentaly harrased by his in-laws. They didnt let him meet his children even after the court permitted him. he committed suicide by shooting himself infront of thousand of people.... 

upasna (coordinator)     29 August 2011

:):):):)...speaking logic



Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948) was the most important Indian ... to force political concessions from the British by threatening to fast until death. 

Second Way,Bhi he Princess Ne Likha he ki(  )   jharus,belan,dandis are meant for wives who want to discipline spoilt husbands.

To husband ke liye rasta he democratic indians said Guns(The Right to Keep and Bear Arms).Guns se wife discipline me rahegi?? :(Hinsa Na Na Ahinsa ka rasta aacha Like fasting.

Addmi jab aacha kam karta he tab kutch problem bhi jivan me hota he like fasting and other reasons Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (often called Mahatma Gandhi) was assassinated on 30 January 1948, shot at point-blank range by Nathuram Godse. so sad...:(

Its very easy to say social networking / time passing by metro wife etc but when we are talking about the core issue we have to do something for Husbands.

Now, who takes this challnges?  "Logics"

The answer is tajobs why?

As he already said in his profile ,"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win

By: Mahatma Gandhi"

 Current government  ne ignor kiya tha bad me pata chala ke Fast me kitna Dum he.

So, he is the followers (like twitter me bhi Followers aata he na to Kaun he social Networking ka use jyaada karta he?;))of Mahatma Gandhiji.

Aap fast karo hum aapke saath he!

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Tajobs ab maan bhi jao fast karne ke lie.Kushan itne pyaar se kah raha hai.


Itna time LCI par karch karte ho.Kya milta hai aapko?All females make fun of you.Yahi na!


But when you follow your brother Kushan's advice and start a hunger strike,there will be a change in heart of metro wives like Utpala and Roshni also.They will cook for you.This is the biggest benefit.You get free meals,and love from all males of India.


I promise to rent out my kitchen where they can cook victory meals for you.


Please tell us when you are starting to fast,so that we can do the necessary preparations.


what is the fun of bringing tv serials in this important issue?

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Originally posted by : Zeeshan
" @ roshni, utpala, princess
Take a soleman pledge.
" If we have a brother We never allowed him to marry b'coz after that --

Our brother become  cruel, cunning, dowry seeker, unhuman, criminal "husband".
our mother become cruel, cunning, dowry seeker, unhuman, criminal ''mother in law''. 
And we become cruel, cunning, dowry seeker, unhuman, criminal  "sister in law".
After that if by bad luck we get married & by again bad luck we got a son we do not allow him to marry b'coz after that-
Our son become  cruel, cunning, dowry seeker, unhuman, criminal "husband".
We become  cruel, cunning, dowry seeker, unhuman, criminal "mother in  law."
Our daughter become cruel, cunning, dowry seeker, unhuman, criminal "sister in law""

Also say that, " We feel shameful for our father" who is cruel, cunning, dowry seeker, unhuman, criminal " husband of my mother ".
And also We feel shameful for our grand mother who is  cruel, cunning, dowry seeker, unhuman, criminal 'mother in law' of my mother."
We never repeat all there mistake & ill-doing in future....."

Wah Zee Kya Baat Hai.

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