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  Sir,With humble request to all I want to bring your kind attention that my sister (Mrs Najneen Sultana,W/O-Mr.Jikerul Islam) is a victim of domestic violence by her husband and also her daughter Miss Simran Islam(13) is suffering for her necessities by mentally and by education.Here is some necessary information by which I expect the procedure of getting proper judgement by our trusted and honored law.

1. Mrs Najneen Sultana was getting married by Mr. Jikerul Islam on 28 th Jan 2000.                                                          (Demand was 2,00,000 for personal Maruti car and 4,00,000 for study of MBA.Payment was done before marriage 2,00,000 and 4,00,000 after marriage)

2. That Najneen Sultana went to Bangalore from Durgapur (Residence of Jikerul Islam) on July,2000.

3. That Najneen was tortured by her husband constantly in Bangalore.Even after her first issue December 2000.

4. That Mrs Najneen Sultana was returned to home suffered by mental and physical violence on May 2007 along with her daughter.

In this condition Mrs Najneen Sultana stepped to honorable court for her peaceful and settled life.

1. That first case was filed by Mrs Najneen Sultana in Baherampur Court,Murshidabad,West Bengal under Section 498A case no-549/07.

2. Mr Jikerul Islam confess his wrong work in front of  Mrs. Najneen Sultana and her family.and requested Mrs Najneen Sultana to go Bangalore.For the hope of peaceful family Mrs Najneen Sultana went to Bangalore and faced torture for another six month and brought by her father MD.Sanaullah  informing the condition(physically and mentally tortured in another pregnancy) to  Police Inspector.All woman police station.Halasur Gate,Bangalore-560002 on 17/11/2011.At that time she was tortured and is in the danger situation of life in pregnancy period.

3.Mr Jikerul Islam filed a case against Mrs Najneen Sultana and her family taking the chance of his absence in the time of returning of Najneen Sultana under section  312,350,420,442,506  

4. That Mrs Najneen Sultana got judgement by honorable A.C.G.M,Jangipur.She achieved the maintenance of INR 12,000 for her and 8000 for her daughter i.e Miss Simran Islam on 17/01/ 2011.But she never get any maintenance.

5.That Mr Jikerul Islam filed a case under section 401 read with the section 482 Cr.P.C against the judgement of learned A.C.J.M in Jangipur in High Court (CRR 1282 of 2011 filed on 18 May 2011)

6.That within this period Mr JIkerul Islam violated the order of the honoured judgement given by A.C.J.M Jangipur and never gave any money to Mrs Najneen Sultana and to his daughter( Simran Islam) 

6. Mrs Najneen Sultana prayed to the honoured Supreme Court to transfer all the cases to the Jangipur Court to present and maintain every date of the cases belonging in her seeking from financial situation.

    But still now Mrs Najneen Sultana and her daughter are suffering from mental agony created by the financial and good will lose by Mr Jikerul Islam .

   In this situation I am praying to all of you to help Mrs Najneen Sultana and her daughter to recover them from this harassfull life of this domestic  violence.

Your proper help will guide her to get the proper judgement so we are eargerly waiting for establish the truth and help to get recovery from her suffering condition.




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