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sagar jadhav (employee)     04 April 2016

Divorced wife still in contact with mother


Thanks to all I got divorce in family court with paying single ailmony

mny many thanks to all lawyers who replied and helped me



now main issue


wife and my mom still doing whatsapp with each other

mom not helping me find new bride ,father is*xpired and alone child,its more of personal than legal issue but heavy stuck on me


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Hiren Gohel   04 April 2016

Hi Sagar, This is Hiren. I am also looking for divorce from my wife. She has filed false 498a and 125 against me and my family. She is trying and making everything possible to dominate us. Please share your experience while this entire divorce procedure with your wife. I want to gather some information and knowledge for my case. My wife is also having affair with a guy and she has appointed the same guy as her lawyer. So I guess you can understand my situation now. Please share your overall experience and what step did you take and how did you manage to get divorce in just single alimony. My email address is hirengo.84@gmail.com Thank you and all the best for your future.

sagar jadhav (employee)     04 April 2016

plz put a sep thread

Mukesh sharma (job )     04 April 2016

hi sir its not a legal issue its your family problem and if your mother talk with your wife you divoursed recently than its need to take you action and talk with your mother and tell him dont do it and find new bride for  me 



sagar jadhav (employee)     04 April 2016

is there way to solve it legally?all ur points good but already covered

Mukesh sharma (job )     04 April 2016

hi sir i know about it but tell me but you solved by legally help you wantr to stop your mother nbot to talk with your divourse wife are your say that your divourse wife not to talk with your mother reason that she cant find a suitble bride for you now 

its  not possibe dost try to understand your mother and  tell er your condition you know very well whattsapp social platform any  one talk with any other you cant stop him 

same condition here with you you cant stop him by legally help you stop him only socilay help 

its all you know how you do your best 



naveen (business)     04 April 2016

Hi sagar, If ur mother speaks to ur ex wife, its ther persnol relationship. U can only ask ur mom to stop all communication wit the lady who ruined ur life. Its totally ur family issue, solve with elders interference mother and try to convince ur mother. Legally u cannot do anything. For every issue ther wont b legal solution . instead of depending on ur mother for searching new bride, u urself try and get marry .

sagar jadhav (employee)     04 April 2016

when finding new wife its very diffiult to explain this situation also when divorce cleared wife had signed that she will not iterfere in my family matt

Mukesh sharma (job )     04 April 2016

hi sir i understand your situation and your problem 

but my question is not that coz i tell you  you say your mother also talk with her on whatsapp so if you stop them to talk than  your matter clear if after she reach you are other your family member than you file appliaction 

coz you need to prove it all she interfare in your family matter 

try to handle its your family support 


sagar jadhav (employee)     04 April 2016

no elders

only me and my mother family

rest even we havent told abt divorce

Mukesh sharma (job )     04 April 2016

okey so you have small family plz in last am saying to you talk with your mother and tell him to stop all way to talk with your wife give some time to your mother hope she doing well about your future 



sagar jadhav (employee)     04 April 2016

already talked with both of them

Mukesh sharma (job )     04 April 2016

hi sir you already talk with them than what your mother say about it and why she did not stop talk with your ex wife till and what she think about it 

have you ask her some question and also if you tlak with your ex wife than what she say about why she could not stop talking with your mother 

find some question answer from your mother she giv you than try to understand them about condition your small family you do it spend some time with your mother and know about her feeling why she doing so 


sagar jadhav (employee)     05 April 2016

its obvious that both r stubbrn

Mukesh sharma (job )     05 April 2016

hi sagar i understand your condition but and again you cant help from  legally on this ground so try again hope you success soon


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