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rakshit (others)     25 February 2014

Divorce - reunion

Hi Friends,

                    I had applied for  Divorce against my wife around eight months back in family court because she had an affair with some other men. Now the case has come to mediation stage.

My Wife has filed objection stating she want to go back with her husband(that is me) again.

She requested with me and my parents and my lawyer to forgive her and told us she has done mistake in past and she wont do same mistake again in future and she promised me that she will lead genuine life with me leaving her past affair.

But news of her affair with another person has spread with all my relatives, neighbors and in my home town.

This news has made me and my parents feel ashamed in front of all.

All my relatives, parents, neighbors are not interested in bringing my wife back to my home due to the pain, embrassment and depression she created in our family.

Also all my family members doubts my wife may repeat her affair again in future.

But my mind thinks that my wife has changed and learnt from her mistake and my mind tells to forgive her and start new life with her. Also I am tired of going to court from last 8 months and still I have to fight in court for one more year approx. I am tired both physically and mentally by fighting in court.

We dont have kids till now.

I showed my and my wife kundali to a good astrologer yesterday and he told both horoscope/kundali is not matching.


So friends I am in Total Confusion now. Please guide me whether to forgive my wife and start new life with her or take divorce by fighting in court for another one year.

My question is how to face people and my relatives and neighbors if I start new life with my wife again because they will talk badly about my wife's character because of her affair with other men.

PS : She is working in small company earning around  Rs 10 thousand per month but she has also filed for maintenance in case if I don't accept her again.

But  she has not filed any dowry or Domestic violence case on me.

Thanks a Lot in Advance.





 9 Replies

Gautam Kapoor (IT professional Studying Law)     25 February 2014

@Raksh*t- To forgive he or not is your prerogative(a judicious decision as to be made by you - keeping  in mind each and every situations you  had undergone). You also need to ask your self if you will stop doubting her in the near future and what if a similar situation should arise again when you have kids, Where would you be ?

She did not yet file 498/DV , you could be wrong if you think it  as a positive thing.

She filed a maintenance on you , fight it out on its merits (she is working and had a affair).

Good luck.

great india (manager)     25 February 2014

1. Do one thing....if she is regretful...ask her to accept her adultery under oath in front of magistrate. 2. If she's really sorry she will accept and you can think of apology as the news of her affair is already spread so she should not mind accepting her mistake openly. 3. If she doesn't... She has something more fir you in near future..... You can test and judge for yourself. 4. Moreover her adultery can be used as evidence if she tends to trap you in near future.

Amandeep (private)     25 February 2014

@ Raksh*t  if your wife really wants to come back and start new life with you then apologize her.. this is my personal opinion because if you are right then GOD will definitely help you....

sandykrish (Interested in Family LAW)     25 February 2014

Raksh*t, There are several cases where the Husband and Wife have rejoined and are leading a good life but when you ask at success percentage it is less than 1%. 


Generally what happens in these situation is if you are a norrow minded person this will hurt you back and small behaviour of your wife will sparkle doubt against her and this situation may arise in the future. Please go through the situation well and we are not discouraging you not to rejoin but the above factor should be taken into consideration.


If you guys are broad then convince elders and lead a good life else part ways peacefully...

gd dy (gd dy)     26 February 2014

dont  jeopardise ur life on rumor and assumption.

only advice
" believe those advice who practice what they preach."

I need guidance now. (Harassed by Wife and her family)     26 February 2014

If she is asking you to forgive her. then do it. why do you want to think of her past. people around you who speak will never come to lead your life. dude. affair before marriage is most comon in this generation. Its all left to you to take her or leave. but if u forgive and take her back you will be the best person for her and she would lead good life in future.

My wife who liked a guy before and had broke up has broke up again with me. this is behavior problem. if ur wife is same. then no use in getting back. if she is good then dont think. go live happiely.. :)

rakshit (others)     27 February 2014

My Parents and Myself are not interested in bringing back my wife back to our house and same thing we are arguing in court. But my wife wants to come back to my house. She has put objection to my petition stating that she want husband and want to go back to husbands house unconditionally.

So what will be the consequence of this both sides arguments. Finally what Judge will decide in this situation when husband (petitioner) doesn't want wife and want divorce but wife(respondent) dont want divorce but she want husband.

So after few months of arguments what might Judge will decide or what will be final order?




Samir N (General Queries) (Business)     28 February 2014

You are missing the BIG picture. All the advise given above have no legal footing whatsoever. Whether you get her admission before a Magistrate or from the Supreme Court or God himself/herself/whatever... once you have restored conjugal rights after filing for divorce and withdrawn your petition, all her past sins, misconduct, affairs and cruelty are deemed condoned. You will not be able to use them as defense in the future in any filings by her or as a basis of new filings by you. I think she has been advised by a good advocate to trap you into condoning her affairs. Don't be chicken-hearted.  Kick her ass and get rid of her while you can. She is like a car with a faulty engine. Sell it while you can.

On a personal note, condoning a pre-marital affair is fair, condoning extra-marital affair is stupid especially when you have no kid. Such women are like alcoholic men. Rarely can they give up drinking. She will have more affairs for sure, its just a matter of time. GOOD LUCK!!

sandykrish (Interested in Family LAW)     28 February 2014

Samir amazing reply. Now it is left to the author to accept her not. Generally these kind of females have behaviour issues they are specifically called as Bi-Polar disease, they all do in fist of furry later realises come back to you and start a parallel affair. I have seen such live examples, they will be so normal that you even cant believe. Be firm in your decision, you have no kids....it is a struggle for few days once you are out of it you will definitely get a better once. Once you accept her through court of law it is just like condoning her past, you will end up in the same position in the future. Its left to you...

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