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Divorce from my wife...

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Ambika (NA)     01 February 2011

They do not analyse the judgement! they do not know judgments can be overruled when arguments are strong. What strong arguments a married man would have to be in live in relationship in the eyes of law. Live in relationships are OK in the eyes of the court when both the partners are not married...

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Roshni is right.

Lets file a PIL in court to ban marriages in India.Anybody who tries to get married after the ban should be sent to Andaman or given life imprisonment.

We are about to beat USA when it comes to extra marital affairs.

Now we should beat all animals by finding our mates on roads and parks.So that animals hang their heads in shame and weep over their own regression.

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Manoj Choudhary (Advocate)     01 February 2011

@ Roshni

That is why we call this a gender biased law (look at the name of judge in your judgement). No other comment to my learned senior members.

@ All members

My thinking while replying is If a person wnts to get resolution for his/her concern. Its better to reply to the query(not to comment on the people who replied to that query)

Its upto the person that According to his/her requirement and situation he/she can take the appropriate step.

S/he know the situation better than us.

Mallik Karra (Done with AIBE)     01 February 2011

does'nt matter if high court changed the judgement or not.... until SC confirm one of them...

till time happy live-in's.........

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     01 February 2011

wot is gender bias???

if courts encourage adultery,that's ethical.

if a sensitive and wise judge upholds marriage institution as sacred and discourages adultery,it becomes gender bias!

wot kind of equality do u seek?that men commit adultery and wives dont open their mouths?

men may as well not marry and get into live in relations as much as they want.they have the rights to do body stops them.

but they want to have their cake and eat it too..first get married to please parents and bear children to carry on family lineage,then dump the wife for another woman...because this is gender equality!

i commented on ur post since u openly advised him for an unethical thing.i did not mean to pass any personal comment on you or your may live the way u want.

but in a legal forum u shud also care for morality principle while advising so that a person is prevented from taking wrong steps.this thread may be read by LCI members as well as non-members who may be visiting this site..they may all learn wrong things here.

if people act more responsibly and advice ethically,there will be only justice and equality in society.the need of courts will also not be there.

as such our Hindi movies are encouraging adultery.But LCI forum must be preaching justice andmorality,for a smoother life!

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neel (self)     01 February 2011

"She has finally said that she will give me a divorce only if i agree that I will not be in a relationship with the other woman."


What a condition proposed by you wife for divorce?


Just Quickly agree to her demand and declare that you will take "sanyas" and also drink daily 1 liter of 'neem ka juice" for next 10 years and observe abstinence for ever!! Obtain MCD quickly and then you are free man!! Golden opportunity for you.


She has fergotten that even she spent her life as live-in with you.

Mallik Karra (Done with AIBE)     01 February 2011

if courts encourage adultery,that's ethical - absolutely not, but even the woman should be punished for adultery not just the man and there lies the gender bias.........


Ambika (NA)     01 February 2011

She was in live in relationship and both of them were unmarried! Here situation is entirely different. He is still in marriage, his wife is no his her live in cant be compared with his live in now !

Mallik Karra (Done with AIBE)     01 February 2011

if you are referring to the post by Manoj Chaudhary....... please go thru it again,


DELHI HC upheld right to livin of a married man with his unmarried lover and ordered protection to them

Manoj Choudhary (Advocate)     01 February 2011

@ Roshni B

I am not the first person who is taking favor of live-in relationship. Please refer histoly of forums and u will find that Even Supreme Court has also validated the same.

Further refer to the observation pointed by Neel"

"She has finally said that she will give me a divorce only if i agree that I will not be in a relationship with the other woman."

Is it justified?

As far as morality is concerned, I have not commented on any1 personally like "i did not mean to pass any personal comment on you or your may live the way u want"

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     01 February 2011

that's why i said...either ban marriages and make them illegal


ban live ins just for married people and inspire them to remain committed in their existing marriages

Or else be ready for more crimes,revenge,killings etc that people like below face or commit,when they have live ins despite being married,or with sum1 married:



Wife kills husband's mistress in UP

RAE BARELI (UP): In a revengeful act, the wife and three children of a police officer allegedly battered his mistress to death in a police colony in Rae Bareli.

Ramji Tripathi, in-charge of Bachrawan Police Station, had a live-in relationship with a woman, police said, adding both were living in a police flat.

Tripathi's wife, her two daughters and a son suddenly surfaced at the police colony on Monday morning and after a heated argument, allegedly battered the woman to death.

The four later surrendered before police and a case was registered against them.

Tripathi was placed under suspension, police said.

Dehradun: Man kills wife and lover for extra marital affairs

As reported in the Pioneer, the police arrested a man who stabbed his wife and her lover to death on August 10 in a village near Bajpur Town of Udham Singh Nagar district. The accused named Rafeek stabbed his wife and her lover to death after he found them in a compromising situation. Police arrested the accused and recovered the weapon used for crime.



Scorned woman kills son of lover

A triangular love story gone sour snuffed the life out of a three-year-old boy in Chennai. An unsuspecting Aditya went with his ‘aunty’ only to end up being killed by her, his body stuffed into a suitcase and abandoned on a public transport bus in Puducherry. The ‘aunty’, his father’s mistress,scriptted a

GA_googleCreateDomIframe('google_ads_div_ht_story_top_lhs_200x200' ,'ht_story_top_lhs_200x200');

gory end to her warped love to avenge rejection by Aditya’s father.


This is what the police said Poovarasi, 26, confessed to after being arrested on Monday. She said her lover, G. Jayakumar, 35, not only rejected her pleas to marry her but pressed her to terminate her pregnancy and used his influence to get her transferred to Madurai.

The two are employed with a private insurance company in central Chennai.

They met in a bank where they worked together a few years ago and fell in love. Later, Jayakumar fancied another woman, Anandalakshmi, and married her. The couple had two children – Nivethita, 6, and Aditya.

Poovarasi's passion for Jayakumar was such that she continued her affair and also followed him to the insurance company where he moved to later.

J.N. Seshasai, joint commissioner of police, North Chennai, said, “With just a few days left for her to relocate to Madurai, she found Aditya at their office on Saturday 11.30 a.m. She knew the boy well and asked  Jayakumar if she could take him out.”

Poovarasi took the unsuspecting child to her hostel room, covered his face with a polythene bag and strangled him with an elastic rope, the police said.

She then packed the body in a suitcase and went to neighbouring Puducherry, where she left the suitcase in a state transport bus. She returned to Chennai on Sunday. By that time, Jayakumar had filed a complaint with the police and Aditya’s body was found.

Prithwiraj (Manager)     02 February 2011

Ok guys.. I appreciate your replies.. need to make somethings clear here:

Corrections on my past: I did try to talk my wife to goto a relationship councellor and a s*x therapist.. she avoided both for years, and only agreed to do so after all this fell apart.. too little too late..

I understand i did make the mistake of pursuing a relationship with a girl when i was legally not supposed to.. but that was the level of my frustration.. that i put my gf thru more trouble than she deserved.

I dont intend to put her thru the societal humiliation that a 'live-in' would cause her, we really love each other and she has stood by me thru this thick and thin, and I wont be in my right or doing her love any justice if i drag her into a live in.

As of now she is completely out of the picture, while i try to convince my wife to go for a mutual seperation so we can move on with our respective lives.. because this has become so hollow that there is nothing in this

BUT, in the worst case scenario, that I do fail.

1. firstly i'm looking for some thoghts on how to fight this divorce in a contested way,

2. what potential legal harm can it bring to my gf if i fight a contested divorce

3. what legal protection can she get from persecution, under various criminal/civil cases that my wife and her family can put against her if any.

Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     02 February 2011

UR WIFE HAS NO LEGAL RIGHT TO FILE ANY CASE AGAINST HER,except defaming u n her so be tension free. at most she can seek divorce on this ground.

Prithwiraj (Manager)     02 February 2011

I have lied to my wife enough, and wont do the 'lie to get a mcd' thing. I know its idiotic from a practical standpoint, but i'll do my best to work towards a mcd where no lies are involved. Lying to her about my relationship is what complicated the  lives of two women who i care about. Dont want to do that and really screw things up again.

Prithwiraj (Manager)     02 February 2011

what protection can i get against defamation of her. I am least concerned about me at the moment?

my father taking my wife's side is not helping. he has his principles and i dont object to him having them but i'm different than he is. He has mentioned several times that if push comes to shove my wife will take legal action against her, and i'm very concerned about this.

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