Problems of divorced women to be shared here


Mimi Paul,

I appreciate U. Good job.

There are some defeats more triumphant than victories

Biggest problem of second marriage of divorced woman if they get married they have to do more adjustment to get settle in her marriage life.

If second divorce ( for both husband/wife) all relative/people say he/she don't have good nature now see second marriage is also the same as first.


Thanks Roshni mam,

can u please send this certificate to my 498a wife. I am the biggest criminal in this earth in her view. 

I am really thankful to mimi for tapping such a sensational issue and with so much of heart touching facts that how this sacred relationship of hus-wife is being destroyed in the name of liberty and equallity of women. I will urge freinds that dont suggest everybody to go to police or file complaint or go to court for any matrimonial discord. It will never going to help anybody. I will appreciate many senior experts who always quote this. The real offenders are never punished and  by using these laws many families are broken. 

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Be it a girl or a boy……..destroyed matrimony is a blot/a stigma. I cant say, fault is one sided only…………..its from both sides. Hubby & wife shud try their best that their brawls never spill into public/their parents/society. We go to workplace, to relations, to neighbourhood, or else…….we have to adjust with so many ppl……even with a foul mouthed colleague, a bad boss etc…….so why not with life partner? It’s a very less price one has to pay rather than spend a long, lonely, tortuous, humiliated life ahead.

At the same time, small disputes may become huge & very ugly……….if these are not properly+ timely handled. Ego problems go on increasing & bad words start coming……..delicate relation is shattered.  At this point what we need is MARRIAGE COUNCELLING. If timely given+ sincerely taken, this is the right remedy.

Girls take a hasty decision to launch 498a etal. Matrimonial disputes are common & everywhere. CIVIL REMEDIES SHOULD BE SOUGHT RATHER THAN A CRIMINAL ONE. I have seen a lot of cases at CAW cell or at court’s mediation……trouble is not much, damage is still repairable….but seeing 498a from girl……Boys’ side loses faith in girl as they have come face to face with weird allegations she has put upon them…..all due to advocates’ pre-set performa of 498a complaint/wrong advice. Boys side goes throu’ such an ordeal that they become so firm as not to take back this girl. 3-4 years of running around….girl + her family comes to senses, what has happened.…..but now everything has lost…………what is left- is a shattered life ahead………..for both of them………it’s a long life…of repentance!

Why not all oppose these biased laws which have done more harm than benefit to the families over the years! If there is felt need of 498a, at least make it a BAILABLE ONE… that it leads to a level playfield to encourage concelling……many marriages can be saved this way.

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For justice and dignity



i request you most humbly not to convert this thread into false 498A cases..there are many threads discussing false 498A issues.u can go there and write your views as  many times as u want.


kindly dont mix up issues in.this thread,as u know,it is discsuuing plight of a divorced please let this particular topic be the central theme of the thread...dont divert the issues..



See How Roshni is So Adamant, there is nothing wrong about his Views, But this is what happened in most of the GONE Cases..


roshni dee u said..

"can u explain why some gals are killed after birth?are they non-adjusting babies?or is it bias which makes people kill even tiny,innocent babies...."

roshni dee..

ur question is intended for child rights then ..sub-context girl child rights..again a topic being diverted..

moreover am not here to argue with u. so lets keep it simple..

..a simple query needs a simple response or opinion which i gave and everyone does the same  as per the need or question put by author..nothing much.


Originally posted by :Mimi Paul

3. hardships in getting job,especially if age has crossed 30.maintenance money lasts only for a while.then it also finishes.

why would it be hard to get a job after crossing 30? i thought people hire for talent not age.

For justice and dignity




i was simply talking about biased attitude towards a divorced woman/baby remains the same from her parents' side........she's always seen as a burden to live with,whether it’s after her birth,or after her broken marriage.

even if u feel i brought the issue of rights here,I don’t think I diverted the main issue here…

see, even a divorced/separated woman has the right to live in dignity at her parents' place.when she has the right to her father's property,why doesnt she have the right to also live on that property with dignity?


i commented on rajiv's post since it was ACTUALLY  diverting the issue...we are talking of sum1's plight,be it a newborn girl or a divorced woman staying with her parents,but the cunningness of false 498A wives has been brought in this thread,like is a wronged divorced woman's plight connected to FALSE 498A cases filed cby cunning wives??these r 2 diff. topics...if u don't agree,that's upto u...




why would it be hard to get a job after crossing 30? i thought people hire for talent not age.

i very much agree with mimi's aforementioned point of job difficulty after 30..

at the same time,i am surprised by zimmer's observation.

dear zimmer,..ideally speaking,hiring must be dun on talent basis only.unfortunately,it's based on age limit and also talent...


if u know,above 30 doesnt mean 31 yr. old  woman cud also refer to  a 35 or 46 yrs. old woman.


you being educated,i hope u are aware that in all jobs,there's an age limit...


if u r unaware,i urge you to daily go thru all classifieds sections of newspapers,which have vacancies mentioned..many of them will mentin the age limit…


if not,I suggest you a simple way.


only for the sake of verifying the truth in what mimi says,start sending a fake  CV to all these advertisers,posing as a woman who's aged b/w 32-45 yrs,and who's looking for a job



then sit bak and watch how many interview calls u get....

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laadli daughter becomes a RADDI after divorce.Girls are treated as show pieces in many families....if she gets married to a rich and goood groom then parents feel proud of that,If she id divorced they become shy to admit that before the society.It is the girl who suffers all..the trauma of getting divorced and ill-treat from parents/bros n bhabis..etc.

So i think girls hould be aware of own rights along with she should become self dependent any how.Either by service or even taking tuition ..Brothers once married forgets that their sister are also their PARENT'S CREATION!!So they have equal rights in their parent's property.They should assert their right , should take responsibilty of own parents equally and live happily without bothering brothers who ill treat her.



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