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criminal confinement

I live in III floor(top) of the building.There is only one entrance to all floors .There is a residents' welfare society in our area, with guards.One of the main gates  of our block, which is very near to our building is locked at 11PM and opened at 5AM.The guard sits at the mail entrance of the block and once in 2 hours comes to check the gate near to our building.The residents of I floor in my building ,have without my consent locked the main entrance to the building at 9.30PM.Such locking of the only entrance to the building I live in, in my opinion amounts to criminal confinement.I tried to explain that locking the only entrance without my permission(there are several reasons for not agreeing )is illegal.But the residents of I floor do not seem to care.The residents in II floor, out of fear of the I floor residents do not object.

What case do I have against the residents of I floor?I quote the law in Indiana USA, in this regard:

Criminal confinement and grounding - 10/26/2000

Today I came across this from the Indiana laws

IC 35-42-3-3

Sec. 3. A person who knowingly or intentionally:
(1) confines another person without the other person's
consent; or (2) removes another person, by fraud,
enticement, force, or threat of force, from one (1) place
to another; commits criminal confinement, a Class D felony.
However, the offense is a Class C felony if the other person
is less than fourteen (14) years of age and is not the person's
child, and a Class B felony if it is committed while armed
with a deadly weapon or results in serious bodily injury to another person.

As I read this if you live in Indiana, are over 13 and are
"grounded" by your parents, your parents are guilty of criminal

Interestingly, if you are 13 or under and someone else confines
you, it is a worse offense. But if it is your parents it is okay.




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