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abhishek (1)     22 September 2011

Cost of divorce

i thick very wise,experienced and really gr8 people are present here please guide,

How much it cost for a divorce if wife is not willing to give one becouse if - inspite of giving so much of love and caring she does not have any regards then probably she will be - not ready for a peacefull ending,

becoz her real moto was to Rule, Kill and then Rob. Please don't give subjective answer like - it depends upon situation to situation and years of marriage , age etc. if there r any factor please give appx. value with each factor Becoz giving another chance can be like risking life of own and family - if situation is like this


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Rohit Shukla (Engineer)     22 September 2011

It will cost you everything minus except your independence and the sense of dignity to live life on a rational term

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     22 September 2011

I have a diametrical different take on your innocent que. based on presented apathy one sees in a gender victim's brief;

1. I will say now it will cost you nothing at all.
The moment a metro wife leaves your main door's mat your family life has achieved social divorce. It is just matter of time you take a paper decree of same thing to circulate in society that you keep. Hence you enjoy your life at your own pace and terms now that social divorce has already happened why chase for a paper decree! When it is meant to come it will come. Now
India has accepted so many western ways of life why still live in Vedic / sanskaric period which finds few takers in modern days spousal relationships? Had it been so for any matter she would not have left her marital life.


abhishek (1)     23 September 2011

this is really a mess

God created us - beautiful, intelligents

thr is nothing on this mother earth, we can not do

now he will be shamed on us what we r doin

this is really not constructive i must say

govt should give every one some kind of economic and medical security

so that love should be the only thing to be expected from partner/people


Please help, i m expecting some figure on cost of divorce on above situation


abhishek (1)     23 September 2011

need to consider this also when everything is uncertain

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     23 September 2011

1. You have taken to HEART a saying "every person has a price !"

if it is so then

2. Eik herey ki valuation eik johari hi kar sakta hai....suna hai dada - dadi sey kabhi janab.

Ask HER directly cost of divorce (divorce is read as hera here)
as we don't know which carbon compound (johari) the matrimonial relationship with HER was all about (rad as we donot know status of parties to give valuation as cost of divorce This bar you both have to set one day across table............:-)

Manav Kalia (Arguing my own cases..)     23 September 2011

I don't know if you have gotten married under Hindu marriage act. Under hma it is not at all easy for man to get divorce. If girl wants divorce she has lot of grounds. If man wants divorce then only three grounds. Cruelty, desertion, adultery. If wife doesn't want divorce then desertion is out. Adultery is next to impossible to prove. Only basis left is cruelty and that is not easy. I am in similar boat. But keep in mind, there have been cases where man has not been able to get divorce for more than thirty years because wife did not want one. you might have to go up to SC to get one. Even then there is no guarantee. I have filed divorce, and use that as basis for distribution to make fun of socially divorced wife. That's the only option left to me, as wife doesn't want a divorce.. Sad reality of hma.. :-[

abhishek (1)     23 September 2011

@Miarage, thanks

This is really BAD, now i know why it is told to sit quietly


if person is clever he/she knows

Murgi ko kat ke kuch nahin milega, uss-se to ande lo wo bhi roz

Manav Kalia (Arguing my own cases..)     24 September 2011

Even so today society understands that a lot of people have no but option but to be socially divorced. Best way for me was to file for divorce and distribute certified copies of divorce papers to my friends, relatives, and neighbors, and office people along with a sarcastic letter ridiculing her and hma, and also for her same of people. That set her right as people hate being made fun of. But it also resulted in her filing dv on me. And also a caw complaint. But for me out was totally worth it.. But different people might think otherwise. But I got what I wanted and she did not. ;-)

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