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Complaint/Action on Wife/Laywer/Postman

Page no : 2

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     21 November 2010

yes u r very correct.each of ur words is true!

 i know there are good advocates but.....

if one doesnt know any person who has dealt with advocates and therefore cannot recommend good ones,then wot does he do?

in short,if a person has never come across any1 who's been into litigation,how will he find out in which chambers the gud advocates are sitting?


Dear Madhav,

Have you sent the notice by Registered AD. Please make a complaint  to the Post office and within a week they will give you in writing what happened to that Ad. If this Notice has been delivered to the Party, then it becomes a contempt of not obeying the orders and you can apply for Ex-parte orders.

Otherwise apply for a fresh notice and this time you can get the same delivered to the Lawyer of the opposite party or the party it self. If the opposite party is staying in the same vicinity of the court of appropriate jurisdiction, then you can apply for dasti Summons. The Court Ballif will go to deliver the summons.

For this you will need to pay the court fees.

Apart form this A sincere advise, Please refrain from writing allegations on these website. You need to be polite while you are working in the Legal boundaries.

Please feel free to contact in case of any other qurries.



Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     21 November 2010

@ vivek jee,

i apologise if u r hurt.

my only intention was to know how to come across an honest brilliant lawyer,when one doesnt know of any1 who can recommend..


hv a gud day


I am not hurt. It only my piece of advise. If you need any further advise on your case, Please feel free to contact. I shall be happy to help. 



anantha madhav (ARM)     21 November 2010

Dear Ld Members

Thanks  oce again for your replies

@Vivek Sir,

my intention is not to hurt anyone in this forum, i just felt bad and expresssed my views on what

happend in my case.



Thanks & Rgd

Kunal Mukherjee (Father)     21 November 2010

Can you not try and manage the postman ?

Naresh (In search of job)     21 November 2010

Dear member's 


How long these registered post records are kept by postal department. I have sent a legal notice to opposite party through my lawyer in 2007, now the other party is denying receiving any such thing.


Is it possible now to make a complaint with postal department to know what happened with such legal notice sent through registered post.? 

Kirti Kar Tripathi (lawyer)     22 November 2010

Dear Ananth,

This is common problem. there so many modes for service you can adopt same

Jamai Of Law (propra)     22 November 2010

Madhav ji,


I wish you had narrated the situation and your concerns more appropriately.


I presume that.....

You filed  "on your own" in court................... RCR  petition+ its photocopy + supporting affidavit+marriage, address, age, occupation, kids age etc proofs

You may not sent her any "notice" before filing RCR petition. (That's fine..but not weakens the merits of applicant)'s the court's job to 'serve summons notice" to your wife. You may volunteer to help also, and show baliff the address (if in the same town) personally (Dasti summons)

or if not in the same town may offer to help to the court or co-ordinate anyhow to deliver the summons!!! (Dasti summons)


Also you have right to check the records whether it is served and courtsign of wife is there or not.....


.................Only then.... you should complain that your wife is intensionally not appearing in court...It may be that she isn't aware so far!!!



If court's mail returns undelivered then remark/reason is duely noted by the postman.



If you are trying to reunion..then I do't think RCR helps!!!



There may also be a covert agenda to create a new easy ground for divorce......

step 1: Win RCR...............

step 2: And then deliberately don't allow compliance of RCR in 1 year

step 3: And create aneasy new ground for divorce/walk you for husband or wife even though either or both parties at fault!!!



But let me remind you that it's not as easy as it looks!!! Unless one uses RCR only for honest intensions!!!



Call her and say that............................................ "you are renouncing the world and giving all your property in her name but to ensure that all property goes in her hand, you are comming there personally to hand over the documents....................please be present at home when are to arrive!!.....and then hand over the summons!!!"

Bhaskar for SOCIAL JUSTICE (Legal & Social Activist)     15 December 2010

What is the best way to re-concile with wife (except RCR) if she and her parents are not ready to lisson until their unreasobale demands are met.


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