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Suvo (ASSOCIATE)     04 September 2016

Can i start a card game site for foreign countries from indi

I want to start a card game site for foreign countries from India. Like poker game, card game, cashino are as of now not legal in India but its legal in other countries. So can I run a site from India for Foreign country of these kind of games. THE Site will be blocked for India and can be used by other countries. Is it possible.


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adv.bharat @ PUNE (Lawyer)     04 September 2016

SUV  to do this kind of activity u need to take permission fromt the concern state government for running such website.

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KS Johal   04 September 2016

As you state that it is not illegal in India that should answer your question. So why do you want to do something that is illegal in India? Blocking a site from India does not mean that it is legal. Remember there are many software experts based in India who can unblock your site. If you really intend to do this then you must apply for a licence to be able to do that, otherwise you may find yourself in deep trouble and obviously the lawyers will benefit from your illegal or misleading site that is illegal in India. Please let me know if the information provided is useful or not.
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Kumar Doab (FIN)     04 September 2016

Repeated query;




Kumar Doab (FIN)     04 September 2016

Also posted at;



Suvo (ASSOCIATE)     04 September 2016

Thanks for the answer... I dont know how to take permission for the same..Plz help me to know the same. I dont want to do any illegal things then.... But I have seen many site of online poker games running in india. Thats why I asked this.. You can search in Google, online poker game or teen patti, you will gate many site and apps running In India. So I asked how they r running those businesses in India. Thanks all of you for the answer.

Suvo (ASSOCIATE)     04 September 2016

Open , its a site of west bengal, where you can play poker, card game and cashino to earn money.. then how arevthey running in India.

Suvo (ASSOCIATE)     04 September 2016

Read the below mentioned decisions.. Is playing online poker and rummy games in India legal or not? Request Follow8 Have this question too? Request Answers: Request From Quora We will distribute this question to writers, and notify you about new answers. Navin Modi Navin Modi, An avid rummy and poker player Most Viewed Writer in Rummy with 14 Answers Kurusar Iyer Kurusar Iyer, Online gaming Enthusiast with a passion for multiple card games , specially for Most Viewed Writer in Rummy with 15 Answers Somya Mishra Somya Mishra, Rummy is Yummy! 14 Answers in Card Games Erik OmriAce R. SandersPooja SodhiView More or Search Can you answer this question? Answer 7 ANSWERS Ganga Naresh Ganga Naresh, DeccanRummy - 100% Welcome Bonus!!!!! 5 T h o u s a n d.. Yay!!!!! 236 Views Legality of Online Rummy Games in India Supreme court - 1967 - State of Andhra Pradesh v. K. Satyanarayana- Rummy is a game of skill The Supreme Court of India ruled that Rummy requires certain amount of skill because the fall of the card has to be memorized. Decision has been relied on in various subsequent judgments. Supreme court - 1996 - State of Tamil Nadu v. Dr. KR Lakshmanan - Rummy is a mere skill Competitions where success depends on substantial degree of skill are not "gambling". Despite there being an element of chance, if a game is preponderantly a game of skill it may be called a game of "mere skill”. Karnataka HC – 1982 - State of Karnataka v. Anantaswamy Iyer - Rummy for stakes to be legal ” The game of Rummy with cards is not game of chance but a game of skill. The collection of commission from the members of the club playing Rummy does not make it a gambling house. Thus, it does not amount to any offence.” Andhra HC - 2002 - State of Andhra Pradesh v. D Krishna Kumar - Rummy not violating laws “Playing rummy even for stakes or money does not violate provisions of the Andhra Pradesh Gaming Act, 1974. The statutes specifically are worded to save games of skill from any criminal liability.” TamilNadu HC – 2011 - Justice Rajeswaran – Rummy not Gambling “ Rummy, on the other hand, requires certain amount of skill because the fall of the card has to be memorized and the building up of Rummy requires considerable skill in holding and discarding cards.” Further, the Public Gambling Act, which is the central law on gambling and most subsequent state laws on the subject substantially state that "nothing in this Act shall apply to games of mere skill wherever played". The Rummy games are protected by the Constitution of India under Article 19[1] (g).

Suvo (ASSOCIATE)     04 September 2016

Then how so many sites and apps are running in India...

JaysonB   30 March 2022

this is a very interesting topic

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