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Breaking of engagement


Hello Everyone.... i was engaged on april last week due to my parents force.But I dont want to marry that girl. I called off the engagement. Her dad is now applying social pressure and pressurizing me to marry.He gifted50000 in engagement and now he is claiming1.5 lacs.

I am a defence personnel and work in ludhiana and my parents are staying in Lucknow. They are going thru a lot of mental pressure.

Any guidance on how to tackle this case further. Can the father in law file a FIR stating dowry?

Will there be any arrest to me or family?

Kindly advise.




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If you don't want to marry that gorl.. then do not.... otherwise you will regret for life.


The problem you are seeing is momentarly... take it easy... just ignore it... be careful with statements you and your parents make.. deny anything  in front of every body which you do not want to accept in front of judge.


There is very little law can do  in terms of any punishment..... though there may be threats.... 

Ravinder Kumar (Account Director)     16 July 2011

Dont bow down to pressure and pease dont marry otherwise you will ruin two families and will regret it life long...

Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     16 July 2011

YES SHE can  use dowry law.  contact a good criminal lawyer.

Ms Liberal (others)     17 July 2011

What kind of mental stigma you have put on girl. There are something you have to see apart from the money

Ms Liberal (others)     17 July 2011

You are also trying to cover the basic relevant issues Its not the money but also the expenditure they have done on the engagement. Think Logically

**Victim** (job)     17 July 2011

@ Ms. Liberal a sagai expenditure for 1.5 lacs instead of 50 k this is nothing but torture to Mr. Anoop kumar singh.


@ Mr, Anoop kumar do not marry if u don't want tht girl better pay them their money back and get rid of the issue

hema (law officer)     17 July 2011

Unfortunately whatever comment is posted by Ms. Liberal on this forum in several threads is being ridiculed.

Now, coming to demanding Rs.1.50 lakhs in place of o.50 lakhs spend for engagement, is it reasonable and good or extortion on the girl's side?  In India, people before reaching the stage of engagement thoroughly investigate and enquire about each other.  If the author do not want to marry the girl, who forced him to attend the engagement ceremony.  He should have turned down the proposal before arrangement for engagement ceremony has happened.  In the case of girl, breaking the marriage after engagement is big black spot and it ruins her chances to get another suitable match.  Wild rumours about her character are spread in the society, where she lives. The breakage after engagement also lowers the reputation of the entire girl's family and not only that particular girl and all other her younger sisters also face the disability due to this. 

Leaving aside the social and economic problems faced by the girl and her parental family due to this bruitish act done by the boy, who heeds only his whims and does not say a solid reason for breaking the engagement, there are legal grounds for the girl to claim Rs.1.5 lakhs for breaking the marriage ceremony, where only 0.50 lakhs is spent.  First, it is breach of promise of marriage and hence damages can be claimed.  Damage can never be equivalent to the actual expenses and they have to be covered the mental and physical agony faced by the girl's family.  She can also  claim huge amount for lowering the prestige of the family in her society for no fault of her and so that spoiling her  and her younger sister's marriage prospects.  Engagement ceremony is not a proposal to agreement and it is a step forward and it is an agreement to do particular act and breach of agreement invites exemplary damages from the breaching party.

So, legally, ethically and morally the girl is entitled to claim to Rs.1.5 lakhs and if the demand is not met, she is also entitled to file civil suit for claiming damages, so that window shopping bridegrooms may learn the lessons of their life. 

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Ms Liberal (others)     17 July 2011

I do think that's a genuine demand even if the engagement has done within family circle as it has tarnished the prospects of the giril in the society

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all the arguments stated by hema can be applicable to any prospective groom side or not? there are lot of cases when girls turned back 'barat' just because girl refused to marry boy at last minute (any reason whatsoever). it may possible author find girl behaviour is NOT suitable for his family at the time of engagement or after that. then is there any law which FORCED him to marry that girl just because of engagement? 

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Ms Liberal (others)     17 July 2011

One can breake the engagement anytime whether boy or girl. Person needs to be liberal in nature and the court are always open to hear the grievances

Many circumstances are there for breaking the enagagement it may be possible boy or grrl not intersted in eachother. It better to take decisons early in order to make life hell laterwards

As we all know that marraige is only the cared decison taken once in life time

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**Victim** (job)     17 July 2011

Well said Mr. Debasis (     09 September 2011

I am facing the same problem in a different manner.  It was decided that I will marry to that girl after 2 years and we will be having engagement at the same time. That is because I need some time to manage money for marriage.

 Bride's parents forced us to get engaged and will think about marriage after 2 years. Now, after engagement, bride's father is again forcing to get married within 3 months. 

He is providing money to me but I refused to take it.  After that, he started blackmailing me that he will file a complaint against me and will arrest me. 

Dont know what to do. If anybody can suggest me anything then please reply me asap. 

Please let me know if there is any Hindu marriage act to break the marriage after engagement itself. 

Rohit Shukla (Engineer)     09 September 2011

Apply a simple Funda ...... Don't marry if you genuinly don't wan't to ..... but remember, its nobody's story, its just about you and the girls and your life together ahead ...... so if any of you have any bit of doubt about your relationship ahead then just speak to each other ....... please remember a human touch is very important in your conversation. As far as money is concerned,trust me  no amount of money alone can fill either of your life with happiness. So work it out , take her in confidence, make her your best friend and make her understand, Remember she is a girl, her prestige and reputation is more vulnerable than your's. Good luck dude, wish it gets sorted out. Cheers!

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Adv. Chandrasekhar (Advocate)     09 September 2011

Beautifully said by Mr. Rohit Shukla.  Nothing to add.

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